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Goblins Have Gone Missing Around Britainnia!

By Drakelord, Oct 27, 2016 | |
  1. Goblins have gone missing around Britainnia!

    Arriving at the Britain Counselor Hall I could see I was not the first, as I enter the bare hall, There was one individual sitting in the only chair in the place. All the rest were standing around with looks of distrust. Who was this person, why had they been summon here? A few of us knew why from the reports of the governor meeting just a few days ago.
    Image2.jpg Image4.jpg

    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: come in friends, no need to be shy. I have to apologize for the lack of furniture
    Galahad: Tomas! ah ha!

    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: It has been ordered and will be here by the next time zou are called upon, alright, enough rest...
    Blood Rayne: are you in need of assistance

    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: King Blackthorn has called us here tonight. Because goblins have gone missing from both the green and grey clan. Humans haven’t had the best relationship with the goblins. But Blackthorn believes he knows who is behind this...another alchemist named Eric, Someone he banished from the kingdom years ago

    Drakelord: Our governors put the word about that one so far there been no sightings

    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: He was banished for using goblins in an experiment to create the elixir of immortality. This was years ago... but goblins have gone missing again, and the clan elders may have information to his location. Now... before I ask this of zou, zou must know the goblins are hostile. There are two goblins zou need to speak to, the clan elders Wixbit and Grito ask them about Eric the alchemist

    Demonix: speak or kill them, or can do both I guess?
    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: do not kill them
    Demonix: oh ok
    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: we need their information, this is a powerful alchemist we must find him. I will gate us to the underworld where the clans live bring me the information from the elders

    Moving outside the Hall Tomas opens the gate to the underworld. Like moths to the flame we enter, then moving deep within the dungeon we finally enter the grey goblin area.

    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: we are heading towards the grey goblin camp. We will meet back at the entrance once we have information from both elders
    Deep within the camp we see; Wixbit, Elder Goblin. Now I missed most of the start of this area little chat due to the lag monster rearing its head.

    Wixbit, Elder Goblin: I seez. Laura, da herbalist, sellz all reagents to alchemists... Meez not knowz that name hez the Alchemist? Shez move from townz to townz Grito may know where to find her... Grito... green goblinz elder...

    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: The grez goblin elder said to find Laura, the herbalist, but doesn’t know where she is, we need to speak with the green goblin elder

    Galahad: don’t we need to be at the green area, Freddy found him. Last time he kidnaped his clan it was in laura in moon glow
    Ogus Cake: where did the alchemist go
    Kara: so we go to moonglow?
    Galahad: grito said laura in glow em, grito said laura in glow and we found her gang
    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: Everyone, meet at the front... Wixbit came to us
    Galahad: laura says go to lyceum to see Harold
    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: If zou are still in the dungeon, Ill make a gate to Moonglow
    Galahad: back of the lyceum everyone!
    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: zou all are quick
    Herald The Wise: I can give you a scroll that will open a gate to his lair, but be careful. Eric is very dangerous.
    Galahad: ok Eric is in a cave under the lyceum! he will give us a scroll to open a gate to his lair
    Lake: where is this gate
    Galahad: scroll Eric
    Herald The Wise: Eric, yes I know Where he does his experiments though I wouldn’t go there. Its a Cave under the lyceum. Its been used for dark magic before

    Blood Rayne: we need you, Tomas, to use this scroll to get us to Eric's cave
    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: We are on our way

    Finally after what seems a life time Tomas arrives and a gate is open to the Lair. As we enter we are sad to see Imprisoned Goblins chained to the walls as we move deeper and deeper within the cave, they cry for our attention, you can see within their eyes a need for our help this evening.
    You see: Eric, The Undead Alchemist
    Eric, The Undead Alchemist: Did zou think I didn't expect zou. Zou think this was so easy
    An Imprisoned Goblin: Hez knoz you here... Hez expect youz...
    Eric, The Undead Alchemist: wait until zou see mz latest creations

    And with those words all I can say is HOLY MOTHER, what is that! A battle of Good vs Evil was fought within this cave, the floor shook from the greater dragons charging the creations of this mad man, the walls echo the spells casting.
    Eric, The Undead Alchemist: These aren't all my beasts!
    Again the cave echo with the sounds of battle
    Eric, The Undead Alchemist: Zou will not take me alive!
    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: I think he may have escaped. Listen. Eric has escaped, but he couldn't have gone far. We must find him. Search this cave, There IS a hidden passage
    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: Use the gravestone on the north side of the cave
    Deadly Poison: odd gravestone
    A quick search of secret exits found one odd tombstone that opened a passage to the mage shop in West Brit.

    Riodan The Mage: If you're following that monster that came through here... he went towards the cemetery. Hurry!
    Tomas, The Royal Alchemist: Eric headed towards Britain Cemetery
    Now it was a quick race to the Britain Cemetery to catch this evil, but we also had to face what is always there so with swords out, pets in guard mode we raced to the gates to seek Eric, The Undead Alchemist.

    You see: Eric, The Undead Alchemist
    You see: Eric, The Undead Alchemist
    You see: Eric, The Undead Alchemist
    You see: Eric, The Undead Alchemist
    Amethyst: Eric is in the graveyard on top of the building.
    You see: Alchemical Darkness (Guardian)
    Terror slices into your very being, destroying any chance of resisting Alchemical Darkness you might have had

    The battle that follows this day is not for the weak of heart or nerves, lets just say that the Britain engineers may have to do some repairs to the building and pathways in this cemetery. The ground shook as dragons once more charged, the air vibrated d with the casting of spells from all around.

    Alchemical Darkness: Come, sweet death... embrace these mine enemies
    Eric, the Undead Alchemist: You will burn to a pile of ash!
    In the end, it was Darkness that fell; A reward of key ring has been placed in your backpack.
    An item has been placed in your backpack.
    Pooh Bear: how many keys dropped?
    Drakelord: 20 I saw
    Moxxi: 20
    Drakelord: Thank you for the FUN event tonight

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