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Developer Meet And Greet On Sonoma, March 7th, 2016

By Larisa, Mar 7, 2016 | |
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  1. SonomaMeets.jpg

    [Mesanna]: ok Lets begin
    [Mesanna]: hi Pallis

    [Pallis]: hi, im following up on the talisman prot and killer properties

    [Mesanna]: from the last meet and greet?

    [Pallis]: Yes, my testing shows they only work on the one creature they name, so an orc protection works just against the orc itself and so on, is this what you want it to be?

    [Mesanna]: I have to be honest since the last meet and greet when this was brought up, we have been busy getting this publish out the door and QA has not had time to do any testing on it

    [Pallis]: no problem just wanted to tell you what i found out tyvm

    [Mesanna]: Thank you
    [Mesanna]: Hi Rose

    [Rose]: hello, i have a quality of mining wish

    [Mesanna]: ok?

    [Rose]: could you make all the ore the same size instead of 4 sizes?

    [Mesanna]: umm why

    [Rose]: it takes four times longer to unload and smelt. takes up more space also

    [Mesanna]: it all smelts

    [Rose]: and can blackrock be bigger? maybe..ty

    [Mesanna]: Honestly we will have to see if there is a reason for the smaller ores before any changes are done
    [Mesanna]: Remmy

    [Remmy Soulblade]: could you possibly put healers in fel dungeons

    [Mesanna]: why?

    [Remmy Soulblade]: since i cant recall i die alot when rl interfers

    [Mesanna]: don't you think it makes it to easy

    [Remmy Soulblade]: come back to dead toon running to a healer in an unknown location?

    [Mesanna]: this game has gone 19 years without them

    [Remmy Soulblade]: or i dont understand

    [Mesanna]: we would honestly have to have a discussion about this

    [Remmy Soulblade]: actually i used to be able to recall out when i had to leave game in those 19 yrs but ok np

    [Mesanna]: Hi Mirime

    [Mirime]: dont know if this is possible, but wanted to ask if for 20 year anniversary if you could repeat events from the past as kinda a highlight reel of uo.

    [Mesanna]: what events are you talking about? how about this, send me a list of the events you would like to see, there have been a lot. I would like to know the ones that made the most impression.

    [Mirime]: ok certainly, ty

    [Mesanna]: most welcome, good idea though

    [Drakelord]: Hail Mlady Welcome to Sonoma, Welcome Bleak and Misk as well

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Bleak]: Hello

    [Misk]: thank you

    [Drakelord]: two and I will be done, Please make a moongate on Sonoma at the Brit Bank in Tram. Can we get our skill cap set another 100 points higher to 820, thank you I honor thee

    [Mesanna]: should have been in the original design

    [Drakelord]: true I screw up

    [Mesanna]: and we have talked about raising it but we are still talking about future changes

    [Drakelord]: nods

    [Mesanna]: we will never go up 100 points though I can tell you that

    [Drakelord]: I see ok

    [Mesanna]: way to many balancing issues

    [Drakelord]: did not hurt to ask

    [Mesanna]: so true!

    [Drakelord]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: most welcome

    [Drakelord]: farewell

    [Mesanna]: Have a good evening Drakelord
    [Mesanna]: hi Joyce

    [joyce]: hi is the bag drop for navery broken

    [Mesanna]: bag drop?

    [joyce]: yes

    [Mesanna]: what do you mean by bag drop? loot drop?

    [joyce]: most time navery gives bag drop but lately nothing

    [Mesanna]: ok you are talking the loot in general right? no clue what a bag drop is that's what I am trying to figure out

    [EM Willow]: Give us an example of a bag drop joyce

    Agnes Wanderfar: I think she means special items dropping driectly in pack instead of on corpse

    [joyce]: when you fight navery she give loot in your bag

    [Mesanna]: we will look into it to see if something has changed

    [joyce]: ok like tangle navery eyes

    [Mesanna]: Joyce no one else has complained but we will look into it to see if we can see any issues, thank you.
    [Mesanna]: hi Darkstar

    [Darkstar]: Hi, Can you get the spells fixed so that you always get the cursor ?

    [Mesanna]: I will let Bleak answer this one, client?

    [Darkstar]: 2d

    [Bleak]: Which spells?

    [Darkstar]: invis, healing ones, rc

    [Mesanna]: you are not getting a target curser?

    [Darkstar]: not always

    [Misk]: are you casting via spell icon or via macro?

    [Darkstar]: both

    [Mesanna]: can you send us an email as to what you are doing when it does happen so we can reproduce it easier?

    [Darkstar]: spawn hot key set in options for most thank you

    [Mesanna]: Greetings Sticky

    [Mr Sticky Finger]: evening my lady. so got a couple for you tonight. Split skill trees / 8th char slot, longer decay on boats and shared bank box

    [Mesanna]: boat decay we agree, umm skill tree,we have brought this subject up several times. main and sub skills right?

    [Mr Sticky Finger]: ya put things that dont afect game balance can be learned and wont take the skill stuff

    [Mesanna]: hrm I will put it on the list to talk about it but Bleak would have to answer that one. and the shared bank box

    [Mr Sticky Finger]: ya shared bank box for chars so if you play multiple shards and cant place a house you will be able to transfer from on char to another with out the drop item and pray you get it before some one grabs it from you

    [Mesanna]: wait you mean shared across shards?

    [Mr Sticky Finger]: ya

    [Mesanna]: can't share it across shards

    [Mr Sticky Finger]: maybe one bank box for all chars on that shard not cross shard

    [Mesanna]: on same shard maybe. ok just making sure I understand your request

    [Mr Sticky Finger]: but so that instead of a bank box that holds 125 items per char one bank box that would hold 1000 items and be accessed by all chars on that shard

    [Mesanna]: we will talk about it and see how bad we could exploit it. if we can't we will see about putting it in

    [Mr Sticky Finger]: cool and thank you

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Mr Sticky Finger]: have a great evening

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Shaggy]: hiya

    [Mesanna]: Hi Shaggy

    [Shaggy]: any chance of getting legacy tamables? like silver steeds?

    [Mesanna]: not silver steed thats on siege only

    [Shaggy]: that was a quick no....

    [Mesanna]: sorry

    [Shaggy]: why? we have nightmares, dark steeds, dreadmares

    [Mesanna]: we are talking about redoing pets making the old ones valuable again

    [Shaggy]: how are you looking at fixing taming? it once was the best char to play

    [Mesanna]: we do not have it finalized but it is something we have talked about and are going to do. When we do we will let you know. But I agree the old nightmares, the old WW's I am sure some of you still have. I know I do, that just sit in the stables. I would love to be able to use them again

    [Shaggy]: yeah we just use whatever the newest powerful tamable

    [Mesanna]: yep we know

    [Shaggy]: with a smaller server like this getting a group together to go kill something isnt that easy. a sampire is more powerful than a tamer....

    [Mesanna]: yes but you have to understand that we can not develop for individual shards so yes it does make it harder on the smaller ones
    [Mesanna]: anything else?

    [Shaggy]: nope thats it take it easy

    [Mesanna]: thank you keep an eye on the newsletter

    [Sammie]: hello

    [Mesanna]: hi Sammie

    [Sammie]: i was just wanting to see if we are able to fix britain turn in points to shard bound like gold is now.

    [Mesanna]: wait wait, you want them to be account bound or shard bound?

    [Sammie]: account so even if i turn in on one char all char can use um

    [Mesanna]: ok thats different than shard bound just wanted to make sure

    [Sammie]: ok sorry

    [Mesanna]: its ok. Bleak is going to have to look into it to see if its even possible

    [Sammie]: i have like 4 char with 100k points and would love to add um together

    [Mesanna]: right now we are working on a in game store for our next publish so I will not have an answer for you till at least the next newsletter

    [Sammie]: ok thanks for letting me ask

    [Mesanna]: we will talk about it and see if it can be done

    [Sammie]: ok thanks

    [Mesanna]: have a good evening and thank you

    [Sammie]: good evening to ya

    [Cinderella]: have you considered making a book to hold recipes? i hate throwing them away when i don't have room for them

    [Mesanna]: nope we haven't actually. ok so question, are you wanting a book that holds the recipe for storage?

    [Cinderella]: yes like we do for the scrolls and for primers if possible

    [Mesanna]: thats possible good suggestion

    [Cinderella]: i always keep them in case someone needs them, thank you

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Rose]: the mystic npc's in ter mur any chance the 2 that respawn daily could be anchored?

    [Mesanna]: hi Rose

    [Rose]: hi sorry forgot to ask

    [Mesanna]: will look into it thats not hard to do

    [Rose]: they reset all the progress buiold up in the buying so if im at 999 goes to 10 again at server up. ty

    [Mesanna]: yes, welcome

    [Mr Sticky Finger]: ok so the pet question gave me a thought

    [Mesanna]: forget something?

    [Mr Sticky Finger]: tailoring for a shard would not wor cause people would just shard transfer them but to address the idea of stronger pets on smaller shards would be to have a buff

    [Mesanna]: sorry we can't do that

    [Mr Sticky Finger]: the pet system could see how many are on

    [Mesanna]: it would have to be the same across all shards

    [Mr Sticky Finger]: and boost to compinsate based on how many were on at the time so str of pets would adjust based on how many players are in the area

    [Mesanna]: that is a balancing nightmare

    [Mr Sticky Finger]: probably and i know it would be odd to track your pet when it changes stats based on whats in the area but was just a thought

    [Mesanna]: I get your idea but the time to do that would be so long

    [Mr Sticky Finger]: anyways ty

    [Mesanna]: welcome, thanks for the input

    [Elviria]: have you thought of making binders for the masteries,like the scroll binders for power scolls

    [Mesanna]: no not yet. I can say right now we probably would not do it on the primers, the number would be huge since they spawn so fast

    [Elviria]: thank you for your time

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Shaggy]: hiya again

    [Mesanna]: hi Shaggy

    [Shaggy]: any chance on a legacy server?

    [Mesanna]: not at this time

    [Shaggy]: that has been UO stance since publish 16

    [Mesanna]: we know everyone wants one
    [Mesanna]: anything else Shaggy

    [Shaggy]: is that how you treat people who play? you know people have been asking for this for years i came back after 7 years

    [Mesanna]: a legacy shard?

    [Shaggy]: because i wanted to play this game again. yes a legacy server

    [Mesanna]: its not that easy

    [Shaggy]: its not?

    [Mesanna]: no its not, stripping all the code is not easy.

    [Shaggy]: i can log into one right now on razor, its not a the same as a UO server but it can be done. There are back ups for the old servers.

    [Mesanna]: no there isn't, we would have to strip it down.

    [Shaggy]: maybe not with you

    [Mesanna]: OK guys please remember to sign up for the newsletter hope to see you guys send in screenshots

    [Bleak]: Thanks for coming out!

    [Misk]: Thank you for having us Sonoma!

    [Mesanna]: Thank you Sonoma for having us, answers to some of these questions will be in the next newsletter for the ones we need to talk about first

    [Agnes Wanderfar]: When can we expect the next newsletter?

    [Mesanna]: I try to get them out the first week of each month

    [Agnes Wanderfar]: OK thank you

    [Mesanna]: night guys, thank you again.

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