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Developer Meet And Greet ~ Pacific Shard ~ August 27th 2108

By Larisa, Aug 28, 2018 | |
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  1. devss.jpg

    [Ronan]: Good Evening

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Ronan]: I was curious

    [Bleak]: Hello

    [Ronan]: on a pet....

    [Ronan]: when the wrestling goes under 100skill and parry goes to
    dashes, does it still work?

    [Bleak]: No it does not

    [Ronan]: okay

    [Ronan]: is it possible to add a cool down timer to gift of renewal in ec?

    [Ronan]: to the button on the hot bar?

    [Ronan]: like hiding skill has on the button

    [Mesanna]: one sec

    [Ronan]: okay

    [Mesanna]: can I ask why you want to?

    [Ronan]: It's just easier to see visually that you can recast it

    [Ronan]: instead of trying to recast and it saying you can't yet

    [Ronan]: waste time casting it

    [Ronan]: or trying to

    [Ronan]: some skills have a visual cool down timer on the button on the hot bar

    [Bleak]: We will look into it

    [Ronan]: so was curious if that could be added

    [Ronan]: okay, tyvm

    [Ronan]: have a good evening

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Haisley]: hi

    [Mesanna]: good evening

    [Haisley]: evening

    [Haisley]: I aked u on origin about a few masks

    [Haisley]: asked*

    [Haisley]: i emailed u but got no reply

    [Haisley]: i had a friend bring them here for me

    [Haisley]: can you dye them for me please?

    [Mesanna]: I will talk to you afterwards

    [Haisley]: ok

    [Haisley]: and the contest on test

    [Haisley]: i know it ends in 2 days

    [Haisley]: when will we know what ones won?

    [Mesanna]: The stone will display the top votes

    [Mesanna]: of course we hold veto rights

    [Mesanna]: if the rules were not followed

    [Haisley]: ok awesome, I was hoping it would. :)

    [Mesanna]: it does

    [Haisley]: ok tyvm :)

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Sewing Sammy]: hello

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Sewing Sammy]: i have been doing roof

    [Sewing Sammy]: last 3 drops have been Garg boots

    [Sewing Sammy]: and i am not Garg

    [Sewing Sammy]: can't make human

    [Sewing Sammy]: these are not altered

    [Mesanna]: one moment looking up something

    [Sewing Sammy]: ok

    [Sewing Sammy]: have pair on me if you want to see them

    [Mesanna]: no its ok

    [Mesanna]: wow lots of spellbooks

    [Sewing Sammy]: hehe

    [Bleak]: Have you changed race at any point?

    [Sewing Sammy]: also are we ever getting new colors on turn in guy

    [Sewing Sammy]: no have always been human

    [Kyronix ]: Was this on a different character?

    [Kyronix ]: Since you are an elf...?

    [Sewing Sammy]: yes

    [Sewing Sammy]: but charc that got was also human

    [Sewing Sammy]: only have 1 garg

    [Mesanna]: looks like it is a bug that we will look into

    [Sewing Sammy]: ok ty

    [Kyronix ]: Can you please send an email in with the shard, date and time you encountered this issue?

    [Sewing Sammy]: can't remember when

    [Sewing Sammy]: but on great lakes

    [Mesanna]: was it recent

    [Mesanna]: weeks months =)

    [Sewing Sammy]: been few weeks now

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Sewing Sammy]: also are we ever getting new colors on turn in guy

    [Mesanna]: maybe in the future

    [Sewing Sammy]: ty

    [Purrmutation]: Hello esteemed UO Gods, i have several old greater dragons on other accounts

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Purrmutation]: on other shards with parry at 120, but the cap is as high as 133.7

    [Purrmutation]: but i cannot raise it past 120 on any of them

    [Purrmutation]: are they bugged?

    [Mesanna]: one sec

    [Bleak]: They are not bugged

    [Purrmutation]: so is there a way to raise them parry on them to the shown cap?

    [Mesanna]: ok as you know there are different

    [Mesanna]: ok so

    [Mesanna]: not sure where your dragon was on the scale

    [Mesanna]: as you and I both know there are good and bad leveled dragons

    [Mesanna]: if the dragon was on the lower level end that would be a reason it can not go up

    [Purrmutation]: they were pretty poor on the scale

    [Mesanna]: as you want it to

    [Mesanna]: that could be the reason then

    [Purrmutation]: you would hope the higher parry would compensare for the low quality in other areas

    [Mesanna]: but it doesn't

    [Purrmutation]: compensate

    [Purrmutation]: i have at least frozen at 120 even they are capped higher

    [Purrmutation]: bummer okay

    [Mesanna]: Bleak will look into it

    [Mesanna]: but

    [Bleak]: We can look into the display issue

    [Purrmutation]: ty

    [Mesanna]: nave a good evening

    [Purrmutation]: you too

    [Joan Jett]: hello all

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Joan Jett]: 2 questions if i may...

    [Joan Jett]: first is regarding the virtues

    [Joan Jett]: is there, or will there be a stat bonus for reaching and maintaining knight in all the virtyues

    [Joan Jett]: or somekind of reward for achieving knight

    [Joan Jett]: second was wondering if there will be a return

    [Joan Jett]: of the titan bosses that dropped the cool spellbooks

    [Mesanna]: before we do anything with the viture bonus we will have to rework several of them

    [Joan Jett]: nods

    [Kyronix ]: We have a big batch of events for Publish 101 so keep an eye out for that!

    [Joan Jett]: ooh

    [Joan Jett]: ok thanks very much

    [Joan Jett]: keep up the good work

    [Mesanna]: have a good evening

    [Joan Jett]: good evnin all

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Rai'na Leafe]: Hello and good evening

    [Rai'na Leafe]: Bleak, you mentioned on the forums about being able to remove the special ability from pets

    [Rai'na Leafe]: is that something slated for 101 or sometime next year?

    [Rai'na Leafe]: Also, are there more updates that will happen to pub 101 on tc before it goes to the baja/etc

    [Bleak]: There is no timeline for any of those changes as they are still being discussed

    [Mesanna]: and yes something will be published before it goes live

    [Rai'na Leafe]: drat, but that lets us plan at least :)

    [Rai'na Leafe]: And for Mesanna, any timeline for a possible replacement Chessie em?

    [Mesanna]: They are being trained

    [Rai'na Leafe]: thank you all for your time!

    [Mesanna]: passed the test and is on the trial event right now

    [Rai'na Leafe]: Nice!

    [Mesanna]: so it should not be much longer

    [Rai'na Leafe]: We miss our events

    [Rai'na Leafe]: Have a great evening

    [Mesanna]: I think you guys are going to like him

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Benten]: reeting! Fashionably late today but worth it with lots of bling, very very nice!

    [Mesanna]: the doors were not shut so you are right on time

    [Benten]: Looks at line, we’re definitely not on Yamato anymore.

    [Benten]: The team did a fantastic job producing last year’s Halloween event! I loved fighting the nightmare fairy, although she became too easy once I knew her weakness. I’m looking forward to see what the team has in store for this year’

    [Mesanna]: Kyronix has done a good job this year

    [Benten]: yes he has

    [Mesanna]: we hope you will enjoy it

    [Benten]: I look forward to it

    [Benten]: So my question which I promised from the last meet & greet is: Will there be any action to exploited pets in the future, since the last fix?

    [Benten]: and my wall of text

    [Benten]: 6. Basically, I fixed a lot of peoples exploited pets. I noticed that the power scrolls and pet advancements were left intact along with a penalty and a revert to starting slot. I retrained and fixed the pets, they were more powerful

    [Benten]: than new pets due to the extra 1200+ skill points (600+ from power scrolls & 600+ from advancement.

    [Bleak]: Exploited pet were actioned

    [Benten]: there were, but the penalty was not strong enough

    [Bleak]: If we find another issue we will action those as well

    [Benten]: k

    [Benten]: thank you for your time

    [Benten]: see you at next m&g

    [Venus]: sorry typing slow, typing with one hand, broke the other one.

    [Mesanna]: Good evening

    [Mesanna]: puch

    [Venus]: I wanted to ask about when we chane our current castle or keep

    [Venus]: to the new ones

    [Mesanna]: when 101 goes live

    [Mesanna]: the first winners will be in the tool

    [Venus]: will the things inour new place go intoth e sigh storage

    [Mesanna]: yes

    [Venus]: or will we have to take everything out

    [Mesanna]: wait

    [Venus]: ok, also

    [Mesanna]: it will go into the storage box and you will have to take
    everything back out

    [Mesanna]: there is not a auto deco button

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Venus]: we wont have to move it iut of the house tho

    [Venus]: sign storage is good :)

    [Venus]: ok

    [Venus]: now

    [Mesanna]: it will be put into the moving crate

    [Mesanna]: and placed where you want it after the change

    [Venus]: I havea memorial butted right up

    [Venus]: against my castle

    [Mesanna]: I will move it

    [Mesanna]: email me

    [Venus]: will that affect changing it?

    [Mesanna]: with the location

    [Mesanna]: yes

    [Mesanna]: it will

    [Mesanna]: it will have to be moved away

    [Venus]: ok

    [Venus]: one last thing

    [Venus]: on the timer for the blue scrools

    [Venus]: it doest show us how muchtime we have left can that be added?

    [Mesanna]: its not in the icon

    [Venus]: no

    [Mesanna]: its a buff icon right

    [Mesanna]: hrm

    [Venus]: on the buff bar

    [Mesanna]: let us look into this

    [Venus]: but not how much time has lapsed

    [Mesanna]: right a count down

    [Venus]: yeah it doesnt

    [Mesanna]: on the timer right

    [Mesanna]: ok let us look into this and what it would take

    [Venus]: :)

    [Venus]: thankyou for your patience

    [Mesanna]: thank yoyu

    [Mesanna]: take care of that hand

    [Venus]: oh yeah:p

    [Mesanna]: stop punching people =P

    [Venus]: lol

    [Venus]: fell

    [Venus]: at my drs office :p

    [Mesanna]: LOL

    [Mesanna]: lucky

    [Venus]: hehe

    [Mesanna]: here

    [Mesanna]: step forward

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: Hail And Well Met!

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: For the sake of brevity I will make my questions quick

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: First will we soon get new items added for turn in to Cleanup system?

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: greedy for more points

    [Mesanna]: we were talking about what to add the other day

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: ty

    [Mesanna]: so yes you have not seen the last of it yet

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: Second, can we get a "Buy Item" option to vendor maps for x-client issue?

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: Trying to buy something from an EC vendor is a nightmare

    Elixar Eldurane-]: silence is always scary

    [Mesanna]: we could look into that but we are going to take a slice for handling fees...lol

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: aye

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: Can we do away with the quest for the library donations?

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: U dont have to quest to do zoo

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: and u dont have to quest to do museum

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: we are sending the wrong message to the kiddies

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: think of the children!

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: That silly notary in britain has been out of sealing wax for over a decade

    [Mesanna]: lol we have to look into it

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: Lastly, do you need a stress test for your castle system? I have an idea.

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: Copy Pacific and we can see if my messiest castle can go into the storage!

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: :p

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Mesanna]: cute

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: CHALLENGE!

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: Thanks again for all you do and for putting up with us. We is grumpy but fun!

    [Elixar Eldurane-]: ok

    [Rusalka]: hello

    [Rusalka]: its ok

    [Rusalka]: i understand

    [Rusalka]: i wanted to say thanks so much for the new castles and keeps

    [Rusalka]: i really love test now and it my new shard

    [Rusalka]: do you think we might get 3 new castles and 3 new keeps

    [Mesanna]: no this is not the only time

    [Mesanna]: we will do 3 new designs each publish

    [Rusalka]: well thanks for that info folks are asking

    [Mesanna]: so what does in depends on you guys

    [Rusalka]: thanks again for the new plots

    [Rusalka]: and all your hard work

    [Mesanna]: most welcome

    [Rusalka]: enjoy

    [Mesanna]: night guys thanks for having us

    [Bleak]: Thanks for coming out!

    [Misk]: Thank you Pacific!

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