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Feridwyn Is Murdered

By Drakelord, Aug 14, 2019 | |
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  1. Feridwyn is Murdered​

    Magnus Grey: The Leader of the Royal Spies, reports directly to HRM.
    Sarah Paumera: Second in Command.
    royal spy event.jpg
    As you know from our previous meetings the Royal Spies infiltrated the group know as the Fellowship. We were sent to see Lord Batlin who sent us on two missions to Minoc and Ter Mur building our good grace with the leader of the Fellowship. These are the continuous adventures of the Royal Spies.

    Magnus Grey: Hello all. Any news to report?

    *there was none*
    Magnus Grey: Tonight, I would like you to look into a disturbance just outside Britain. Something has happened in Paws, and I would like you to investigate. Since Britain has many members of the Fellowship, I would also like you to retain your cover.

    Duncan: Governor Warner drunk again? *(chuckles* That makes more sense.
    Tanda: More rats?
    Magnus Grey: I don't think this is rats. Several members of the town guard were called in.
    Duncan: Not that kind ya'mean anyway.
    Magnus Grey: You are to look into the matter and report back. Any questions?

    *there was none*
    Magnus Grey: Good luck.

    A gate was opened and once more we found ourself at the Fellowship house in PAWS.
    royal spy event corpse of Feridwyn.jpg royal spy event book of fellowship.jpg
    Katrina: *speaks with the guard* *looks upset* Hello... *looks upset*
    Duncan: Hello shepherdess...What's going' on here.
    Katrina: It's Feridwyn... He was murdered!
    royal spy event any clues.jpg
    Vixen: we saw his body inside any clues as to whom did it?
    Katrina: *tries not to cry* There was a gargoyle and blood...
    Kalenoir: what happened to the gargoyle?
    Katrina: He got away... I tried to stop the bleeding... But there was so much... Are you here to help?
    *of course we are*
    Katrina: Thank you. He was a good person. I need to write a statement.
    maints magic: aye
    Katrina: The gargoyle was big and dripping blood...not his...
    Vixen: while it all fresh in your mind now yes.

    Katrina: The gargoyle was big and dripping blood...not his...
    Norry: we can change that
    Katrina: No one else was around. Feridwyn said something about the truth... It wasn't what he wanted... All of the people were at the speech.
    Duncan: *tries to subtly point Katrina toward the note to the west
    Katrina: I guess Feridwyn stayed to do work. He was always the last person to stop work. The group he joined...I don't trust them. There was a speech in Britain. The head Fellowship person. I checked there first.
    Duncan: "Katrina let's get you over to he shade of the tree."
    Katrina: I'm fine.
    Duncan: really. I insist.
    Katrina: I'll be strong for my friend. Maybe some shade...
    Duncan: *points quickly then stops*
    Katrina: *leans against the tree* Is there anything else you need to know?
    Queen Lara: where is Brita
    Katrina: He was going to be remarried. His fiancee? I never met her.
    Duncan: Katrina did he maybe try to leave you word about anything important?
    Katrina: She was a member of the Fellowship too. I came to meet her and perhaps see them wed.
    Queen Lara: spy then to be a marriage of betrayle
    Katrina: That is terrible! I hope it isn't true. Feridwyn had such a hard life.
    Duncan: Well we got only two leads. The docks and this speech.
    Katrina: I need to make sure his body gets home.
    Kalenoir: Is something burning? It smells like smoke here
    Katrina: Smoke? Docks...I will need to get a ship home later.
    Vixen: Katrina that burned letter there under that tree is addressed to you
    royal spy event burned letter.jpg royal spy event burned letter page 1.jpg royal spy event burned letter page 2.jpg
    Katrina: *looks exhausted and upset* A letter? I will take a look. You should try to find that gargoyle. The guard said they would block the roads out of town.
    Kalenoir: In what direction was he traveling
    Katrina: No other way out right?
    Vixen: perhaps if we follow that trail of blood back to that map maybe more can be seen
    Katrina: North, maybe? Into the heart of Britain?

    Duncan: The only real clues unless you can remember where Brita lived are the docks and the speech. And since the docks are probably on the way....
    royal spy event map to the docks.jpg
    Katrina: I don't know where Brita lived.
    Duncan: I say we start there.
    Katrina: Yes, try the docks.

    *another gate another stop this time the Britain Docks, and we were not alone*
    You see: Forskis
    Vixen: you stop!
    *Kittie and I lost him in the crowd fighting the pirates* Pirate Parrot: * Pirate Parrot begins to spasm uncontrollably. *
    Forskis: *talks to the captain* *frowns* *slips out in the chaos*
    Pirate Smuggler: * Pirate Smuggler is wracked with extreme pain. *
    royal spy event Brita.jpg
    *And just as quick of a start it was over*
    Brita: Join the Fellowship! Can I interest you in some reading material about the Fellowship?
    Ronan: always!
    Brita: This is the Book of Fellowship. It guides us through life.
    Duncan: Trust worth unity, sister.
    Brita: Brother Batlin brought it to us.
    Duncan: Worthiness precedes reward.
    Brita: *looks at the blood on the docks* We must strive for unity! Even criminals...

    Tanda: Looks much like the Fellowship house now
    Brita: Fellowship house with blood, never?
    Tanda: I beg to differ
    Brita: What do you mean?
    Kittie: *crosses arms*

    Tanda: A body lies there
    Brita: What do you mean?
    Queen Lara: you had him killed didn’t you
    Brita: Was one of the vagrants killed in our place?
    Tanda: Ferdiwyn paid the ultimate price
    Brita: WHAT? Feridwyn? Who did such a thing? *touches a ring* We were to be married. Pay a gargoyle to kill my future husband? What slander!
    Duncan: "Looks like pirates....Do you know why pirates would attack us, sister?"
    Vixen: . everyone there a map here in the box shows a route out of the city

    Brita: I don't know any filthy gargoyles. Sorry...brother gargoyles... I will work on Unity with all non-humans. Well we must find him! And give him to De Snell! He likes killing criminals.
    royal spy event smuggling the Gargoyle out of Brit.jpg
    *A box at the docks had two clues, a map of the escape route and a letter with details of the escape.*
    Brita: Why do you think I did it?
    Kalenoir: The map shows a clear path into the mountains
    Brita: I have my Worthiness to consider.
    Nemesis: Because even your husband to be had his suspicions
    Brita: Ah..his letter. We were arranged to be wed.

    Kalenoir: Did he threaten to expose you?
    Queen Lara: so you had he off'd
    Brita: Brother Batlin believed we could help each other with our respective flaws.
    Nemesis: Honesty, respect, trustworthiness.
    Vixen: well the wedding is off the groom is dead, killed this very day
    Brita: Feridwyn was one for Unity, but he didn't trust enough. I burned that letter so his paranoid thoughts wouldn't hurt him. Are you saying his distrust killed him, Nemesis?

    Duncan: "Do you know why pirates would want to target us, sister?"
    Brita: Maybe we should ask that dirty gargoyle.
    Duncan: Any help you can offer would help sow unity in our friends.
    Brita: Pirates? They hate our good work!
    Nemesis: We must find the gargoyle!
    Brita: We crush them on the sea, so they try to kill us in our beds. Maybe it was easy?
    Vixen: more like you are guilty is there any way you can prove to us you are in fact innocents
    Brita: The rest of us were at the speech. I assumed my fiance would come to the speech in time. He always worked so hard to be worthy.
    Tanda: He had a good heart
    Brita: I may not have loved him, but I respected him! It is why I tried to protect him from his own doubt.
    Duncan: "Help us follow this rail they have left. I'm guessing you have runes."
    Nemesis: Then help us find his murderer
    Brita: There is a map you say?
    royal spy event smuggling the Gargoyle out of Brit 2.jpg
    Vixen: yes down here*quickly she was showed the map* in the box
    Brita: *kicks a pirate corpse off the box* That one looks like an orc... North Britain farms going into the mountains...I know the place.

    *Of course she would*
    Duncan: Somehow I thought you might, sister.

    Brita: I guess the gargoyle had another escape planned? I hope you kill him. Worthy of being dead.
    Vixen: or capture and question
    Malag aste: I'd rather capture him perhaps one of these guys has a good net
    royal spy event Forskis.jpg royal spy event Forskis 2.jpg
    *A gate was made ready and when we exit our eyes were met with a huge fire and screams of people trapped*
    Forskis: *points to the fire he started*
    Duncan: You have two seconds, Forskis. You can stand there and get captured, Or you can die.
    Forskis: Better save them... *points to the fire*
    Duncan: Get them out!!!
    Raging Fire: * Raging Fire begins to spasm uncontrollably. *
    Duncan: "just like that old story about Iolo and the brigand, eh?"
    Kittie: He's gone again He started the fire..

    *We quickly sought to aid the farmer and his family and then returned to the HQ to report our failure this evening.*

    Thus ends this report!

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    PROS - Great way to follow em story. A must read
    CONS - None
    Wow. That gargoyle must be found. Don't trust the bride to be.