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Going Gumshoe...an Investigative Report

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  1. With publish 101 comes a new and exciting quest! Ever fancy yourself an investigator? Love the science of forensics? Well this quest is for you!

    The latest news from the Town Cryer.....the Royal Brittainian Guard Detective Branch. Speak to a Town Cryer to accept this quest.

    You've heard rumblings of Pagan Cultists causing petty crimes in the more upscale sections of Britannia's cities, but to your understanding these are sympathizers taking advantage of fear to make some easy coin. Still, if the Crown is rolling our a new division of the RBG to investigate...something...you bet there's an opportunity for you! You should find Inspector Jasper and inquire further.

    So lets head to East Britain and find Jasper!


    You can drop the coffee pods with the investigators outside..."looks up"....oh, you aren't here for the delivery? I warned them talking with reporters was a terrible idea - we've been getting walk-ins like you since the article broke, lads and ladies thinking they can become renowned detectives - Ha! Think you've got the intellect? The cunning and wisdom to sniff a case were it leads you? Well I guess we'll see about that. I've got bigger cases to deal with, you can take this one. Something about vandalism and a funeral at the Britain Cemetery. Report back to me if you find anything worthwhile - and I do mean worthwhile! Don't come back to me with half baked theories and bogus evidence. I need facts! Oh - and read this, you'll need it if you even hope to break a single case.

    He hands you a book and goes back to whatever it was he was doing..

    Introductory Detective Work: A Gumshoes Guide
    By K. Jasper, Chief Inspector

    Now that we've read the book, lets head to Britain Cemetery and see what is going on over there.

    Upon arriving at the cemetery, on the north end you will see this odd scene:


    Speak to the Grave Digger, maybe he knows what's going on?
    Solemn job you know, but someone has to do it. Been pretty busy since the invasions, hardly a day goes by we don't have the kin of someone who embraced Sacrifice and gave themselves in defense of the realm against the Titans. Ah well, makes me feel good knowing me shvel gives em a good final resting place. Worst part ya know though - plenty of people been in and out of the cemetery for sure, but I don't know why they insist on messing up the headstones!? To think, some people have no Shame!

    Upon further inspection, you notice one of the grave markers has been slightly damaged...(After reading the book Jasper gave you, you know that using Forensic Evaluation and Detect Hidden is the way to go if you wish to examine things more closely)

    Using Forensic Evaluation on the stone reveals a further clue...


    Hmm..very interesting! Maybe there are similar desecrated graves in the cities listed on this tombstone? But wait...lets make sure we examine the area very closely for more clues...
    Searching the area around the funeral, you notice bloody footprints leading to a nearby crypt...

    Further investigation inside the crypt gives you a sense of unease...there is somthing hidden in here! Once again using the detect hidden skill, you ascertain that there is something amiss with the floor...


    Using Forensic Evaluation reveals a hidden door! But you cannot get inside..it's locked with some sort of mechanism that needs a code....how will we manage to cipher this? Maybe the inscription on the tombstone holds a clue...

    (DISCLAIMER: I did not cipher the clues, thanks to countless players who figured out the crypic vague hints that lead to the cipher keys!)

    Once the cipher was figure out, Boreas, (which is the Greek God of the North Wind and Winter as well as the Titan of Truth in Shroud of the Avatar) click on the trap door, type in the word boreas and you will find yourself in a hidden chamber....searching the chamber you will see a mysterious book on the table...lets investigate!



    Using the inscription skill will allow you to copy the pages without disturbing anything...


    Once you feel confident that you have found all that you can find, lets head to the other cemeteries listed on the tombstone to see if we can find more clues.

    In Vesper:
    VesperStone.jpg VesperDoor.jpg

    Saying the word Moriens (Which means decaying or withering) will lead you to another hidden chamber with another mysterious book you will need to copy for Jasper.

    In Yew:

    YewStone.jpg YewDoor.jpg

    Saying the word Tenebrae (Which is actually a term for the Holy 3 days celebrated before Easter) will lead you to yet another hidden chamber with another mysterious book you must copy.

    In Moonglow:

    MoonglowStone.jpg MoonglowDoor.jpg

    Saying the word Carthax will lead you to the final chamber and final book you must copy.

    Once you have all 4 pages copied, head back to Jasper to report your findings!


    Okay so off to the Lycaeum we go! You will find the Cryptologist in the NorthEast corner of the Lycaeum.

    CryptologistLocation.jpg Cryptologist.jpg
    Now off we go to explore the Lycaeum to find the missing cipher text!

    Search every room, when you are in the room where the cipher text is hidden, your keen sense of observation will let you know...use Detect Hidden on the bookcases to find it!


    You return the lost cipher text to the cryptologist...

    Wait till I catch the students who did this! Well, I must thank you for recovering this text, it's very useful in my daily studies. No matter, I will begin decryption of the copies of these clues you gave me. I'll send a courier to headquarters when I am through. Thank you again for your assistance!

    Success! Let's head back to Jasper to tell him the good news!


    Wow, this detective work is exhausting! Let's head to Papua to hunt down Sage...you will find him under the building near the docks.


    As he is a ghost, using Spirit Speak seems the best way to communicate with him...

    TheProphecy.jpg TheProphecy2.jpg

    Back to Jasper! You feel really good about yourself right now! You've solved the mystery! Jasper will be pleased!


    An OFFICIAL member of the RBG Detective Branch! YES! Now you are ready to begin the next stage....congratulations!!​

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    About Author

    Serving Stratics for over 10 years, Reporter for the Origin Shard and keeper of secrets.
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    "Going Gumshoe"
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