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Erik Dead Again

Sitting by the fire, I toasted the brave tamers and warriors who defeated the dread Erik the Dead saving the fair city of Trinsic. May he and his...
By Tamais, Feb 15, 2019 | |
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  1. At the Good Dupre's request, I returned to Trinsic to begin looking for more pieces. It wasn't long before I had found 8. After marking a rune for each I returned to the Hall. The Good Dupre and the others were already there.

    The Good Dupre wiped his forehead, "whew, greetings."

    Vixen Sonoma greeted him, "Good Evening."

    The Good Dupre looked around the room, " Greetings, I hope you all have sharpened your blades."


    "A few more dents but it should hold up," Dupre observed.

    "I'm ready!" Gannon shouted.

    Vixen Sonoma smiled at Kristen "So we can both scratch their eyes out."

    Cathy Earnshaw laughed.

    "His voice wandering off," Dupre began speaking, "Ahem, We have had more than our fair share of undead Vikings visiting Trinsic." He scanned the crowd, "Is the Trinsic Governor here?

    I sighed "No I was unable to contact him."

    Dupre nodded, "Perhaps I should be governor..."

    Vixen Sonoma chuckled.

    I looked at her frowning "Well they do seem to need one."

    "Well now," Dupre held up his hand for quiet. "Sharpened blades and tithed coins and of course sharpened dragon talons will be needed tonight. I do not want to waste too much time but I do want to debrief you."


    "The leader being Erik the Red," Dupre told us. "Although the paladins of Trinsic call him Erik the Dead now."​

    "Hum," I observed, "He is a long ways from home.

    "Some unknown force brought them. Very much like the avatar long ago." Vixen Sonoma suggested."

    The good Dupre chuckled. "They need the humor I think dealing with Vikings that do not know they are dead. Along with whatever hireling daemons types they have found on the other side to help them."

    "Will the guards fight with us?" I asked. "They have in the past."

    "There are healers around the city that have sworn to support us on our endeavor," Dupre assured us.

    Vixen Sonoma smiled. "More likely the guards seek to escape and are using them to try."

    "Aye," Cosumus joined the laughter.

    "The only ones you should have to fight would be the undead I hope, "Dupre nodded, " My paladin will join in the fray."

    The door opened admitting a new crowd of people. "I am pleased to see more volunteers arriving. Dupre smiled.

    "It is going to be a tough fight for mages," I commented remembering the ban on some spells.

    "Mages would be best used in the healing of the fighters I think," Dupre answered.


    "I hope to see a swift defeat as I gather all the parts to this ship. "the good Dupre explained." Or at least all the parts that have washed ashore in Trinsic."​

    "I pulled out the rune book to show him. "I have a rune book for you that marks the parts I found."

    "Can you gate Tamais?" Dupre asked.

    I nodded.

    "Excellent," he lead us out.


    Arriving at the first one, I explained that most were north of the docks.

    "Wow, excellent work Tamais," Dupre exclaimed surprised at the size of the piece. "Please everyone gather round."


    6.jpg 7.jpg
    8.jpg 9.jpg

    Lesser Deamon shouted a warning " The city is burning!"​

    The last follower killed, Dupre looked around "Where is Tamais.

    I stepped up, "Ready for the next spot?"

    Durpe nodded. "Tamias please"

    I opened the gate.

    Stepping through the gate he asked? "Has everyone made it through?"

    Cathy Earnshaw looks around and nodded."

    "This looks like the stern end of a longboat," Dupre observed.

    11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg

    Before we left for the next spot, Dupre had a warning for us.


    "I tried to anticipate through tides and weather where some pieces may wash ashore. "He waved a plate gloved hand. "Obviously so far I have been incorrect. Tamais?"

    Once more I opened a gate.

    Looking around Dupre saw a cannon "Indeed I do have cannons near here. My calculations were not too far off." By then the piece of the ship was surrounded by curious folks.


    16.jpg 17.jpg

    Noting we had the battle under control Dupre began searching the beach. Some of us followed closely,

    18.jpg 19.jpg

    I saw a flash of something when he lifted the piece up.

    "Oh dear!" Dupre said in surprise when it vanished. "Did you see that?"

    "Yes, I did." I looked to see if had appeared behind me...it had.

    "Run Tamais!" Dupre shouted attacking the beast.

    I did and just in time found Cathy Earnshaw.

    "Healed." She smiled.

    "This way all." I leading them to Dupre.

    The good Dupre greeted us. "It seems to have hiding Does anyone have detect hidden?"
    The follower was quickly revealed right on top of me.

    20.jpg 21.jpg

    Piece number five was on a small beach between two buildings. Once more when he lifted the piece we were attacked by a Viking earl.


    25.jpg 26.jpg 27.jpg

    "Friends Beware if we run into this Erik the Dead!" Dupre raised his sword in defiance. "We will remind him just how dead he is!" Then he leaped through the gate.

    "Tamais how many more runes do you have?" He seeing we were tiring.

    "Three more," I replied looking in my book.

    He nodded." Number 6, this is what I expected."


    29.jpg 31.jpg 32.jpg

    "You all are saving Trinsic!" Dupre rallied us "I hope we can get to all the locations before they start to the raid the innocents

    The next piece was below on a small ledge. "I am going to have to climb down. Is there a healer in the group?"

    Several of us nodded and moved closer to the edge.

    Dupre climbed down. "This is a large piece."


    "Need a hand?" Lesser Deamon asked.

    Lifting it Dupre was attacked.


    Raising his sword he attacked only for it to disappear. "Another Hider!"

    Aquarius teleported down to help him. As she did a Viking Earl appeared killing her.


    Dupre drew it off so she could be resurrected.

    37.jpg 39.jpg

    "So we were not far." Dupre mused after the battle. "As I suspected.
    "I only found one more." I told him opening the last gate."


    He frowned noticing it hadn't been used.

    43.jpg 45.jpg 48.jpg 49.jpg

    Waves after waves of Viking Deamon spawn attacked. Thinking we were tired to defeat him, Erik the Undead joined that battle at last.

    50.jpg 51.jpg 52.jpg

    Resting back at the hall, "Bloody battle for sure. I said.

    Jonquil Taimerus nodded. "Bloody battle indeed. I'm not sure I've died so many times in town limits before.

    "It was quite a dangerous battle."The Good Dupre agreed."Thank you all And thank you Tamais for your assistance."

    "My honor." I bowed.

    "But we have saved [bcolor=rgba(246, 213, 217, 1)]T[/bcolor]rinsic to fight another day. I must now write a report for our King. "He looked at the bloody axe he had won from Erik the Dead.


    "Be safe friends until we meet again. " Bowing to us he took his leave.

    "Fare thee well." Jonquil Taimerus said returning his bow.

    The drop for January:

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