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Governor’s Meeting 2-16-18

By Drakelord, Feb 18, 2018 | |
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  1. Governor’s Meeting 2-16-18​

    Roll Call;
    King Blackthorn
    Governor Miri the Paladin
    Governor Lavendar Duchess of Vesper
    Governor Lord Clym of Clough [KHV]
    Governor Unkeyboardinated [GOR]
    Governor Cinderella [PAS]
    Governor KHAN [KHV]
    Governor Queen Mum [TLF]
    Governor Dezerai
    gov meeting 2-16-18 sonoma.jpg
    Meeting was called to order, a few brief announcements were made and then each Governor was asked for his or her report. All but one report was normal. It seems there a bit of rumors springing to life near Trinsic. Scouts have reported finding devoured carcasses of cows and other animals outside the city walls. HRM will be calling on Trinsic Jones to check into this, Trinsic’s Governor agrees that this is a good idea.

    It was during the reports that we had a very special guest arrive, “Cupid”! ♥♥
    King Blackthorn: Well. hello Cupid. You know not to bring your bow and arrows in here I will not have you shooting me with your magic love arrows!


    Queen Mum: *chuckles*
    Cupid: oops
    King Blackthorn: *cough*
    Unkeyboardinated: I am guessing Cupid doesn't need arrows :p
    Dezerai: hehe
    King Blackthorn: Cupid have you something to add for tonights meeting? I am about to close the meeting!
    Cupid: no I was just late
    King Blackthorn: Ahh, no problem then I will make my leave and go rest as I am not feeling well
    Dezerai: far to many pillow given out this year?
    Dezerai: thank you sire
    Queen Mum: Do be well soon
    Miri: Aye get well soon Sire
    King Blackthorn: Thank you and be safe everyone. Till next meeting!

    Meeting adjourned; 2rings_23899.gif

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