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Dungeon & Dragons (the First Clue)

By Drakelord, Apr 14, 2016 | |
  1. Image2.1.jpg Image4.jpg

    Tonight’s event was a Scavenger Hunt. Seems EM Willow misplaced articles of clothing this evening. Clues were dropped as to the whereabouts of these articles of clothing. The first clue was the name of this Scavenger Hunt, Dungeon & Dragons. Well as fast as you can “jack be nimble” we were off to Destard, taking a book with us to list the items once found. At the entrance of Destard we found an Obi, and inside a mess of Dragons all wanting to greet us with tooth and nails. The Obi led us to the lands of the Tokuno Islands and the Fan Dancer Dojo - Demon House. Here we found Willow’s Sash, strange to see such a piece of clothing at a Dojo. This was a wall hitter, a sash, then someone said the Labyrinth, the Labyrinth is found on the Isle of the Divide in Malas. It was here at the Entrance of the Labyrinth we found her last piece of clothing she had misplaced, her shoes. Well for a few folks it took no time at all to locate each article of clothing and return them to her, for the rest of us slower people it took a bit of doing but in the end we found all three returning to the EM location. Our reward (besides being the first three to turn in the book and get a name on a plaque) were the number of death robes we all got. :rolleyes:

    Image8.jpg Image10.jpg Image6.jpg

    She also took us on a tour of the Turtle Spawn (twice) and a quick side trip to Exodus Dungeon


    Image16.jpg Image18.jpg

    Image22.jpg Image24.jpg
    Her last words to us as we all left the Turtle spawn returning to Luna.
    EM Willow: Thank you for coming everyone! Have a good night.
    It was fun.
    Thus ends this report.:)

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