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Developer Meet And Greet On Yamato 3-20-17

This is a summary of the meeting that was held on March 20, 2017 in Yamato.
By spin, Mar 21, 2017 | |
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  1. This is a summary of the meeting that was held on March 20, 2017 in Yamato.
    Japanese player ⇔ EM Asiantam (Translation for both) ⇔ Bleak · Kyronix · Mesanna · Misk

    Mesanna: Greetings Yamato

    EM Asiantam: let me know when you're ready :)

    Mesanna: lets start then

    EM Asiantam: request about item he wants to have in the game

    Mesanna: what type of item

    EM Asiantam: he wants a basket with ticker papers
    EM Asiantam: ticker tape I mean
    EM Asiantam: by double clicking it
    EM Asiantam: items that we are celebrating something
    EM Asiantam: currently we only have fireworks wand
    EM Asiantam: so he wants something else
    EM Asiantam: for 20th Anniv.

    Mesanna: well not sure it will be for 20th
    Mesanna: we have alot of things going already but it is possible

    EM Asiantam: so in the future?
    EM Asiantam: :)
    EM Asiantam: maybe?

    Mesanna: its a good suggestion
    Mesanna: thank you

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: he doesn't know any other game than UO
    EM Asiantam: do you have any recommendation?
    EM Asiantam: other than UO....

    Mesanna: he wants us to recommend another game to him?

    EM Asiantam: yes....

    Mesanna: what type of game
    Mesanna: mobile, pc console?

    EM Asiantam: PC MMORPG
    EM Asiantam: if you have any...

    Mesanna: I only play UO so I can not recommend another MMORPG game
    Mesanna: I always return to UO
    Mesanna: so I have just stayed here
    Mesanna: I do play star wars mobile on my ipad for when I am waiting in lines
    Mesanna: doctors offices etc

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: good evening
    EM Asiantam: can you please add runebook a function to sort runes?
    EM Asiantam: we need to put out all runes
    EM Asiantam: if we need to sort them out
    EM Asiantam: put them in order I mean

    Mesanna: We can look at doing that next year but this year is full for us

    EM Asiantam: ok next year :)

    Mesanna: which we will inform everyone later
    Mesanna: yes
    Mesanna: we have had several people ask that

    EM Asiantam: oh okay
    EM Asiantam: he said he would stay in UO next year too :)

    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    Player: Good morning
    Player: would it be possible to have North and West facing fancy loveseats, couch in the carpentry menu?
    Player: Really hard to set a seating arrangement around a key feature with only South and East facing
    Player: using the same furniture pieces
    Player: Would love to see more facing directions on a lot of furniture.
    Player: Good morning: thank you

    Mesanna: the way the animations are it just doesn't work like that
    Mesanna: they sit in the items really oddly
    Mesanna: it looks horrible I promise you that

    Player: a problem for the future I would say then:) but thank you

    Mesanna: most welcome

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: about bulk order book
    EM Asiantam: he'd like to put out bulk order while the bulk order book is locked down in the house
    EM Asiantam: it's so trouble some we need yo have them in the pack
    EM Asiantam: err need to
    EM Asiantam: how about creating books something similar to pink and blue books for Power Scrolls?

    Mesanna: We can look into making the bod books function while locked down
    Mesanna: so you can add and remove items from it

    EM Asiantam: in the near future? :)

    Mesanna: not this year no
    Mesanna: we are full
    Mesanna: next year

    EM Asiantam: yea we know you're fill
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: greetings

    EM Asiantam: about Flint's beer that we can get from Underworld
    EM Asiantam: but you know, we can do that quest only 1 time
    EM Asiantam: he wants to do it several time or if he can fill up the bottle again
    EM Asiantam: what do you think?

    Mesanna: I think we have not done this in a long time and will have to look into it
    Mesanna: check the newsletter for an answer to this question

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings Way

    EM Asiantam: he is complaining about 2 tones color existing in the game
    EM Asiantam: he'd like to know the reason why those items are existing in the game
    EM Asiantam: items with such colors

    Mesanna: excuse me
    Mesanna: you are complaining about metalic colors?
    Mesanna: which are the two tones

    EM Asiantam: no
    EM Asiantam: two tones are for example
    EM Asiantam: like halloween masks you dye
    EM Asiantam: he is complaining

    Mesanna: lol ok
    Mesanna: its variety
    Mesanna: I am sorry he does not like these colors but thats his opiniun
    Mesanna: alot of them do like the hues
    Mesanna: we have to change a bit
    Mesanna: and we have to add new hues
    Mesanna: most people like them
    Mesanna: Thank you for your opinion

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: she is requesting to make it turnable (She was showing an EM event reward, heart shaped container)
    EM Asiantam: by deco tool
    EM Asiantam: south and west
    EM Asiantam: Or
    EM Asiantam: can you let us create them by Carpenty?

    Mesanna: umm think we might have made a mistake
    Mesanna: we made an error and can fix it

    EM Asiantam: thank you!
    EM Asiantam: easy fix?

    Mesanna: yep
    Mesanna: we can add it to this publish
    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: about height of Castle
    EM Asiantam: currently he can put the height up to 75
    EM Asiantam: but he wish to make 3rd and 4th floors
    EM Asiantam: can you please let us build more height?

    Mesanna: there is a cap for a reason
    Mesanna: people have gone insane with this
    Mesanna: we had to put in a cap for that reason

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: this has been requested for several times
    EM Asiantam: please get rid of spammer in chat tchannel
    EM Asiantam: theu appears once in 30 mins
    EM Asiantam: and in Japan

    Mesanna: you are in help channel?

    EM Asiantam: many players are using Help chat
    EM Asiantam: yes
    EM Asiantam: please imagine
    EM Asiantam: if you get spam once in 30 mins in JAPANESE in your shards
    EM Asiantam: what do you think?
    EM Asiantam: please stop them using chat by trial account

    Mesanna: but why are you not on general channel?
    Mesanna: Is there a reason you are in help channel?

    EM Asiantam: he is insisting Help Channel is the default channel in Japan

    Mesanna: it is but you can leave it
    Mesanna: to join General
    Mesanna: we moved this spammer to that channel on purpose
    Mesanna: he was in general
    Mesanna: since he uses a trial account we moved him to help channel

    EM Asiantam: no one in General chat in Japan

    Mesanna: he needs to just leave help and join General

    EM Asiantam: don't you think this is odd that they are selling Real Money in Help Channel?

    Mesanna: this is not a topic I am going to discuss in game

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: about loyalty
    EM Asiantam: we can gain them by Champion spawn or bulk order
    EM Asiantam: and they are full
    EM Asiantam: can you let us use the loyalty for something in the game?
    EM Asiantam: they are full and we can't use or convert them to something else
    EM Asiantam: do you have any plan?

    Kyronix: You can use it to purchase titles and banners
    Kyronix: I'm assuming you mean city loyalty?

    EM Asiantam: yes
    EM Asiantam: but she already have all of them
    EM Asiantam: :D

    Kyronix: So it's used in some places, but we can add a new way to spend them in a future publish

    EM Asiantam: and still full

    Kyronix: We are quite full for the remainder of this year though
    Kyronix: So not in the near term

    EM Asiantam: yes she understood
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: please add more attractive rewards to Wreck of Ararat
    EM Asiantam: rewards for home decos or Artifacts would be fine

    Kyronix: Thank you for the suggestion, we can add it to the list!

    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: about wedding package
    EM Asiantam: she likes it!

    Mesanna: thank you

    EM Asiantam: there is a one request
    EM Asiantam: why bride has no head dress?
    EM Asiantam: please sell it separately

    Mesanna: I wanted a veil but we could not put it on it in time

    EM Asiantam: she'd purchase it

    Mesanna: it did not work out well
    Mesanna: we can look into that for the future'

    EM Asiantam: ok
    EM Asiantam: in the future

    Mesanna: give it to a oretty box

    EM Asiantam: :)

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: about tiger and turtle armors added by ToL
    EM Asiantam: we can't enhance those armors
    EM Asiantam: please let us add bonus to those armors

    Mesanna: those are on our list to fix
    Mesanna: it was just an over sight on our part
    Mesanna: which we will correct when we have time

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: I have a request
    EM Asiantam: about mailbox
    EM Asiantam: she wants other designs

    Mesanna: I think we can come up with prettier mailboxes
    Mesanna: *whispers* it is kinda ugly

    EM Asiantam: she wants something withoug column
    EM Asiantam: if possible
    EM Asiantam: she will send you a request later
    EM Asiantam: with pictures

    Mesanna: ok send pictures

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: greetings

    EM Asiantam: he has his Swamp Dragon as a pet
    EM Asiantam: mount
    EM Asiantam: but he prefers lesser Hiryu
    EM Asiantam: the problem is
    EM Asiantam: lesse hiryu can't wear armors

    Mesanna: ok stop a sec
    Mesanna: you need to go read the patch notes
    Mesanna: then go to TC1
    Mesanna: and try out the new pet taming revamp we are putting in
    Mesanna: I think you will be suprised
    Mesanna: and it will give you a better choice
    Mesanna: of which pet you want to tame
    Mesanna: and train

    EM Asiantam: I think he wants it as his mount
    EM Asiantam: so it reduce damage

    Mesanna: I understand

    EM Asiantam: yep

    Mesanna: there are lot of varieties

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    Player: Greetings
    Player: Looking forward to the pet revamp

    Mesanna: wonderful we look forward to your feedback

    Player: Will there be a PvP melee damage cap for the pet revamp, such as : pet control slot *7=max melee damage to players? Obviously excluding non melee special move such as magic/fire breath etc.

    Bleak: We will be looking into combat balance with pet revamp

    Player: k
    Player: Will taming stable count formula have a slight increase for taming/animal lore/vet? Maybe 1 more for each skill.

    Mesanna: While it is on TC expect changed
    Mesanna: we will alter certain things with good feedback

    Player: Thank you for fixing Arirang Navrey Lair! The arcane circle in Britain does not give the correct bonus and you can access City of kotl on some of the asian shards.

    Mesanna: can you give us a list of the ones you can access
    Mesanna: so we can try to figure out why
    Mesanna: you can't on others

    Player: sure, I'll give it you on origin meet and greet

    Mesanna: ok
    Mesanna: or just email it to me =)

    Player: I'll let Larissa do that
    Player: see you later

    Mesanna: ok
    Mesanna: have a great day

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: he loves fishing

    Mesanna: wonderful
    Mesanna: me too

    EM Asiantam: he has completed his collection of legendary fishes
    EM Asiantam: and rare fish
    EM Asiantam: congrats :)

    Mesanna: very nice

    EM Asiantam: but I think there has been no new additions to HS

    Mesanna: Know that we will be redoing the fishing quests in the future

    EM Asiantam: ok

    Mesanna: we want to redo all the merchant boat quest and the pirate
    Mesanna: so at that time we will probably add a few new types of fish etc

    EM Asiantam: if possible, can you please add whales and sea horses?
    EM Asiantam: looking forward to it

    Mesanna: lol oh we have a few suprises for you guys

    EM Asiantam: ok
    EM Asiantam: :)
    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: do you have any future plan to do something with aquarium?

    Mesanna: not on our list currently, do you have any suggestions?

    EM Asiantam: growing sea weeds would be nice, someone is talking in the chat channel :)
    EM Asiantam: add new fish

    Mesanna: understand
    Mesanna: we will talk about it

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: greetings

    EM Asiantam: about gargoyle accessories
    EM Asiantam: he wants to change them for human use
    EM Asiantam: why restricted to gargoyle use

    Mesanna: no thats not going to happen sorry
    Mesanna: are you talking bout rings and bracelets?

    EM Asiantam: right
    EM Asiantam: for garglyes
    EM Asiantam: gargoyles

    Mesanna: I see why he is asking this

    EM Asiantam: ok

    Mesanna: and we have no idea why they have spcific rings and bracelets
    Mesanna: since they can wear human rings and bracelets

    EM Asiantam: ok

    Mesanna: good question though
    Mesanna: We will look into this

    EM Asiantam: but you won't change it?
    EM Asiantam: oh good :)

    Mesanna: and see if its even possible at this point

    EM Asiantam: thank you

    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: 20th anniv party
    EM Asiantam: please hold it in Japan!

    Mesanna: lol I wish

    EM Asiantam: and
    EM Asiantam: please fix the bug of bowcrafting bulk order
    EM Asiantam: :D

    Mesanna: the special woods?
    Mesanna: hrm we are trying to reproduce it

    EM Asiantam: he is saying he can't add small bulks to big bulks

    Mesanna: can you send us exact steps

    EM Asiantam: and
    EM Asiantam: he can't do bribe also
    EM Asiantam: specific to bowcrafting I think

    Mesanna: yes we are aware of these issues
    Mesanna: just have not been able to reproduce some of them
    Mesanna: sent the steps to reproduce please

    EM Asiantam: ok

    Mesanna: thank you

    Mesanna: greetings

    EM Asiantam: about engraving tools
    EM Asiantam: he'd like to engrave flowers
    EM Asiantam: or
    EM Asiantam: how about adding embroidery to dress
    EM Asiantam: to add specific message

    Mesanna: we can add engraving tools for flowers
    Mesanna: and for dresses
    Mesanna: but I am confused
    Mesanna: do you want engraving for dresses or embroidery for a dress

    EM Asiantam: embroidery is just for example
    EM Asiantam: engrave but it is more like an embroidery

    Mesanna: ok yes to the specific engraving tools

    EM Asiantam: just for example

    Mesanna: for specific items

    EM Asiantam: yep
    EM Asiantam: right
    EM Asiantam: :D
    EM Asiantam: thank you for looking into it
    EM Asiantam: in the near future?
    EM Asiantam: not soon though?

    Mesanna: in the future yes
    Mesanna: right

    EM Asiantam: ok

    Mesanna: Greetings

    EM Asiantam: she has a request
    EM Asiantam: please add something similar to log in bonus to UO
    EM Asiantam: that we can gain by logging into the game

    Mesanna: let us talk about it
    Mesanna: we will let you guys know

    EM Asiantam: thank you
    EM Asiantam: looking forward to it

    EM Asiantam: all done!
    EM Asiantam: thank you for coming to Yamato

    Mesanna: Thank you Yamato for having us
    Mesanna: make sure you check the newsletter for the free castle give a way

    Kyronix: Thank you Yamato! Have a great evening!

    Mesanna: Make sure you guys give us your feedback on the pet revamp on TC!
    Mesanna: Thank you guys!!
    Mesanna: see you soon

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