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Governor’s Meeting 4-21-17

  1. Image2.jpg

    Governor’s Meeting 4-21-17​

    Kenzie made sure to arrive a bit early to get a good seat. The meeting was full of information and only one death. A good sign considering the reading she had early just before the meeting.
    Roll Call:
    HRM King Blackthorn
    Governors present;
    Blind Otto
    Leawyn II
    Morgan Ironfist
    Natalia Marais
    Two Absentees
    King Blackthorn: *enters gracefully, with a flourish*
    Good evening.
    *takes all in his royal stride*
    First, let me present the apologies that I have received Governor Starcon can apparently not be with us tonight has he sent a representative?
    Sargatanza: yes me Ser
    King Blackthorn: Good, good. Thank you, citizen secondly, we did have an application for the governorship of Jhelom the candidate, Synbad, has decided to withdraw until the next elections.
    He wished to put more time into his plans for governorship which is a perfectly acceptable reason.
    During this time Governor Otto had a small problem dealing with his chair?
    King Blackthorn: Now.. Governor Otto? Is there something wrong with your chair?

    Blind Otto: Nay sire. Just a bad case of arthritis

    King Blackthorn: *nods* See the royal physician after the meeting. These are uncertain times, so I shall be as brief as possible.

    Blind Otto: aye sire I am content, my liege

    King Blackthorn: Nevertheless, We have several important items on our agenda. First, the matter of the vile creatures that plague our towns. I am sure none of you can still be unaware of them? This has not escaped the notice of the crown - we are deeply aware of your plight. You will note that security has been improved in these chambers. *waves hand at various traps and wards*

    Once the Black Watch is fully trained, that security will be even better! Efforts are underway to track the invaders to their source. small but effective task force routed them on Fire Island a short while ago. But we still have far too little information. Once we know where they are coming from, we can find out why and put an end to the unspeakable horror that controls them.

    In the meantime, urge the citizens of your towns to be vigilant. I urge your tinkers to craft their finest locks, and your villagers to use them! If any of you require additional watchmen in your towns, you have only to ask. I can rota them in for two-week assignments at a time. And my sympathies to those who have lost loved ones to the beasts.

    Moving on. Secondly, on the agenda, There appears to be a swell of disobedience in the kingdom. An as-yet-unidentified person has been distributing leaflets and provoking citizens *looks around the room*

    Should any of you present have any information that can lead to this person's arrest, do not hesitate to provide it. The kingdom is beset with monsters - an uprising would be devastating to the common man. In the best circumstances, the guards would be distracted, and these beasts would take longer to beat back - and more people would die. Worst case scenario, the crown would fall, the guard would be scattered or dead and there would be no one to defend the kingdom.

    Spyderbite: *snickers* distracted from what? their box of donuts. *chuckles* *smiles innocently*

    King Blackthorn: *gives sideways glare to Spyderbite* Sir, I believe you are speaking of the Vesper citizens volunteers they, and they alone, thrive on donuts. The royal guard is fed on a careful diet, with carefully guarded spices regardless of that. But this fool of a dissident does not see this. He only sees his own greed. I trust I can count on you all to do the right thing, and bring about his arrest? *suspects Spyder, makes note for guards*

    Third, there has been some question as to the timings of these meetings. I understand that the responsibilities of governorship weigh heavily on you. I understand. This crown is often heavy. So I ask, how can I make your burden lighter? I do realize that the people I should ask this of are those who could not attend today. But I will ask you in any regard. Would an earlier time be better for council meetings? Later? Or are you content?

    Here there were several comments around the table.

    *nods* Well, I am willing to listen. If any wish to discuss it, I am quite approachable do not let this crown dissuade you I will let the matter rest for now. But feel free to reopen it should you feel it necessary.

    Fourth on the agenda. Those towns with governors should not be the only ones represented here.
    As the kingdom grows, so too does the number of towns. This meeting room is of a finite size, and I cannot guarantee a seat for all comers, but I can guarantee that your voices will be heard.

    So, I wish to recognize the following and invite them to make their representatives known. Safe Haven. Gilfane Town. Bartertown, I understand, is deserted, but should it rise again, they are welcome. Also, there are two towns whose status is being processed. UWSP Town, whose application is in progress. The town of Motherlode, west of Umbra, from whom I require additional information.

    Also, those towns without governors such as Cove and Buccaneers Den are welcome to make representation. Zento as well indeed, although the queen can be rather - problematic - when it comes to representation.

    Luna and Umbra as well. You have simply to let yourselves be known to me. Representatives of those towns are entitled to the same rights as governors at this council from.

    The fifth point of our agenda falls to those of you who represent your towns. I would repeat this council's standing offer of two requests per term of office. I would also like to make a suggestion regarding the town coffers, for those that use them. In order to ensure our troops can stand against these monsters, I would like to offer crown resources to ship in suitable opponents rich opponents for our troop's education and training. This would take place on a rotary basis, one town at a time one town a week. Those fighting the beasts would be requested to donate some or all.

    In order to ensure our troops can stand against these monsters, I would like to offer crown resources to ship in suitable opponents for our troop's education and training. This would take place on a rotary basis, one town a week. Those fighting the beasts would be requested to donate some or all of the treasure taken from their foes to the towns. Does that sound like an acceptable idea? We can ship in creatures that carry relatively large amounts of gold which can be used to train the troops and when these creatures give up their treasure they can go to the town coffers.

    After which the King then had the governors and other representatives speak before the council. Overall a very quite meeting. Must be the extra security.

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