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Fire In The Kitchen

By Drakelord, Nov 23, 2017 | |
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  1. Fire in the Kitchen
    EM Event 11-22-17​

    This evening event was a slow starter, we first found the EM in Luna sitting a gate up for the war room on Serpent’s Hold war room. Always nice to just chat about in-game or even real life. Once it was close to the time for the event our EM made his move to the war room where a few words to those already gather to encourage them tonight. It was a wise move as the monsters we battle were sure a mean bunch.
    small chat before event.jpg
    Just to let you all know the EM was carrying snow and in a playful mood tossing snowballs around while we waiting for the appointed time to start. Making an exit “stage right” our EM left and the General made his appearance on the stage.
    In the War room Begining of the mission.jpg
    General Franz Fremont: Well Hello Guardsmen! How are you all tonight?

    All were well;

    General Franz Fremont: Tonight, I have a small task for you all. The king will be entertaining some special guests for tomorrow. And he has asked Chef O'Gok to make him something special. You know how the chef LOVES to make special brews.... Well, with what happened last time...

    He was asked to do his special brewing somewhere a bit safer. We don’t want any feral mutant kittens attacking towns you know....

    Still, talks of that day are heard in the streets. So, he was asked to brew a special gravy for tomorrows dinner. He can be found in the cave in Ilshenar west of the spirituality gate. Where you travel to the Twisted Weald. I ask that you all head there and see his progress, perhaps bring back the gravy if it is ready. Are you up to the Task Guardsmen?

    Shouts of Aye! Yes! etc..

    General Franz Fremont: Oh you go then!

    Question was asked if he was to supply a gate to the moongate to use

    General Franz Fremont: you must travel there on your own. A gate cannot go to that location unfortunately

    I am not sure if he or we completely understood, but in the end, we all did manage to travel to Twisted Weald.
    In the mushroom cave.jpg
    Chef O’Gok: Ooo 'ello Hummies! O'Gock been bussy wid da gravy fer da king. ug been busy werkin O'gok neeed'a test da gravy ferst. deb yuz can has itz! Yuz bringz iut to da king?

    Drakelord: hello, we were sent to pick up the King's Gravy.

    Chef O’Gok: yuz? Gud! Letz me test it! *pous gravy*
    In the mushroom cave1chef.jpg
    Now, this is where it went sideways, crazy insane madness, the gravy attacks everyone in the cave. It was a good 10 minutes of crazy running from the puddles of moving HOT BURNING gravy.
    Chef O’Gok: Oh noez! Dat no gud! Uh oh! Dem make mores of demselves! more o'dem here

    Finally we all managed to get it all under control once more.

    Chef O’Gok: Da color... It be wrongz me fix itz *grabs a palke of water* *mixes in special ingrediant* *Boils Special coloring* *pours in special coloring* *mixes brew* Okiez me seez nowz *pours out gravy*

    And once more we went around and around with moving HOT BURNING gravy, it was pure madness!
    In the mushroom cave2 fire in the kitchen.jpg
    Chef O’Gok: Dit be bad Meez can try again *mixes in ingredients* Okiez

    Drakelord: for sure underdone better put it back on the stove

    Chef O’Gok: Meez try un morz time! Hopez diz wukrz! *pours Gravy*

    Once more we faced Hot Burning mess, only this time it was as big as a small house.

    Chef O’Gok: Meez tink dat da gravy not redy yet wut yuz think? Mez tink yuz tell da Guard Captain dat I gotz to wer on da gravy more I givz to da king before his dinner. Plz goz to'em nowz n'let himz nowz.

    Needless to say, we left the chef in the cave returning to the war room empty handed, our General was not very happy with that.

    General Franz Fremont: Ahh you are returning! I trust you have the kings gravy?

    Drakelord: It is not ready

    General Franz Fremont: What? What do you mean?!? The king's dinner draws near! What happened?

    We quickly briefed him on the gravy

    General Franz Fremont: Oh dear don't tell me.... Not another one of his mutated creatures

    Oh dear.... He means well.... But he needs to perfect his specialties. I will tell the king of the developments. I will have to travel to the chef later and see what can be done to speed up his special gravy
    In the War room end of mission with the EM.jpg
    The General went to say that he would be traveling there to see the chef in person, we suggested he take a strong escort with him. With those words, the meeting was over and our EM returned to say a few more words and to listen to a few with words and concerns of there being no drop.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Happy Thanksgiving.jpg

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