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Developer Meet And Greet Sonoma ~ May 29th 2017

By Larisa, May 30, 2017 | |
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  1. mmg.jpg

    [Mesanna]: good evening everyone

    [Mesanna]: we will start in a sec

    [Mesanna]: waiting on Bleak

    [Mesanna]: hi

    [Dezerai]: Good Evening

    [Dezerai]: My questions deal with Mage Tower of Moonglow 73' 3N 133' 15W

    [Dezerai]: and the Community Hall of Brit 8' 6N 12' 29E, both in Trammel

    [Dezerai]: In 2005 the Sonoma's Shard Tower of Sorcery was build by the Sonoma Community and

    [Dezerai]: EM Masara, it had several features within it.

    [Dezerai]: One of those special feature is missing today and we like it back please.

    [Dezerai]: Varsuvious, the Green Sea Dragon stable master, has been missing since the

    [Dezerai]: birth of the animal training quest.

    [Mesanna]: there is not a EM Masara

    [Mesanna]: whatever they did is before us

    [Dezerai]: can we get the sea dragon back?

    [Mesanna]: I have some emails and I can replace the stablemaster

    [Dezerai]: thank you

    [Dezerai]: The other question and my last deals with the Brit Community Hall and the contest that

    [Dezerai]: was started by our former EM to redo the the deco inside it since its been bare to walls

    [Dezerai]: since from the time before our last EM.

    [Dezerai]: Several of us sent in picures from TC1 for that contest.

    [Dezerai]: Will there be a chance to complete this contest later?

    [Mesanna]: I have no clue what contests the last EM did

    [Mesanna]: sorry

    [Dezerai]: thank you

    [Dezerai]: I have more but I am sure others here would like to ask questions and

    [Dezerai]: I will wait for the day when we get another EM to ask my questions

    [Dezerai]: concerning the cities at our Governor Meetings.

    [Mesanna]: We have another one training

    [Dezerai]: Thanks for all you done, I love the new taming, and all I can say is good job!

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [KHAN]: Hail. Thank you for taking your time to be here. I look forward to the party! :)

    [Mesanna]: me too

    [Mesanna]: its alot of planning

    [KHAN]: My question is about imbueing

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [KHAN]: any chance for an upgrade espec. with regard to jewels

    [KHAN]: to compete with the greater/nicer loot

    [Mesanna]: we are not looking at redoing Imbuing at this time

    [KHAN]: ah, ok

    [Mesanna]: we have other plans for the rest of the year

    [KHAN]: ty for the response

    [Mesanna]: welcome

    [KHAN]: see y'all in sept

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [Thor]: Hi all

    [Mesanna]: hi

    [Thor]: thanks for coming

    [Thor]: my question is: ANY chance EM drops and such will be made shard bound?

    [Mesanna]: I doubt that, to many people would scream

    [Thor]: hmm, but it might cut down of hmm, unlawful acts

    [Mesanna]: some things are being done though

    [Mesanna]: there are other ways

    [Thor]: ah

    [Thor]: ok lastly

    [Thor]: what about multiboxing

    [Mesanna]: what about it

    [Thor]: is it allowed or not?

    [Thor]: I hope not

    [Mesanna]: If you are using multiboxing to macro it is not allowed

    [Thor]: it takes a 3rd party program

    [Mesanna]: and we will catch you

    [Mesanna]: its not a third party but it doesn't take that

    [Thor]: so, if you are using a 3rd pary program you are a no go

    [Mesanna]: its a switch

    [Thor]: ah

    [Thor]: but not allowed correct?

    [Mesanna]: of you are running multiboxing via a kvm switch and there to answer our questions

    [Mesanna]: we will not stop you

    [Mesanna]: but if you are not there and you are unattended macoroing

    [Mesanna]: we will suspend your accounts

    [Thor]: wow! just wow

    [Thor]: so you are saying multiboxing is ok :(

    [Thor]: i understand

    [Mesanna]: we can not detect the switch

    [Mesanna]: yes we can see it

    [Thor]: it has driven MANY ppl away from the game ;(

    [Mesanna]: they are running it in almost every game out there these days

    [Mesanna]: its hard to detect

    [Thor]: hmm, ok i expected as much

    [Mesanna]: once we opened the door to multi clienting

    [Thor]: it is slowly killing this game

    [Mesanna]: we opened the door to this

    [Thor]: completely different

    [Thor]: each char operates seperatly

    [Mesanna]: ok I am not going to argue this tonight

    [Mesanna]: sorry

    [Thor]: multiboxing, hiy 1 key they ALL move

    [Mesanna]: so you have any other questions?

    [Mesanna]: I know how its run

    [Thor]: ok whatever ty

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Clym of Clough]: Hi folks, great to see you on our fine shard.

    [Mesanna]: Hi

    [Mesanna]: Nice to be here

    [Clym of Clough]: Could we please get the city buffs to expire at server down instead of some very hazardous time that we have forgotten?

    [Mesanna]: its a valid suggestion

    [Mesanna]: Kyronix is on vacation but we will bring it up to him when he returns

    [Clym of Clough]: We have no way knowing when it will expire except our memory and mine ain't so good anymore

    [Clym of Clough]: thank you

    [Clym of Clough]: also then, would it be possible to have 50 stone items removed from treasure chests

    [Mesanna]: why?

    [Clym of Clough]: it bogs us down if we take all the stuff out of the chest

    [Mesanna]: That is one of the neg items

    [Clym of Clough]: ok, understand, thank you

    [Mesanna]: its totally random

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Clym of Clough]: and I hope to see you at the party also

    [Mesanna]: wonderful

    [Mesanna]: Hi

    [Morgana Grim]: hello all, quick taming questions

    [Morgana Grim]: are there any plans to make battle chickens trainable?

    [Mesanna]: one sec

    [Mesanna]: we had to remove them due to the coops

    [Mesanna]: the coops they are stored in removes several of the stats

    [Morgana Grim]: ah I understand

    [Mesanna]: so we had to remove them

    [Morgana Grim]: makes sense thank you

    [Morgana Grim]: one more please

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [Morgana Grim]: any plans to make starting pets that are 5 slot like greaters able to train their stats and resist

    [Mesanna]: you mean above 5 slots?

    [Mesanna]: there are 4 slot gr dragons

    [Mesanna]: they are just hard to find

    [Morgana Grim]: no, I have some crappy rated greaters that I like but resists are low

    [Mesanna]: sorry we have no plans to redo that at this time

    [Morgana Grim]: ok thank you, I'll go on the hunt for a 4 slotter :)

    [Mesanna]: ok they are there

    [Mesanna]: good luck

    [Morgana Grim]: thank you!

    [Mesanna]: hi

    [joyce]: with new training we took them to navery almost a week and stayed for 3 to 4 hours and no

    [joyce]: drops at all

    [Mesanna]: drops are totally random there

    [Mesanna]: we can look into navery to make sure they are dropping

    [joyce]: maybe broke then

    [Mesanna]: chance is as low as 4%

    [Mesanna]: to the top attacker

    [joyce]: ok

    [Mesanna]: make sure you have room in your packs

    [Mesanna]: because if you don't they are deleted

    [Mesanna]: we might want to change that though

    [joyce]: ok

    [Mesanna]: thanks for reminding us!

    [Cinderella]: Good Evening

    [Mesanna]: hi

    [Cinderella]: thank you for the pet revamp

    [Cinderella]: we have been having fun with the new pets

    [Mesanna]: wonderful

    [Mesanna]: we are glad to hear it

    [Cinderella]: I was wondering about the elections since we have no EM

    [Cinderella]: will it stop the city buff

    [Cinderella]: if no governor

    [Mesanna]: We are training a new EM for Sonoma

    [Cinderella]: how long will that take

    [Mesanna]: was the EM assigning governors?

    [Cinderella]: no but they had to confirm us

    [Mesanna]: up to the person as to how long they take to learn

    [Mesanna]: confirm you?

    [Mesanna]: they shouldn't

    [Cinderella]: they did me the last time, not sure why

    [Mesanna]: then the stone is messed up if that happened

    [Mesanna]: for elections its all automatic

    [Cinderella]: thank you all for your hard work

    [Mesanna]: unless the EM is removing or adding a governor

    [Cinderella]: ok ty

    [Mesanna]: from the team you are most welcome

    [Cinderella]: you have a good evening

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Mesanna]: hi

    [James]: i would like to know if you plan on fixing lions and sabre-tooth tigers

    [Mesanna]: fixing them?

    [James]: after they die they no longer take bandages or heal

    [Mesanna]: hrm we will look into that tomorrow

    [Mesanna]: you mean bonded pets?

    [James]: ok ty

    [James]: and like the new look

    [Mesanna]: hi

    [Violet Jo]: hello

    [Violet Jo]: i have a ?? for messana

    [17/05/29][20:28:03] [Violet Jo]: I email you regarding the sept party

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [Violet Jo]: and I have 2 room rented

    [Violet Jo]: and sent in my yes we wanted to go

    [Violet Jo]: I need to know if I am elected

    [Violet Jo]: to come

    [Violet Jo]: I have to let work know in advance and some people rented the motel across the street

    [Mesanna]: umm email me tonight , if you emailed early probably yes

    [Mesanna]: but I also have almost 75 people on the waiting list

    [Mesanna]: I will answer you tomorrow

    [Violet Jo]: i was on first list and my friends was on the second list

    [Violet Jo]: I will email what is your email again please

    [Mesanna]: [email protected]

    [Violet Jo]: thanks you so much and you all have a great evening

    [Mesanna]: we could not send confirmations because we did not have emails

    [Mesanna]: and I am not giving out real names

    [Mesanna]: hi

    [LKatana]: hello my lady

    [LKatana]: so got a couple for you today

    [LKatana]: one is a simple paper work thing in the nuw rune books

    [LKatana]: ive had to fix say a blocked rune

    [LKatana]: but because you cant use like the seed box insert seed

    [LKatana]: you have to dump every rune from the book

    [LKatana]: to put the rune back

    [Mesanna]: you want to be able to sort runebooks?

    [LKatana]: ya like a move up or move down like on the magincia vendors

    [Mesanna]: we have that on our list

    [LKatana]: that way you can move the runes around the book

    [Mesanna]: it has been requested a few times

    [LKatana]: cool

    [LKatana]: the other one is a mini set of pet questions

    [LKatana]: the blue beetles when hitting level five are letting you train again but you cant

    [LKatana]: gain any because already 5

    [LKatana]: the other issues ive hit is when adding stats and such to pet say a lvl 3 pet

    [Mesanna]: its just the blue beetles?

    [LKatana]: it jumps to lvl 5 on one training skipping the lvl 4

    [LKatana]: its the one ive found but gen chat says runes doing it to

    [Mesanna]: ok we will look into this

    [Mesanna]: we were not aware of it

    [LKatana]: so thats the bug?

    [LKatana]: and the other is the jumping over levels

    [LKatana]: a friend had a Phoenix

    [LKatana]: go from 3 to 5

    [LKatana]: when she added just resists and hit points

    [LKatana]: thus making it so she could not train it again

    [LKatana]: is that a bug

    [LKatana]: or intended

    [Mesanna]: one sec talking

    [Mesanna]: we are discussing this

    [LKatana]: cause i thought a pet would only go up 1 control slot at a time per training

    [LKatana]: had a iron beetle do it to

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [Mesanna]: we will look at it

    [Mesanna]: we think we know why its happening

    [LKatana]: also had a pet go up a control slot

    [Mesanna]: yes it should only go up one slot at a time

    [Mesanna]: so that is a bug

    [LKatana]: when out fighting with it

    [LKatana]: went from a 1 to a 2 when just out hunting with it and its dex and such went up

    [Mesanna]: nods

    [LKatana]: is that a bug too

    [Mesanna]: yes

    [Mesanna]: its the same issue

    [LKatana]: cool well not cool but cool its a bug

    [LKatana]: that can be worked on fixing

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Mesanna]: yes we have it listed now

    [LKatana]: if a pet does that jump is it fixable by a gm

    [Mesanna]: Bleak will look into it

    [LKatana]: or do we have to wait for patch

    [Mesanna]: nope

    [Mesanna]: Bleak has to fix it

    [LKatana]: well i have tuns more but think ive taken enough of your time

    [LKatana]: ty you for coming out on a holiday

    [Mesanna]: thank you, have a good evening

    [LKatana]: to say hello

    [Mesanna]: lol anytime

    [LKatana]: ps despite the couple bugs

    [Mesanna]: sorry =(

    [Mesanna]: we think so also

    [LKatana]: ty for you hard work on this

    [Mesanna]: just glad everyone is enjoying it

    [Keegan]: Hi

    [Mesanna]: hi

    [Keegan]: James was talking about bonded tiger and lions before

    [Keegan]: they won't heal or take bandages when they die

    [Mesanna]: yes?

    [Keegan]: yes

    [Mesanna]: we have it on the list to look into

    [Keegan]: was having to put bandages on them part of the plan, unlike cu's?

    [Mesanna]: ok so you can train it on pets

    [Mesanna]: I am assuming that's what is happening

    [Mesanna]: and

    [Mesanna]: there is a bug with the cu sidhe

    [Keegan]: no bug with the cu

    [Mesanna]: that will affect them also so yes it will be fixed

    [Mesanna]: yes there is

    [Mesanna]: when they die

    [Keegan]: oh, didn't know that, okay

    [Keegan]: also

    [Mesanna]: but the lion and tigers will be fixed

    [Keegan]: okay

    [Keegan]: when you add abilities, the order seems to matter

    [Keegan]: like fire beetles, you have to add armor ignore before poison

    [Keegan]: or you can't add armor ignore

    [Keegan]: why does the order matter?

    [Mesanna]: because the magic abilities are limited to have one at a time active

    [Mesanna]: you should see a gump saying something is going away

    [Mesanna]: to make you aware of it

    [Keegan]: but if i wanted to add a magical then a special move

    [Keegan]: ones that fit

    [Keegan]: i have to add magical then special move, the vice versa will not work

    [Mesanna]: bleak is looking something up

    [Mesanna]: one sec

    [Keegan]: okay

    [Bleak]: Each training category is restricted in how much a pet can learn. Pets can learn 1 school of magic

    [Keegan]: yes

    [Keegan]: on a fire beetle you can have, poison, armor ignore and rune corruption

    [Bleak]: overall from any combination within those limits.

    [Keegan]: but if you add poison first, you cannot add armor ignore

    [Keegan]: a few have messed fire beetles up from it

    [Keegan]: is being able to discord your own cu planned?

    [Mesanna]: are you sure you do not have anything else on it

    [Keegan]: yes

    [Keegan]: nothing was added

    [Mesanna]: we would have to see these

    [Keegan]: if you add poison, you cannot add armor ignore

    [Mesanna]: to give you a definite answer

    [Mesanna]: the order should not matter

    [Mesanna]: as long as you have nothing else

    [Keegan]: we have to find those pets then?

    [Keegan]: and call a gm?

    [Mesanna]: not a GM

    [Mesanna]: US

    ] [Keegan]: k

    [Mesanna]: will you be around tomorrow?

    [Keegan]: i'll see if the guild mates still have them

    [Keegan]: yes

    [Mesanna]: or tonight

    [Mesanna]: ok

    [Mesanna]: check and email me

    [Keegan]: okay

    [Mesanna]: but something doesn't sound correct

    [Keegan]: are cu sidhe's supposed to be able to discord themselves?

    [Mesanna]: bug

    [Keegan]: they act strange, they also get the ZZzzz's above their head in ec, like they slept themselves

    [Keegan]: and stop fighting

    [Mesanna]: they are attacking themselves

    [Keegan]: like they have mysticism

    [Mesanna]: its a love hate relationship

    [Keegan]: ahh

    [Keegan]: hehe

    [Mesanna]: grins

    [Keegan]: i use the all kill and target them at spawns to make them attack the closest monster

    [Keegan]: if many things are on them

    [Keegan]: is there a way also to forfeit unused pts?

    [Keegan]: weight pts

    [Keegan]: some had 4 pts left and nothing to spend them on, and keep getting the training message

    [Mesanna]: oh like 1 or 2 points with nothing to spend it on?

    [Keegan]: yes

    [Mesanna]: we can add something in the future

    [Mesanna]: Thank you

    [Keegan]: maybe a reset potion in the store also? so if we mess up a bonded pet

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Keegan]: we can go back to the original state and retrain their progress

    [Mesanna]: not sure we would go that far

    [Mesanna]: do overs are a big thing

    [Keegan]: true

    [Mesanna]: ok we have some people in line

    [Keegan]: yes, sorry, thank you very much

    [Mesanna]: Thank you

    [Mesanna]: hi

    [Paradox]: Hello all, I have a simple but specific question for Mesanna many UO players are wondering about.

    [Mesanna]: ?

    [Paradox]: What have you done, or do you plan to do to prevent future EM corruption like Clops aka EMChim

    [Paradox]: and how to do you plan to counter the fact that some trusted UO staff leak your conversations

    [Paradox]: with them on icq all the time? sharing secrets

    [Mesanna]: Thats not something I will talk to you guys about

    [Paradox]: it's unfortunate you wont answer, since so many people are upset by it

    [Mesanna]: I am sure they are but you have to understand I am not talking about the program with you

    [Mesanna]: If they cheat they will be dealt with

    [Mesanna]: we have things in place to stop this from happening

    [Mesanna]: but you know as well as I do

    [Mesanna]: there are many people out there that have to hack

    [Paradox]: I could name three people who abuse their powers right now, I wont, but they exist sadly.

    [Mesanna]: because they have to have more or be better than everyone else

    [Mesanna]: If you know someone is cheating like your past EM then by all means give me

    [Mesanna]: proof

    [Mesanna]: otherwise I don't want to hear word of mouth

    [Mesanna]: I caught the last EM red handed

    [Paradox]: proof is hard to come by when they can erase the proof themselves as UO staff

    [Mesanna]: oh but they can't

    [Mesanna]: you give them way more credit

    [Mesanna]: this the reason I will not talk to you about powers

    [Mesanna]: what they have and what they don't

    [Mesanna]: Have a great evening

    [Paradox]: it's good to hear they have limited powers, some still leak your private chats on icq though

    [Paradox]: ok thanks

    [Token]: good evening !

    [Mesanna]: Hello

    [Token]: I would like to plead for little bird friends the phoenixes to be left as they are.

    [Token]: There has been a lot of false statements made about them being faster than mounted players and them being unkillable.

    [Token]: People have already adapted and made archers and purchased bird talisman slayers in response to counter the birds.

    [Token]: Currently there is a good rock paper scissors balance between archers tamers and parry mages now, so please don't change them :(

    [Mesanna]: that has already beed addressed and will be published soon

    [Token]: :O

    [Token]: you mean in the newsletter?

    [Mesanna]: yes sir

    [Token]: so they're going to be nerfed in both damage and speed? :(

    [Mesanna]: the change has already been made and waiting on QA

    [Token]: possible to share since I'm sure a lot of people have made large investment in their bird friends :(

    [Mesanna]: looks at bleak

    [Token]: glances at bleak

    [Bleak]: The speeds will be similar but will correctly use stamina

    [Token]: but that means all pets will move at the same speed if they're at 150?

    [Bleak]: they will be similar but dex still plays a role

    [Token]: so they will move at their dex speed but as stamina drops they slow down?

    [Bleak]: Correct

    [Token]: :O

    [Token]: will it be on test shard to see when its ready?

    [Mesanna]: if it is it will not be there but for a day

    [Mesanna]: since they are just bug fixes

    [Token]: ah :(

    [Token]: thank you both for taking the time to answer the question

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Token]: have a good evening

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Mesanna]: hi

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: smiles

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: I have a few quick questions... first Bleak... Could you please look into dying in the EC again?

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: It often takes up to 60 seconds or more to die.
    [Mesanna]: the death effect?

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Basically you know you are dead when you lock up can't move

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: And about a min later you finally get gray screen.

    [Mesanna]: have you enabled the hardware death effect

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: No.

    [Mesanna]: try it

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: my screen doesn't jack when I die.

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: It just takes FOREVER to die.

    [Mesanna]: send us your machine specs and details

    [Mesanna]: we can look into it

    [Bleak]: Where are you dying when this happens?

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Mostly at the EM Events any time at a champ or when there is several people around

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Many of us have this issue in the EC.

    [Mesanna]: lots of lag at those events

    [Mesanna]: we can look into this

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Yes but the CC you die instantly

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Threfore you can get back into the fray instantly

    [Bleak]: Try changing your particle effect settings

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: But for the EC you can't you have to wait to die.

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: I set them where you said at low low

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: But it still takes forever to die.

    [Bleak]: I will add it to my list

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Ty

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: It takes so long I have time in Discord to say 'Oh I think I'm dead... can somene get ready to rez me please"

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: And such before I even die.

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: I shouldn't be able to do all that before I can die ingame.

    [Mesanna]: thats bad

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Yes it is

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: And when every second counts you don't want to spend a min dying

    [Mesanna]: agreed

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Secondly...

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Since I can't get a Fairy Dragon...

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Would you consider making Skree spawn in more than 1 color?

    [Mesanna]: I think the issue with those were I could not find colors that looked good

    [Mesanna]: but I will look at it

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: I would LOVE blue and Pink... purple

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: And finally....

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: It really bites that in the EC we can not see all the various colors of the new Nightmare colors.

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: We get 2 ..... normal and hued.

    [Mesanna]: we need to make them partially hued

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Otherwise they all look the same.

    [Mesanna]: so for now they are like they are

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: sighs

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: And... could you consider letting us in the EC see brown dragons?

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: All mine are always red

    [Mesanna]: chocolate dragons maybe

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: smiles

    [Myhrea Hla'ate]: Yummy!

    [Mesanna]: lol have a good evening

    [LKatana]: i dont normaly hop back in line but that eairler tamer reminded me of another bug i found

    [LKatana]: i have a cu with spell weaving

    [LKatana]: i trained it and saw that magic ability was still there

    [LKatana]: allowing me to add a different magic

    [LKatana]: added poison

    [LKatana]: said it would remove all magic for poison

    [Mesanna]: its the same thing as discussed before

    [LKatana]: but didnt left weaving and added it

    [Mesanna]: same issue

    [LKatana]: stoped using weaving for poison

    [LKatana]: ok so bug to be fixed

    [Mesanna]: did you not get the gump

    [Mesanna]: saying it would be removed

    [LKatana]: yes

    [LKatana]: bud didn't remove

    [Mesanna]: then that is not a bug

    [LKatana]: just added it

    [LKatana]: but left both weaving and poisoning on the pet

    [LKatana]: stopped using weaving

    [Mesanna]: but they can not use weaving anymore

    [LKatana]: but left the skill points there and left weaving in the list of abilities

    [Mesanna]: you just see it

    [LKatana]: didnt like it so looked again

    [LKatana]: and silll had magic

    [LKatana]: so did weaving again

    [LKatana]: again gump stating removal

    [LKatana]: but didnt remove

    [LKatana]: left poisoning in list

    [Bleak]: All advancement info is listed under pet advancements

    [LKatana]: but stopped using it and started doing weaving again

    [LKatana]: yes

    [Bleak]: Lore & Knowledge will have what currently is listed

    [LKatana]: its on siege i did this

    [LKatana]: both poison and weaving

    [LKatana]: in the lore section

    [Bleak]: Skill points are not removed

    [LKatana]: no points stayed

    [LKatana]: and its still listed as a pet ability

    [LKatana]: even though it stopped using it

    [LKatana]: and is now using weaving

    [Mesanna]: email me so we can come to siege

    [Mesanna]: when you are on

    [LKatana]: which is what i want

    [Mesanna]: we need to see the pet

    [LKatana]: im heading there after this

    [Mesanna]: hi Queen

    [Queen Mum]: Good evening to all ...

    [Queen Mum]: Will you please add to your long list of things to do

    [Queen Mum]: the ability to combine gaza mats of same style/color?

    [Mesanna]: umm can't they are deeds

    [Mesanna]: you want to stack deeds?

    [Queen Mum]: *giggles* of course! duh!

    [Mesanna]: lol

    [Queen Mum]: oh well Thank you for coming to visit on your Holiday ...

    [Mesanna]: thank you

    [Queen Mum]: Enjoy your Memorial Night ...

    [Mesanna]: you also

    [Mesanna]: Ok guys thank you for having us

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