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Elder Ones Attack

Warned by the Fiery Lady of an Elder Ones approach, we raced to the West Britain Bank. Frosted Dreams was waiting. Unable to give her the...
By Tamais, Feb 19, 2016 | |
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  1. Lady Thalia was talking to Tamais, the King's Bard, about the recent claim that the Weld had betrayed the others. "I can't believe the Elder Ones would think that after Eividas's efforts to save them."

    "Pehaps it is because the Weld left them behind?" Tamais suggested.

    Their discussion was interrupted by the arrival of the Fiery Lady. "Her, again" Lady Thalia sighed rather loudly. "The Kingdom would be better off without her help.


    "Have you found out more about the Elder Ones?" Tamais asked ignoring the tension between Lady Thalia and the Fiery Lady.

    'Unfortunately yes, I had so hoped to just chat with you." The Fiery Lady replied .

    ''Oh?" Lady Thalia asked suspiciously, "What trouble did you bring this time?"

    The Fiery Lady shook her head, "Me, bring trouble, no I was trying to avoid trouble."

    Tamias looked surprised. "How did you try to do that my Lady?"


    "I wove a spell to avoid those things. But arriving, the spell went off." the Fiery Lady gave a shiver. "I won't have my magic taken away again."

    Would that be such a bad thing, Lady Thalia thought. "What does that mean?"

    "An Elder One is coming." she answered.

    "Not good," Tamais said thoughtfully.

    "No, it isn't." LadyThalia agreed. "But why come here? We told them we don't have the obelisk."

    The Fiery Lady nodded at Lady Thalia and continued.


    "Curious, I followed the trail of magic to Fire Island." She paused "The creature isn't dead. It was putting it self back to together...bit by bit."

    "Back together? " Tamais asked puzzled?

    The Fiery Lady nodded. "Rematerializing...strange magic, I've only seen wisps do that." she paused glancing at Lady Thalia. "Can the Weld? I've tried studing them...the pretty blue one isn't very willing."

    At the mention of Evidias, Lady Thalia started to stand. Tamais put her hand on Thalia's arm. "Perhaps it would be better if Lady Thalia found out."

    "No matter." The Fiery Lady replied, taking a step back." The spell's tracking the magic...the magic is almost here.

    Gathering weapons, spell books and pets, the Royal Spies prepared. "Where at?" Tamias asked.


    Quickly the spies left the hall...hurring to protect the bank. Looking back

    Lady Thalia saw the Fiery Lady wasn't coming. "Aren't you coming?"

    The Fiery Lady laughed nervously, "No, I'd rather not be siphoned out of existent."


    "By all means stay here...safe." Lady Thalia smirked. "Why put yourself in danger."

    Arriving at the bank, the Royal Guards were met by Frosted Dreams, an Elder Ones.

    Bowing, Lady Thalia approach. "Hail Elder One, how can we help you?"


    "I was drawn here by it." Frosted Dreams replied looking down at Lady Thalia.

    "What do you think we stole?" Tamais asked.

    Frosted Dreams softly growled. "You have the nerve to ask... something of great value...stolen from Tirest's Body."
    "Frosted Dreams, you are mistaken." Lady Thalia explain. "We wouldn't dishonor an Elder."


    Lady Thalia answered, "I did not take the swords, but I do know where they are and will take you to them."

    Frosted Dreams bared her teeth, "So you can steal the other objects....hand over the swords and I'll have no quarrel. " Frosted Dreams continued sadly, "Foolish little creatures you have no idea what harm you caused."

    "We are willing to help." Lady Thalia offered.


    "Enough!" Frosted Dreams roared, "My kind are dying...you stand there talking...give me the swords!"

    "What is causing their death?" Tamais asked upset by the news.

    Frosted Dreams took a menacing step towards her. "You ask as if you didn't know. You closed the rift trapping them. Give me the Swords!""

    We watched in horror as Frosted Dreams began to split.





    After the battle, the Fiery Lady joined us. "Interesting, I felt a change in the magic...what happened?

    Lady Thalia angrily faced her. "It split itself into parts."

    The Fiery Lady seemed surprised. "Oh, what did she want?"

    "The Swords!" Lady Thalia shouted. "You closed the rift and now they are dying."

    "Wait, I didn't know." the Fiery Lady assuring us. "We could give them the swords...but ...Evidias has put a spell on them."

    Lady Thalia asked suspiciously? "You can't pick them up?"

    The Fiery Lady held up her arm, "Yes, it almost froze off my arm."

    The Royal Spies began to discuss what that meant. "We can't give Frosted Dream the swords...what then."

    "Then we need Evidias." Lady Thalia calmly replied.

    The Fiery Lady froze, "EEEK, It is coming back...the docks."


    Hurrying to the docks. we found a puzzled Frosted Dreams.

    She shuddered. "How...you dare to siphon my powers?"





    Smiling the Fiery Lady reappeared. "It worked...good to know. It's still here...but weaker. "

    Lady Thalia walked up to her. "You did that? So now they are going to be mad at us for stealing their powers too!"

    "The Fiery Lady stepped back, "No...no...not stolen..redirected. "

    "What do you mean redirected." Lady Thalia demanded.

    The Fiery Lady looked around nervously. "I couldn't stop its magic. I made it flow back to the source...weakening itself. I couldn't let it destroy the city. The King would declare me outlaw...I like it here." she paused, "Its north of here...Castle Britian...try to trap it."

    Looking at the death robes, Lady Thalia laughed grimly. "Trap it...just how?"

    The Fiery Lady replied, "I'll try to make the magic stronger."and disappeared.

    Lady Thalia thought to herself...well there goes the neighborhood.Tired the royal spies followed her, finding Frosted Dream in the throne room.

    "Why...does it feel familar...the magic." Frosted Dream seemed weaker.

    Tamais approached her. "Like your magic?"

    "My magic...yes...my magic." she glared at Tamais.

    Frosted Dreams studied her. " You manipulated the magic's flow...using my magic against me?" Frosted Dreams roared. "HOW DARE YOU!"

    "We didn't...one who guards the city did." Tamais replied moving back.

    "Lies, I want the swords... I'll find them myself after dealing with you." Frosted Dreams began to split.




    Deciding it was safe, the Fiery Lady joined us. "I found Evidias. She lifted the spell."

    Lady Thalia smiled. "I knew she would."

    The Fiery Lady studied Lady Thalia. "Evidias doesn't want the Elder Ones trapped. She is at the hall for you. Drained the Fiery Lady disappeared.

    Tired, we meet Evidias. Sadly Evidias looked at them. "I didn't know...the enchantment is gone.

    Seeing Evidias safe, Lady Thalia smiled. "We didn't either."

    "I thought it was another Traversis item." Evidias sighed. "So I contained it.


    Walking to Lady Thalia, she handed her the swords. "Give these to Frosted Dreams.

    Lady Thalia bowed "Of course my Lady.

    "And the obelisk?" Tamais asked. "Frosted Dreams says that belongs to them also."

    Evidias hesitated. "Time Without Dreams has it. Because it's sacred, we took it when we left." Evidias paused, "We can't let them take it...but...it belongs to all Weld...I must speak with Time Without Dreams.
    Leaving, it was clear she didn't want to part with the obelisk.

    Drawn by the swords, Frosted Dreams arrived...growling. "The traitor was here!"

    Lady Thalia held up the swords. "The swords, Lady Evidias removed her enchantments."

    Frosted Dreams approached carefully...reaching for them.


    "Why do you give them to me so freely? You fought to keep me away from them." Frosted Dreams looked at us. "Is this a game?"

    Lady Thalia shook her head. "No game...we fought to protect the city...not to keep them."

    Frowning Frosted Dreams sniffed the air, "I smell the Obelisk...she...your master has it. she looked down.

    "We serve only King Blackthorn." Lady Thalia replied firmly. "No other."

    Frosted Dreams snarled. "Tell your King he protects thieves. Those who keep our history from us."

    "Speak to the King." Demoss said, "He listens to all in need."

    Frosted Dreams looked at the swords. "I will fight you no longer...but I can't speak for Tirest." She turned to Demoss, "I will seek an audience with your King. Tell him."


    "We still offer our help." Lady Thalia said.

    "Help...what can your magic do..." Frosted Dreams stared at Lady Thalia. "We will not grovel."

    "Not groveling, just accepting help offered." Lady Thalia tried to reason with Frosted Dreams. "Would your people die out of pride."

    Frosted Dreams considered what Lady Thalia said. "We will see after I speak with your King in one week...I must go to help my kind."

    Frosted Dreams slowly faded away.

    From a building's shadow, the Fiery Lady spoke. "A week, I'll be else where."
    "You heard everything." Lady Thalia said turning towards her.

    "Yes...that magic...reminds me of the Blue Lady's." The Fiery Lady shivered. "But she has never tried to drain my magic or hurt me.

    Lady Thalia scowled at her. "Don't harm Evidias, and we have no quarrel.

    The Fiery Lady laughed, "Just curious...her magic scares me as does the King"s." she frowned. "My spell isn't quite right...should have warned me sooner.


    Lady Thalia rolled her eyes, "The King's Council will be interesting." Turning to Artemis, they slowly walked to the stable.

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