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Developer Meet And Greet Origin Shard March 20th, 2017

By Larisa, Mar 20, 2017 | |
  1. devss.jpg
    [Victoria]: Good evening
    [Mesanna]: Hi Victoria
    [Victoria]: I like to see more choices in Stone furniture
    [Victoria]: Stone benchs for two, three, four people
    [Victoria]: Patio tables, circlular, square and rectangle
    [Mesanna]: we can add that
    [Victoria]: Stone couchs, and new larger stone statues
    [Mesanna]: more items for stone crafting is a good idea
    [Victoria]: woot!
    [Victoria]: Thank you!
    [Mesanna]: most welcome
    [Cinderella]: Good Evening
    [Cinderella]: I have a new idea for a new race
    [Mesanna]: hi Cinderilla
    [Cinderella]: PIXIE's
    [Cinderella]: my alt Tinkerbell wants to fly
    [Cinderella]: I like the looks of "A Throbbing Heart"s Cupid
    [Cinderella]: looks so adorable
    [Cinderella]: what do you think?
    [Mesanna]: we do have the halloween costume
    [Cinderella]: ya i know
    [Cinderella]: i like the look of the pixie
    [Cinderella]: gargoyle can fly but not that pretty
    [Cinderella]: ok ty
    [Mesanna]: sorry
    [Mesanna]: Greetings Tanager
    [Tanager]: hiya devs
    [Tanager]: First, just wanna say thank you for all your hard work - pet revamp is looking fantastic!
    [Kyronix ]: Hello!
    [Bleak]: Hi
    [Misk]: hi!
    [Tanager]: *grins*
    [Tanager]: Also wanna say special thank you for Siege's new EM
    [Mesanna]: just wait its going to get better
    [Mesanna]: *nods*
    [Mesanna]: he is really excited to be there
    [Tanager]: he seems so!
    [Tanager]: Love Bennu, but nice for us to have our own again
    [Tanager]: Ok, question
    [Mesanna]: so true
    [Tanager]: Our characters can perform a lot of animations
    [Tanager]: casting, death, eating and drinking, etc
    [Tanager]: I was wondering, if maybe one day,
    [Tanager]: we could have emotes, physical emotes
    [Tanager]: besides bow an salute
    [Tanager]: sorry if it's been asked before
    [Mesanna]: I think Bleak said we could do a few of those
    [Mesanna]: it has been we just have not had time to put them together
    [Tanager]: oh i understand that
    [Tanager]: you guys have made so much! More in past few years than UO saw in most of last DECADE lol
    [Mesanna]: Thank you
    [Tanager]: but just wanted to toss the idea out tehre
    [Tanager]: Ty for your time, that was all for me
    [Kyronix ]: Hello!
    [Bleak]: Hello
    [DarkLotus]: *smiles*
    [DarkLotus]: hi
    [DarkLotus]: i got a few things to ask
    [Mesanna]: hi DarkLotus
    [Mesanna]: ask away
    [DarkLotus]: can we get a tad more time on roof to pick up gold im not sure what the current timer is at
    [DarkLotus]: but it feels too short maybe like 2 n half more mins?
    [Kyronix ]: We can take a look at it and see where its at
    [Kyronix ]: Probably can go a few more minutes
    [DarkLotus]: another question i have is about logging in on mages and getting random spells casted
    [DarkLotus]: seems to be some sort of bug
    [DarkLotus]: doesnt just happen to me
    [DarkLotus]: happens to larisa over there also
    [DarkLotus]: i could do it now but i gave her my spells books so im not annoying
    [Bleak]: Which spells?
    [DarkLotus]: its random spells
    [DarkLotus]: for each mage i log onto
    [DarkLotus]: on diff servers
    [DarkLotus]: every server it does it on
    [DarkLotus]: origin seems to be wall of stone the most
    [DarkLotus]: atl seems to be invis the most
    [DarkLotus]: its not always the same
    [Mesanna]: If you could send us an email with exactly the steps
    [Mesanna]: and what spellbook etc you use
    [Mesanna]: we will try to reproduce it
    [DarkLotus]: ok
    [Mesanna]: if we can we can fix it
    [DarkLotus]: yeah maybe me and larisa can get together
    [Mesanna]: that is odd though
    [DarkLotus]: and both send you a email
    [Mesanna]: that would be great
    [DarkLotus]: okie as for my last question
    [DarkLotus]: as we all know your events and the event system people love
    [DarkLotus]: every event on every server is starting to see more and more people at them
    [DarkLotus]: i would like to talk on the behalf of alot of people
    [DarkLotus]: and ask if it is possible for you to maybe ask the new oceania EM
    [DarkLotus]: to finnish the catalyst suit
    [DarkLotus]: it would really mean alot to many
    [Mesanna]: I can
    [Mesanna]: but so can you guys
    [Mesanna]: that play there
    [DarkLotus]: i will do that
    [DarkLotus]: also
    [DarkLotus]: * smiles*
    [Mesanna]: it is very important for you to communicate with him
    [Mesanna]: so he can do a good job
    [DarkLotus]: that was all Mi'lady and thnak you for your time
    [Mesanna]: thank you
    [Mesanna]: stick around
    [Mesanna]: I have something to ask everyone afterwards
    [Mesanna]: thanks
    [TuFF LiKe TiSsUe]: hi again
    [Mesanna]: Greetings Tuff
    [TuFF LiKe TiSsUe]: thx for fixxing my plant other day btw
    [Mesanna]: welcome
    [TuFF LiKe TiSsUe]: my question is about the new castle designs
    [TuFF LiKe TiSsUe]: im wondering if there are any legal tools we can use to build the new castle designs
    [Mesanna]: not at this time
    [TuFF LiKe TiSsUe]: because drawing it on paper kinda sucks
    [Mesanna]: alot of people have been drawing them out
    [Mesanna]: and stating what type of walls they want
    [Mesanna]: from what is in the game
    [Mesanna]: of course most of them are open plans
    [Mesanna]: since you guys can build walls yourself
    [TuFF LiKe TiSsUe]: ok ty
    [TuFF LiKe TiSsUe]: is there a deadline?
    [TuFF LiKe TiSsUe]: to when u want them sent in?
    [Mesanna]: not yet
    [Mesanna]: I will notify everyone soon
    [Mesanna]: of a deadline
    [TuFF LiKe TiSsUe]: how long is this new phase of testing
    [TuFF LiKe TiSsUe]: going to be on test center.?
    [Mesanna]: several weeks
    [TuFF LiKe TiSsUe]: thank your for your time
    [Mesanna]: have a good one
    [Mesanna]: Greetings Gail
    [Gail Force]: Greetings
    [Kyronix ]: Hail!
    [Gail Force]: Short line, you're not on Yamato anymore
    [Gail Force]: lol
    [Mesanna]: lol true
    [Gail Force]: 6. Currently massive and unwieldy properties on items are rarely or never used by players. Would you consider removing or replacing those properties from the loot generation?
    [Kyronix ]: Not something we would likely remove without replacing it with another negative to compensate
    [Kyronix ]: They are far less restrictive than the negative properties they replaced
    [Gail Force]: maybe something like -7 hp
    [Mesanna]: We will discuss it
    [Gail Force]: k
    [Gail Force]: 5. Will the gargoyle race eventually get high end luck pieces similar to Leurocian’s mempo or armor of fortune?
    [Gail Force]: Currently you can only reforge 150 luck on both the necklace and earrings but you cannot enhance to 190 luck. It’s similar to the TOL armor.
    [Kyronix ]: It something we can consider for future artifacts
    [Gail Force]: nice
    [Gail Force]: 3. EM events seems to have a lot of muli-bots, have you considered using boss that does tainted mana leech(basically you can’t spam armor ignore)?
    [Gail Force]: Then when mult-bots adjust to tamers/word of death, use boss that reflect damage plus 3x damage to pets and summons at random EM events?
    [Gail Force]: Another solution is using multiple boss spread far apart with say 4 drops each.
    [Mesanna]: They can put the scripts on the mobs already
    [Mesanna]: if they ask for it
    [Mesanna]: as far as the other I can talk to the EM's about a work around
    [Gail Force]: Formosa and Balhae did a great job with their approach
    [Gail Force]: again thanks for fixing Arirang
    [Mesanna]: yep they have alot of people
    [Mesanna]: welcome
    [Gail Force]: cya later
    [Mesanna]: later
    [Sugar Daddy]: Evening...
    [Mesanna]: Hi Sugar Daddy
    [Sugar Daddy]: Couple quick ones
    [17/03/20][20:33:04] [Crystal] Sugar Daddy says: Couple quick ones
    [Sugar Daddy]: There seems to be some confusion about what 3rd party utilities are legal, can we get list publishes in the player wiki?
    [Mesanna]: we can
    [Sugar Daddy]: Excellent
    [Sugar Daddy]: and lastly..as a reminder that not everything in life is serious....
    [Sugar Daddy]: can you allow squirrels and ferrets to train up to 5 slots!
    [17/03/20][20:34:12] [Crystal] Sugar Daddy says: can you allow squirrels and ferrets to train up to 5 slots!
    [Mesanna]: LOL
    [Mesanna]: cute
    [Tanager]: *waves franticaly to second that motion*
    [Sugar Daddy]: Would avoid the flappy flappy at events!
    [Sugar Daddy]: too many dragons!
    [Sugar Daddy]: but that's all I have..
    [Sugar Daddy]: You folks have a good evening!
    [Mesanna]: agreed we are introducing a alot of new pets
    [Mesanna]: that do not flap
    [Mesanna]: you also
    [Dr Strangelove]: *wabes*
    [Mesanna]: Greetings Strangelove
    [Dr Strangelove]: 2 things both real quick
    [Dr Strangelove]: first of all
    [Dr Strangelove]: thanks for sending us Obsidian!
    [Dr Strangelove]: 2nd
    [Mesanna]: *grins*
    [Mesanna]: welcome
    [Dr Strangelove]: as a representitave of goblins from a far away land
    [Dr Strangelove]: they have 1 request
    [Dr Strangelove]: they would like to sit!
    [Dr Strangelove]: oh and sabia wants hippos for christmas
    [Dr Strangelove]: thats all
    [Mesanna]: lol hipppos?
    [Dr Strangelove]: *nods*
    [Mesanna]: not a flying dragon you can mount?
    [Dr Strangelove]: you will have to ask her
    [Dr Strangelove]: Im only a messenger
    [Mesanna]: they are great creatures
    [Dr Strangelove]: *nods*
    [Mesanna]: we need more water creatures
    [Mesanna]: in the world
    [Dr Strangelove]: agreed
    [Dr Strangelove]: and sitting goblins!
    [Dr Strangelove]: they get really tired ya know
    [Mesanna]: lol no knees
    [Dr Strangelove]: *sighs* oh I know only too well
    [Dr Strangelove]: thats all I have
    [Dr Strangelove]: thanks again
    [Sabia]: hi
    [Mesanna]: hi Sabia
    [Sabia]: you might have already answered this
    [Sabia]: but
    [Sabia]: the smaller shards are having problems going to doom
    [Sabia]: with only 2 to 4players
    [Sabia]: on at a time
    [Sabia]: is there a way we can get the df to only spawn one at a time
    [Sabia]: the rest is fine
    [Sabia]: 2 together is too much for 4 players
    [Sabia]: ok i'm tired of dying
    [Sabia]: thank you
    [Sabia]: *looks in mesanna's eyes*
    [Sabia]: thats all i've got for now
    [Sabia]: thanks
    [Mesanna]: sorry we are talking
    [Kyronix ]: Thanks for the feedback!
    [Sabia]: thank you for the new taming animals
    [Mesanna]: we can look into it
    [Sabia]: having a lot of fun
    [Mesanna]: great
    [Sabia]: on test with them
    [Mesanna]: glad to hear that
    [Sabia]: waves
    [Mesanna]: wonderful
    [Mesanna]: ok listen up guys
    [Mesanna]: we are thinking about making a major change but would like to hear your feedback on this
    ~~I Included Gen Chat and other chat in this last bit~~
    [Mesanna]: We want to make power scrolls shard bound
    [17/03/20][20:42:31] [Crystal] Mesanna says: We want to make power scrolls shard bound
    [TuFF LiKe TiSsUe]: no!
    [Larisa]: YES
    [Mesanna]: but the question is
    [Victoria]: NO
    [Dr Strangelove]: Im perfectly fine with that
    [DarkLotus]: i agree
    [Gail Force]: that will help for the economy
    [DarkLotus]: yes is a good idea
    [Mesanna]: do we make just the ones that are spawning now or go back and make all of them at once
    [DarkLotus]: it will stop alot of grief
    [Victoria]: I have to buy my off shard and there are no people selling them here
    [DarkLotus]: on small servers
    [Mesanna]: it will help the economy
    [Sabia]: with shard transfer tokens I don't mind shard bound items
    [DarkLotus]: i would leave the ones that arnt alone
    [DarkLotus]: but just start now
    [DarkLotus]: i think that would be best
    [Genki Tama]: Why u wish to do this?
    [Dr Strangelove]: I think its a great change
    [Victoria]: dang it I can't do shard transfer yet so cannot transfer a char to eat a shard bound item
    [Mesanna]: it will help the economy
    [Genki Tama]: how?
    [DarkLotus]: so that grief on small shard stops
    [Mesanna]: with shard transfer tokens
    [Genki Tama]: Those who can xfer will. Those who cannot...
    [Mesanna]: they just come here to a lower pop and buy them at a lower cost
    [Gail Force]: It's a great idea
    [Mesanna]: go to their shards and sell it higher
    [DarkLotus]: true
    [Sabia]: that is true
    [Genki Tama]: Xfer charcater eat the scrolls go back home
    [Sabia]: shard bound is good
    [Mesanna]: we are not doing everything but just the power scrolls
    [Gail Force]: so many bots farming "dead shards" that xfer items
    [Mesanna]: since you can use the power scrolls on pets
    [DarkLotus]: i think its a great idea but yes i would leave the current ones alone
    [Gail Force]: and I do play all 27 shards
    [Mesanna]: ok guys thank you for your feedback
    [Mesanna]: have a great evening everyone'
    [Kyronix ]: Thanks for the feedback!
    [Bleak]: Thanks everyone!
    [Kyronix ]: Good night!
    [Kyronix ]: Head over to TC1 and check out the new pet training!​

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