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Diamond Of Despair: Shamino's Grief Pt 2

Passing through the castle gate, Shamino stood once more in his castle's court yard. Surprised how little it had change, apple trees loaded with...
By Tamais, Sep 28, 2015 | |
  1. Passing throught the gates, Shamino found that the small courtyard was still green...the apples trees full of fruit. Finding him there, Leningrad told him what Beatrix had told them.


    Looking at the aged bones lying on the stones, perhaps I should be blamed he thought to himself. His thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of the Royal Spies. "I don't know where the diamond is." he directed them, "Begin your search in the castle."

    Barely had the search begun, when they were attacked by goblins, ghosts, and the castle guardians. Soon there were small battles in the court yard and castle halls.




    Battles won, the Royal Spies regrouped with Shamino in the courtyard. Suddenly he cried out... stiffening in pain...attacked by something at first unseen.


    "How Dare You Return!" a voice shouted. "Destroyer of a gentle love and kingdoms proud. Behind them, the ghost of the White Dragon stood pointing accusingly at Shamino.


    "Finally, I shall have my revenage." The King raised his staff. "At last you will face her, my lost Beatrix, in death. I, King of the White Dragon, will kill you and those you brought with you."

    "Wait, Sire," Leningrad bravely stepped in front of Shamino sheilding him. "He didn't betray Beatrix or the kingdom. He was trapped when Mondain caused the shattering." As she spoke the Royal Spies formed a protective circle around Shamino."

    "Lies!" the King shouted looking a the gathering. His face a mixture of hatred and sorrow.


    The King began chanting...his magic turning him into a raging White Dragon. The Royal Spies moved closer to Shamino. Reaching over their heads,the White Dragon began snapping and biting at Shamino. The warriors protection unsuccesful, Shamino began bleeding from the many wounds. To the surprise of all, a shimmering figure formed in front of Shamino. Holding up her hand Princess Beatrix pleaded, "No, Father, it wasn't his fault." Her voice, a gentle breeze.


    Seeing her, the White Dragon paused, "He caused your death. I won't allow him to bring more destruction to my kingdom." Roaring, he leaped into the air, attacking those close to him. Greater Dragons rush to protect their tamer friends. Warriors fast behind them. Mages began casting healing spells.





    Through the fierce battle, Beatrix shielded Shamino, tears flowed down her face. At last the King of the White Dragon fell to the ground.

    Shamino, weakened, reached for her. "Soon my love, I will join you. Then we will be together always."

    Lifting her hand to heal him, Beatrix smiled sadly, "Not yet, my dearest Shamino, you must finish your quest and protect the lands." He watched as she faded away.


    "Oh Beatrix, my love, don't leave me," Shamino whispered...holding on to something tightly...putting his hand on his heart.

    Lengrad, put her hand on his shoulder, "She is at peace now my Lord.

    "M'lord, we have found where she lies." Lady Thalia told him, walking into the castle. Shamino stopped in front of his throne room, when he saw a small book. Picking it up, he saw it was love sonnet's written for him by Beatrix.


    "This way Lord Shamino, she is in the small bedroom beside the throne room." Leningrad replied, walking into the throne room. Entering the small bedroom, Shamino slowly walked to the bed, His eyes filled with regret and grief.


    Kneeling, he tenderly touched her shroud, "My love, I am sorry. Your forgiveness and promise, will keep me strong." Standing at last, he remember those with him.


    Returning to the castle court yard, he showed them a glowing gem. "Beatrix gave me this, the Diamond formed by Despair. Return it to Hawkwind." He handed it to Leningrad, "The rest, finish clearing the castle."

    Lady Leningrad hurried to return to Britain and to deliver the diamond. The rest began the task of tracking down the remaining castle defenders and goblins.

    Soon,the Royal Spied returned...joining Shamino to report that the castle was clear. Lady Thalia asked. "What are your orders?"


    "Return to Britain, I need to stay here for a while." Shamino replied. When the last of the royal spies left, he sat down on his throne. Looking at the throne that was Beatrix's, he opened the book. Tears glistening in his eyes as he began to read.

    Love Sonnet VI
    by Beatrix *

    Beneath the yew
    Thoughts of thee Keep me warm and jolly
    Raindrops like dew
    On a lily's petal
    Gently brushing my skin
    Cleansing the soul
    What a delight
    Never too soon
    Watching my reflection
    In the river
    As doth the Harvest
    Night after night
    In this season​

    *from book found at
    Castle Salle' Dacil​

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