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Doom And The Dark Father 3-6-17

By Drakelord, Mar 6, 2017 | |
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  1. Doom and the Dark Father​

    Well I will say that it has been one hell of an adventure with Doom and the Dark Fathers. Every time we went in before the score board was reading

    Dark Fathers 10
    PAS 0

    Tonight it was a bit different. We were a party of six, two tamers, two thowers, one mage and one bard. When we first got across the beach, five of us, there were no DF’s to be seen?? None what so ever, a check found that room #1 had black doors, so quickly we sought door #2. It was still red and stepping on the pad we enter the room to fight the Fleshrenderer, now this was really strange, I have never seen a Fleshrenderer do this trick, first its was gray to us and took on damage, then went Invul yellow, no damage could be done to it. It would also do the slickest moves I have ever seen, it was either teleporting to us or stealthing, not really sure.

    doom 3-6-17a.jpg doom 3-6-17b.jpg

    Room #3 the Impaler (old news) but new moves also. Again teleporting was seen.
    doom 3-6-17c.jpg doom 3-6-17d.jpg

    Room #4 the Shadow Knights, did not see anything new with them.

    doom 3-6-17e.jpg

    Room #5 the Abyssmal Horror, did not see any new moves here either.

    Once we finished the room we had only two DFs to face. I will say we went over the time period we had planned for this event. The summons of the DF are still as bad as ever, but the teleportation is limited now. And we did get them just a bit further up the hall then all the times before.

    doom 3-6-17f.jpg

    Over all, we had a lot of death robes but did have fun. Poo, I hope this will help with your quest to conquer Doom in the future. We did get Dark Father blood which we all took home, one of our people got a crafting tally I was told as a drop in his pack, some name was called in Vent but for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was. Maybe one of the others will be kind enough later to post what it was. On one last note, I HATE the new summons of the Dark Fathers and really wish that they had never done that part in the change to Doom.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Tamais
    PROS - Great update on Doom
    Thank you for the doom info since the last fix. People on lake austin stopped after they changed it. With this info we might give another try. At l
      Drakelord likes this.
    1. Drakelord
      Ya I still say they need to dial down the summons, still, far to many, a good bard and a healing mage can keep most under control. Thanks for the review, we going to try again later this month.