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Find The Dj

By Drakelord, Aug 21, 2016 | |
  1. Find the DJ

    Some of you may not know it, but a member of the UORadio.com has been doing a (more or less) pre game show to Deal no Deal and had never run on Sonoma as he lacked sponsors to help with the 2mil prize, that all changed and now he is doing his “Find the DJ” on every shard just prior to the Deal no Deal game show.

    Yesterday was the very first time he had ran the show on Sonoma, and as always was a blast, I love doing this on other shards as it give that character there some spending gold on that shard, very useful when visiting places not home. It also re-enforces lost memories of our history of the land when he shouts his clues in game and on UORadio.com. And you can learn about shards, (Including your own) special places and areas when doing the game.


    You see: DJ Doctor [*UOR]
    DJ Doctor: Find who ???
    Dezerai: hi
    DJ Doctor: slow tonight seems
    Dezerai: ya
    DJ Doctor: oh well guess you win them all lol
    DJ Doctor: Ill use my own runes I guess
    DJ Doctor: this time
    Dezerai: Hey Sonoma Fine the DJ is about to start got to beat me there to win that 2 mil
    DJ Doctor: are we ready for Find the DJ ?? 2m uogold to first to find DJ
    Fine the DJ is about to start fine the DJ first 2mil all other 100k
    DJ Doctor: want i just give you 6m and call it good ? lol
    Dezerai: ha
    DJ Doctor: k i make ya find me
    DJ Doctor: :p
    Dezerai: k
    DJ Doctor: away we go !


    Dezerai: Doc is on the Move, watch for clues in game
    Dezerai: or turn to UORadio.com for live in game clues
    DJ Doctor: If you want to do Melisenda you need to get your quest items here, Find the DJ
    DJ Doctor: Harv found DJ first for 2m uogold
    DJ Doctor: If you want to do Melisenda you need to get your quest items here, Find the DJ
    Dezerai: come on Sonoma easy 100k to get to him go go go
    DJ Doctor: thought PAS was big this shard ?
    Dezerai: Saturday bet they all out at the Kotl

    BIG SHOUT OUT “YA Where were you PAS"?

    DJ Doctor: Times up, onto hiding spot 2 for Find the DJ
    Dezerai: going to be rez the DJ someday
    DJ Doctor: hope not !! lol


    DJ Doctor: oh, this a old hiding spot :)
    DJ Doctor: DJ ended up on a island deep in a cave with Pirates all around, Find the DJ
    DJ Doctor: DJ ended up on a island deep in a cave with Pirates all around, Find the DJ
    DJ Doctor: There are NO Guards anywhere to be found either !!!!
    DJ Doctor: You may want to toss Fishing Nets off the Docks here
    Red Snapper: Doc people in Luna needing gate please
    DJ Doctor: I hiding :/
    DJ Doctor: find DJ Def for gate ? :p
    DJ Doctor: Stand on me to get down :p
    DJ Doctor: or there bouts
    Dezerai: no harv?
    DJ Doctor: Got a Winner !! Dezerai
    DJ Doctor: he at studio for game already shrug
    Dezerai: well dang Sonoma you making this to easy for me
    Dezerai: going to do an article on this and shame all these folks for not playing :p
    DJ Doctor: this a new shard for find DJ so didn’t get mad
    You see: Tharion Baron of Minoc
    DJ Doctor: stand on me
    Dezerai: try standing on him there abouts
    DJ Doctor: give you few more mins to get 100k at spot 2 then I off to another spot


    DJ Doctor: At third and final spot for Find the DJ for this week, listen LIVE at uoradio.com and stay
    DJ Doctor: DJ needed a Hunting Permit... hmmmm no He needed a Beer and a Permit.. Find the DJ
    DJ Doctor: Got us A Winner Clym'

    Thus ends another round of Find the DJ. I am looking forward to his game of hide and seek on Sonoma now. But someday Doc, its going to be called Rez the DJ. :p

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