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Governor’s Council Meeting 2-28-16

  1. Governor’s Council Meeting 2-28-16
    Serpent’s Hold
    Roll Call;
    HRM King Blackthorn
    Vesper Governor, Lord Victim
    Jhelom Governor, Lord Sam
    Minoc Governor, Lady Lyssa
    Trinsic Governor, Lady Sarah
    Britain, Governor, Lord Hugibear
    Magincia Governor, Lord Morgan Ironfist
    Moonglow Governor, Lady Talia
    Skara Brae Governor,
    Yew Governor,

    The Governor’s Council meeting started a bit early by my clock, as it was already started by the time I arrived. HRM was quick to have the Governors present to give him the reports on each of the cities they hold in his charge. Skara Brae and Yew were absent so no reports from them.

    All Governors reported trades were up and the amount in the city’s treasury, Magincia was the best overall while Minoc was very low. Once the Governors were finished they King went on to discuss a fishing contest to be held for the month of March. Books were passed out listed the dates and fish etc.. More to follow after I have had a chance to look at this information.

    After speaking about the fishing contest the floor was open to the citizens, Lady Hoffs of GIL spoke of concerns of thefts. Lady Freja of TDO spoke with concerns of high cost of Vendors fees.

    Image4.jpg Image6.jpg
    Image8.jpg Image10.jpg

    That all for now Father, more to follow when I have time.

    Love Kimi ♥

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