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There are a lot of exciting improvements in store for Stratics in the near future, so I would like to give everyone an overview of what we are...
  1. There are a lot of exciting improvements in store for Stratics in the near future, so I would like to give everyone an overview of what we are working on. These changes support several goals:

    1. Focus on content. The Article Management System (AMS) was a part of that change, but there will be more. We are also testing a forum integrated Wiki. Additionally, we will adjust our policy and procedures to focus on encouraging participation. All of these measures are designed to simplify and lower barriers to contribution by the community.
    2. Standardize our approach. We will be placing heavy emphasis on developing procedures and policy for each area of responsibility. Having these documents in place will ensure uniformity, impartiality, customer satisfaction, and reduce the workload of our volunteers by providing better training and resources to help people do their job. We will also emphasize simplicity. For example, the Rules of Conduct will be compressed to 8 items that every community member will easily remember and staff will easily identify. You may also notice a difference in our approach to locking threads, use of public warnings, and a couple other items.
    3. Build a template. Bazaaro Community will become a network of communities based on a common template. Each brand will have a separate URL and support separate games (E.g., Shards Online or Shroud of the Avatar), but will have the same Site features and follow the same procedures and policy. Further, we will be bringing our forum style/theme up to date. The current Quark and UO Classic themese are depricated and need to be replaced to keep up with forum updates and to ensure the quality of our user interface. We will start with a single theme, but in the future we will introduce variations on the theme. Each variation on the theme will use the same common layout, but will allow for user selection of background. In addition to the items mentioned previously, the game community template will include: social groups (improvement upon the guild pages we have currently for more intuitive and widespread use), game broadcasting integration with Twitch and other services, a media sharing center, Steam integration, a Wiki, and single sign on.

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