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Farmer John's Halloween Spider Troubles

My trick or treating was interrupted by shouts outside the tavern. Outside I found a town crier hollering that the Royal Spies were needed. A...
By Tamais, Oct 28, 2016 | |
  1. I was busy Trick or Treating in Britain when a guard ran by shouting that the Royal Spies were needed.
    Arriving at the hall, I listened to the others talking about why we had been called. We didn't have long to wait when a farmer I knew hurried in. Farmer John has the farm down by the mage shop.


    "Hello friends!" he wiped brow with a dirty rag. He paused as people greeted him.

    "Hello." Alex Frost said.

    "Hi," Sphinkter, Beto Carreiro, Panama, Bug, Bart, Boomerang,and Sake. told him.

    "Hiya," Hammered Again added

    "Greetings," I said then asked. "How can we help?"

    Frowning Farmer John began to explain. "I am having a problem at my farm.

    "Of course we will help, several people replied.

    "In Brit? Hammered Again asked? "Yew?"

    "Growing the wrong stuff then." Will laughed.

    Puzzled, Farmer John looked at Will. "I usually farm corn and pumpkins this time of year. You know pumpkins are popular with the holiday and whatnot."

    "That they are. "I nodded.

    "Aye." Hammered Again agreed. "I like the new green ones."

    "I was out tilling my field. "Farmer John paused looking around nervously. "I hope its not my fault...I mean It just opened up."

    "What opened up?" Hammered Again questioned.

    FArmer John motioned with his hands, "The ground...the dirt."

    "A sink Hole!" shouted Aranda.

    "You got some mighty arm strength to open up the ground. " Sake added.

    "There's a trap or something. Spiders came out." Farmer John shivered. "I killed what I could.

    "Eeew. Hammered Again, "I hate Spiders.

    "I killed what I could." Farmer John, assured us. "But now there are grimms and I can't fight them all."

    Farmer John sighed. "But now I cant even reach it because of the spiders and the Grimms. I need help."

    "We will help." volunteered Will.

    I nodded in agreement. "We are at your service."

    "I hate spiders. " Laura Croft muttered.

    "I can kill spiders. "Jenna said firmly.

    "Its a portal I tell ya." Farmer John shivered harder. "A portal to Spider hell!"

    "I suggest you move to another farm. " Hammered again smiled."
    Demoss laughed at Farmer John's look of surprise.

    Frowning Farmer John shook his head. "I am not totally sure you should help are you sure you are strong enough?"

    "Yea!" River shouted.

    "We can try." Sphinkter said.

    Jenna added. "I've been working out."

    I looked around at determined faces. the King would be proud. "Our forces are strong enough."

    "I suggest you get some bug spray." Will said jokingly.

    "Yes, yes bug spray do you have some?" Farmer John said excitedly.

    Bart pulled a bottle out. "Got the raid ready"


    "Yea and we got fire...plenty of fire." Sake created a small flame. "We're not liable to what burns on your farm though." Farmer John nodded.

    "Ready!" Will shouted as we got stood up.


    Outside Farmer John rummaged for his rune. "Please be patient. Mostly I just farm pumpkins." After a couple of tries, he opened a gate to his farm.

    We were met by one of his daughteres. "Make Haste!" she yelled as we appeared.

    To my surprise in the field was not only Grimms but the spider Lady Lissith.

    "Over here Everyone!" Farmer John lead us to the top of his fields. Please, help my fields.
    The field was infested not only with dirt spiders but Pumpkin beetles. All determined to stop us.


    As I healing and casting summons, I heard a voice that seemed to come from below the ground.

    "Nice spiders down here." Aranda called.

    "Down where?" I asked looking around.

    "In the hole...in the middle of the field. Aranda replied.

    I started searching the ground. When Farmer John pointed down "Here is the dastardly hole!!!"

    People rushed over, pushing Farmer John. "Please I don't want to fall in." Hands reached out to steady him.

    "Here is the terrible hole! Please be careful." Farmer John looked down the hole. "Please be careful going in the hole...there are a lot of spiders!!"

    Following Sake, I stepped into the hole. Boy! Farmer John wasn't fooling . Every where I looked where spiders...lots and lots of spiders. Black Widows, Lady Sabrix, Pumpkin spiders to name a few.


    I had moved a little ways down the tunnels when I heard Farmer John scream. "OH NO I HAVE FALLEN IN THE HOLE!"
    I hurried to his side. He hid behind us. "Look! One of the Pumpkin Spiders. Near where we fell in! Please help, my young children will die if they fall in here!"



    People quickly surrounded and destoryed it. But hadn't come alone and we soon found ourselves fighting wave after wave of pumpkin spiders and their master. These were joined by other strange pumpkin creatures.





    On and on we fought the creatures. The brave healers that had joined us, resurrecting people as fast as they could.
    I stay close to them and Farmer John to provide them protection. I didn't notice that Farmer John had left the area until I heard him calling.


    "Follow me!" he shouted as he ran back to the room we fell in. "I bet these are clues" This shovel and the dead guy over there. I bet these are clues!"


    I went to study the body. When Farmer John stopped...turning his head listening, "Wait! I hear something in the distance. "OH NO!!!"

    Rushing towards us were more spiders and pumpkin beetles. Leading the charge a massive Killer Pumpkin Spider.
    The closeness of the area made it difficult to fight it. But slowly we beat it back to another larger room.
    Standing on top of the wall it seemed to taunted us. Then with a leap it attacked.


    The battle won we returned to the hole. Luckily one of the farmer's workers had lowered a rope so we could get out.
    While the others left to feed their dragons, to clean and repair armor, I stayed to make sure the whole was seal for good.

    Checking my bag for scrolls to write about the strange spiders, I found I was out. I decided to pop over to Luna to buy more. To my surprise Luna had changed. Strange scary decorations were all over with even scary creatures. One of our fine sculptors had even created a statue of the beast we had just killed.




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