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Developer Meet And Greet ~ Sakura Shard ~ October 15th 2018

By Larisa, Oct 16, 2018 | |
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  1. devss.jpg

    [Mesanna]: shall we begin?

    [EM Asiantam]: ok


    [EM Asiantam]: good morning

    [Mesanna]: greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: Seems there are some players using GM paging for harassment purpose

    [EM Asiantam]: it is very wasteful

    [Mesanna]: can you tell me what purposes?

    [EM Asiantam]: GM is very important human resource

    [EM Asiantam]: harassment

    [EM Asiantam]: so this player who has been paged

    [EM Asiantam]: caught by GM

    [EM Asiantam]: can't play the game

    [EM Asiantam]: always

    [EM Asiantam]: that is intentional

    [EM Asiantam]: but this player who has been paged

    [EM Asiantam]: did nothing

    [EM Asiantam]: just logged in

    [EM Asiantam]: then paged

    [EM Asiantam]: so he is asking you to consider this matter so we won't waste the valuable resources

    [Mesanna]: don't say the players name but do you know who it is?

    [EM Asiantam]: ok

    [EM Asiantam]: understand

    [EM Asiantam]: the player who has been paged is

    [EM Asiantam]: his guild member

    [EM Asiantam]: but not sure who is actually paging him

    [Mesanna]: so send me names so I have more to go on,

    [Mesanna]: that way I can look up past pages

    [EM Asiantam]: ok

    [Mesanna]: and see whats going on please

    [Mesanna]: I agree with you though

    [Mesanna]: GM's are busy

    [EM Asiantam]: right

    [Miela]: thank you very much

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Magical girl]:

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: good morning

    [EM Asiantam]: oh

    [EM Asiantam]: she is a mage

    [EM Asiantam]: so

    [EM Asiantam]: she'd like to ride on a broom

    [EM Asiantam]: like a witch

    [Mesanna]: hrm

    [EM Asiantam]: so

    [EM Asiantam]: how about

    [EM Asiantam]: just like an ethereal mount

    [EM Asiantam]: we double click it

    [Mesanna]: I will talk to the artists

    [EM Asiantam]: and ride on

    [Mesanna]: to see if its even possible

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [EM Asiantam]: she is saying it should be okay if this is a store item

    [Mesanna]: ok


    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: about vendors

    [EM Asiantam]: not only elves or human, can you please let us select more body types?

    [EM Asiantam]: ettin or lizard man

    [EM Asiantam]: dragon

    [EM Asiantam]: what do you think?

    [Mesanna]: like the costumes?
    [EM Asiantam]: right

    [EM Asiantam]: llama

    [EM Asiantam]: ridgeback

    [EM Asiantam]: or even cat

    [Mesanna]: Interesting idea

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: have you been to khaldun

    [Mesanna]: to get those costume tools?

    [EM Asiantam]: he doesn't have an enough time so far

    [Mesanna]: We have a tool that will be in the store in Dec

    [Mesanna]: that will let you add your costume to like the goblin

    [EM Asiantam]: so can we use that on vendors?

    [EM Asiantam]: looking forward to it

    [Mesanna]: I am not sure to be honest with you

    [Mesanna]: we will look into it

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [EM Asiantam]: he is talking about Halloween point

    [EM Asiantam]: but we have already announced that on website

    [EM Asiantam]: right?

    [EM Asiantam]: now explain

    [Mesanna]: are you talking to me

    [EM Asiantam]: no

    [EM Asiantam]: I am explaining to him

    [EM Asiantam]: about the halloween point

    [Lost Age]: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

    [Mesanna]: You also

    [EM Asiantam]: about the property of mask of khal ankur

    [EM Asiantam]: Meteor breath is effected by players's EI skill

    [EM Asiantam]: can you change this? so everyone can use it

    [Kyronix ]: Changing evaluating intelligence impacting the meteor breath?

    [EM Asiantam]: yes

    [EM Asiantam]: so everyone can use it

    [EM Asiantam]: currently

    [EM Asiantam]: only powerful mages can use it

    [Kyronix ]: The mask works likea scroll that never goes away

    [Lost Age]: hai

    [EM Asiantam]: so we need EI skill anyway?

    [Kyronix ]: So it uses the base casting system, and we can't change that since it uses an existing spell

    [Lost Age]: hmm

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [Lost Age]: thank you!

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: hello

    [EM Asiantam]: request

    [EM Asiantam]: he is requesting you to enrich the contents of treasure boxes in existing dungeons

    [EM Asiantam]: not only Khaldun

    [Mesanna]: good suggestion they have not been touched in a while

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [EM Asiantam]: there will be some additions in the future?

    [Mesanna]: yes in the future

    [Mesanna]: we have added it to our list

    [EM Asiantam]: ok

    [Mesanna]: of things we would like to do

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: good morning


    [EM Asiantam]: ok

    [EM Asiantam]: she is asking for a new item to stack dyes

    [EM Asiantam]: containers

    [EM Asiantam]: or something like that

    [Mesanna]: I thought you could already combine the same dye together?

    [EM Asiantam]: how about pallet?

    [EM Asiantam]: yes so even different colors

    [EM Asiantam]: like a pallet

    [EM Asiantam]: she is asking you to create a container or something like a pallet

    [Mesanna]: you mean something like a painters pallet?

    [EM Asiantam]: yes

    [Mesanna]: that would hold different dyes

    [EM Asiantam]: yes

    [Mesanna]: we will discuss how difficult something like that would be

    [Mesanna]: and see what we can come up with

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: good evening

    [EM Asiantam]: please fix the bug that some items are not shown properly in EC's paperdoll

    [Mesanna]: example?

    [EM Asiantam]: arcane robe

    [EM Asiantam]: and

    [EM Asiantam]: EM are all naked

    [EM Asiantam]: lol

    [Mesanna]: we will look into it

    [EM Asiantam]: ok

    [SONZAI ERROR]: 2DPD mode

    [EM Asiantam]: yes

    [EM Asiantam]: 2D mode

    [SONZAI ERROR]: paladin sword ->longsword

    [SONZAI ERROR]: is all mode

    [EM Asiantam]: ok

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [SONZAI ERROR]: thank you!

    [Brianna]: Greetings my friends

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Brianna]: i come before you today to ask that crafters be allowed to craft powder of fortification

    [Brianna]: much like they can craft single use soul stone fragments

    [Mesanna]: hrm

    [Mesanna]: let us think about this

    [Brianna]: thank you for the consideration

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: I can see both sides to doing it or not doing it

    [Mesanna]: most welcome

    [Brianna]: it doesnt even have to be 10 charges per a craft

    [Brianna]: and using unique stuff such as the soul stone fragments do

    [EM Asiantam]: yes

    [Brianna]: have a great day and play hard

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [EM Asiantam]: good evening

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: he is asking you to create a bookcase which can store 500 books

    [EM Asiantam]: regardless of normal books or bulk order books

    [Mesanna]: why?

    [EM Asiantam]: just like a jewery case

    [EM Asiantam]: we can't stack books

    [Mesanna]: that would go over the item limit of any container

    [EM Asiantam]: can't make it just like a jewelry box?

    [Mesanna]: for normal books?

    [EM Asiantam]: yes

    [EM Asiantam]: regardless of type of books if possible

    [Mesanna]: can you help me justify that item?

    [Mesanna]: I just don't see people collecting that many books

    [EM Asiantam]: there are

    [EM Asiantam]: various quest books or books that we used at players' event

    [EM Asiantam]: we can't trash it

    [Mesanna]: How about this, we can discuss it more with players

    [Mesanna]: and get more feedback

    [Mesanna]: if its positive we can add it to a reward list

    [EM Asiantam]: yes he agree

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: hello

    [EM Asiantam]: he'd like to see your list

    [EM Asiantam]: what has been added or going to be added

    [EM Asiantam]: and what has been thrown away

    [EM Asiantam]: is that possible?

    [Mesanna]: we do not have a bad idea list

    [Mesanna]: aka ones that were thrown away

    [Mesanna]: our list is actually in a program such as jira

    [Mesanna]: its not an actual list list

    [Mesanna]: why do you have a suggestion or comment?

    [EM Asiantam]: he is most interested in the question about the storage of small house

    [EM Asiantam]: can we increase it?

    [Mesanna]: we are not increasing storage in houses

    [EM Asiantam]: ok

    [Mesanna]: no

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Metallica]: HELLO :D

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: hi

    [Mesanna]: why Hello!

    [Bleak]: Hi

    [EM Asiantam]: about fashion in UO

    [EM Asiantam]: we need to wear cloak or robe

    [EM Asiantam]: but

    [EM Asiantam]: can you add visible and invisible trigger for it?

    [EM Asiantam]: so we can ON/OFF

    [EM Asiantam]: just make it invisible

    [Mesanna]: we have been asked several time to do that to the hoods on robes

    [EM Asiantam]: you know robe or cloak are often not looking good

    [EM Asiantam]: yes

    [Mesanna]: and helmets

    [EM Asiantam]: is that possible?

    [Mesanna]: Bleak tried to determine that for helmets etc

    [Mesanna]: we ran into a few issues to work out

    [Mesanna]: we will look into it more and see what we can some up with

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you for your hard work

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: hello

    [EM Asiantam]: thanks for the new mounts, they are awesome

    [EM Asiantam]: request

    [Mesanna]: Eowmu was from a player

    [EM Asiantam]: yes

    [Mesanna]: that sent us a picture

    [EM Asiantam]: right fantastic

    [EM Asiantam]: he is requesting for the Ethereal Eowmu

    [Mesanna]: we don't want to do that

    [Mesanna]: because the vet rewards are etheral

    [EM Asiantam]: understood

    [Mesanna]: we are not trying to by pass the stables

    [Mesanna]: which etherals do

    [Mesanna]: especially since we have increased the total by so much

    [EM Asiantam]: yes

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you for taking your time

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [EM Asiantam]: good evening

    [EM Asiantam]: about city stone

    [EM Asiantam]: he knows loyalty will be added when he submit bulk order

    [EM Asiantam]: but how about also adding some budget to the city stone also?

    [EM Asiantam]: not only loyalty to the player

    [Kyronix ]: That is something we can look into

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [Kyronix ]: As an additional funding stream to the City

    [Mesanna]: greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: yes

    [EM Asiantam]: she has a question about treasure box in Khaldun

    [EM Asiantam]: I thought you have removed lockpicks from them

    [EM Asiantam]: but they are still existing

    [EM Asiantam]: and

    [EM Asiantam]: it is so hard to get relic

    [EM Asiantam]: can you look into it?

    [Kyronix ]: The lockpicks can spawn naturally

    [Kyronix ]: But as far as the special rewards in the chest, the lockpicks don't come from there

    [Kyronix ]: For the relics - they are rare

    [EM Asiantam]: too rare

    [EM Asiantam]: maybe...

    [EM Asiantam]: hehe

    [EM Asiantam]: can she get 4 types of relics in 2 months?

    [Kyronix ]: It is certainly possible

    [EM Asiantam]: so there are no plan to change the rarity, right?

    [Kyronix ]: No plans to change rarity

    [Mesanna]: greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: do you know there are some shards which levers to the closed room have been disappeared?

    [Mesanna]: we are aware of it

    [EM Asiantam]: and also

    [EM Asiantam]: spawned boxes at the northern area of khaldun disappears

    [EM Asiantam]: when can we get it fixed?

    [Mesanna]: the boxes only stay visible for a period of time

    [Mesanna]: after detected

    [EM Asiantam]: so if she get it spawned inside the closed room

    [EM Asiantam]: she can never open it

    [EM Asiantam]: so it prevents to spawn another boxes

    [EM Asiantam]: that is her concern

    [EM Asiantam]: so when can we get it fixed?

    [Mesanna]: we can look into it

    [kuniko]: thanks

    [Mesanna]: do you have specific shards that its missing

    [EM Asiantam]: Yamato

    [EM Asiantam]: and TC1

    [EM Asiantam]: I think maybe also Korean shards

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [kuniko]: thanks !

    [Mesanna]: greetings

    [sakura]: Hi

    [EM Asiantam]: he is asking you to create a dungeon specially made for mages

    [EM Asiantam]: because

    [EM Asiantam]: now every dungeon has too much advantage for warriors

    [Mesanna]: wind is for mages

    [EM Asiantam]: he is asking for mobs that only damaged by magic

    [EM Asiantam]: not by weapons

    [Mesanna]: Interesting

    [Mesanna]: nice idea

    [EM Asiantam]: maybe we can add that to some process of quest for

    [EM Asiantam]: that we definitely need magic to achieve it

    [EM Asiantam]: what do you think?

    [Mesanna]: the magic damage is an interesting idea

    [EM Asiantam]: ok

    [Mesanna]: we will look at it for a future event

    [EM Asiantam]: looking forward to it

    [sakura]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: good evening

    [EM Asiantam]: for next publish

    [EM Asiantam]: you have announced that there will be new additions to Hunter's master challenge

    [EM Asiantam]: is there any measures that we can measure the animals before or after we slay it?

    [EM Asiantam]: or weight

    [EM Asiantam]: maybe

    [Kyronix ]: No, the only way is to document the kill with a hunting permit

    [EM Asiantam]: because he wants to make sure his target is heavier than the current one

    [Kyronix ]: Will have to use another permit

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: hello

    [EM Asiantam]: request

    [EM Asiantam]: while we are turning to our bodies by Necromancy or Ninjutu

    [EM Asiantam]: can you make it possible to cast spell or let us use special move?

    [EM Asiantam]: while we are transforming by Necro or Ninjutu

    [Mesanna]: one moment

    [EM Asiantam]: k

    [Mesanna]: at this time we are not going to change the way it is right now

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: good evening

    [EM Asiantam]: about classic client

    [EM Asiantam]: he is asking you to fix the bug regarding the option of classic client

    [EM Asiantam]: option>interface

    [EM Asiantam]: the top of it

    [Mesanna]: umm

    [Mesanna]: what bug

    [Mesanna]: what is he seeing with the interface option?

    [EM Asiantam]: he is insisting the check of it automatically disappears

    [EM Asiantam]: input the check

    [EM Asiantam]: and then it is gone

    [EM Asiantam]: automatically

    [EM Asiantam]: canyou fix it?

    [Mesanna]: we can try to reproduce it but is he saying it reverts

    [Mesanna]: to default

    [Mesanna]: how about this

    [EM Asiantam]: ok

    [Mesanna]: send us more details and show a screenshot of the screen

    [Mesanna]: not enough details to reproduce his issue

    [EM Asiantam]: he will try

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [EM Asiantam]: and send it to you by email

    [yappy]: Greetings

    [Mesanna]: hello little one

    [EM Asiantam]: she is enjoying new items from UO stre every month

    [EM Asiantam]: but sometimes

    [EM Asiantam]: explanations are not enough

    [EM Asiantam]: for example

    [EM Asiantam]: for mounts

    [Mesanna]: what more would you like to see?

    [EM Asiantam]: she'd like to see several screen shots from front or back

    [EM Asiantam]: right left

    [EM Asiantam]: how about

    [EM Asiantam]: adding those new items to TC1

    [EM Asiantam]: so she can check

    [EM Asiantam]: and can make decisions

    [EM Asiantam]: whether to purchase it

    [EM Asiantam]: what do you think?

    [Mesanna]: Yappy do you need a goblin mount

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Mesanna]: I will think about it

    [EM Asiantam]: not really

    [EM Asiantam]: ok

    [Mesanna]: putting them on tc1 that is

    [Mesanna]: but you are basically just looking for pictures right?

    [EM Asiantam]: but pictures are better , yes

    ] [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [yappy]: Thank You!

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: good morning

    [EM Asiantam]: about Blackthorn dungeon

    [EM Asiantam]: so when can you fix the bug that captains' resists are enhanced after the maintenance

    [Mesanna]: we will look into it

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Coraline]: Greetings!

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Coraline]: Like the Healing Belt from Khaldun

    [Coraline]: i was thinking about a Potion Belt

    [Coraline]: with reduced weight to potions

    [Coraline]: and bonus to healing

    [Mesanna]: there are so many potions

    [Mesanna]: not something we really want to touch right now

    [Coraline]: Okay

    [Mesanna]: if its not blessed

    [Coraline]: that's all

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [Coraline]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: about puzzle box

    [EM Asiantam]: she has a request

    [EM Asiantam]: so when he close the puzzle box by his mistake

    [EM Asiantam]: close the gump by his mistake

    [EM Asiantam]: he is lost

    [EM Asiantam]: where he has been input the check

    [EM Asiantam]: so he wants it remain

    [EM Asiantam]: after he reopen it

    [EM Asiantam]: make sense? sorry I've never done the puzzle

    [Mesanna]: yes but see our side of it

    [Mesanna]: first you should not close it

    [Mesanna]: second

    [Mesanna]: say you close it because your being attacked half way though

    [Mesanna]: then someone else comes up

    [Mesanna]: then they would not have to solve the whole puzzle they would pick up

    [Mesanna]: where you left off

    [Mesanna]: so no I don't think we want to make that change

    [EM Asiantam]: sorry as I am not good at puzzle, I'd like to get an email from her and submit to you after I translate it

    [EM Asiantam]: is that okay?

    [Mesanna]: what she is asking for will not work

    [Mesanna]: but sure you can do that

    [Mesanna]: if you wish

    [EM Asiantam]: yes maybe I am misunderstanding her

    [EM Asiantam]: just to make sure

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: about Blackthorn AF

    [EM Asiantam]: please add this Closed helm

    [Mesanna]: you I think others have asked for it also

    [EM Asiantam]: and this mask also

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you for taking your time

    [Mesanna]: you mean the art right

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [Santa Claus]: Good Morning

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [Santa Claus]: Thank you for the first aid belt.

    [Santa Claus]: i love how it is blessed

    [Mesanna]: most welcome

    [Santa Claus]: Can you make the miner's & harvester's satchels blessed too?

    [Santa Claus]: or be able to insure them

    [Mesanna]: most containers are not blessed

    [Santa Claus]: oh ok

    [Mesanna]: greetings

    [Cherry]: hi

    [Mesanna]: HI

    [EM Asiantam]: about grass tiles

    [EM Asiantam]: or other tiles

    [EM Asiantam]: she wants some other measure to get it

    [Mesanna]: we are thinking about adding them to clean up

    [Cherry]: thx

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Mesanna]: Greetings

    [EM Asiantam]: request

    [EM Asiantam]: can you add a door stopper?

    [EM Asiantam]: so we dont need to open and close the doors

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Mesanna]: umm thats a first

    [Mesanna]: never been asked that before

    [Mesanna]: Bleak said it was possible

    [Bleak]: Thanks Everyone for coming out!

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you devs

    [Mesanna]: Thank yoy Sakura, Sweet dreams!!

    [EM Asiantam]: thank you devs for coming!

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