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Governor’s Meeting 5-20-18

You see: King Blackthorn King Blackthorn: I trust all is well! Please have a seat King Blackthorn: We will start shortly
By Drakelord, May 21, 2018 | |
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  1. Governor’s Meeting 5-20-18​

    You see: King Blackthorn
    King Blackthorn: I trust all is well! Please have a seat
    5-20-18 Sonoma Governor meeting.jpg
    King Blackthorn: We will start shortly
    KHAN: Thank you
    King Blackthorn: Welcome to tonight’s Meeting. As usual, let's start with an update on how your towns are doing. Khan, how is New Magincia?

    Banner_of_new_magincia.png KHAN: New Magincia is fine. It has been very quiet
    King Blackthorn: Hmm Interesting.
    KHAN: We are just getting by. Nothing else to report
    King Blackthorn: I have had reports that citizens have been disappearing. From all over. New Magincia has not been affected by this? Might have to do with the recent happens with Trinsic Jones.
    KHAN: Not that I have seen Sire
    King Blackthorn: but I have yet to confirm this
    KHAN: Ah, OK
    King Blackthorn: Perhaps more info will come to light in the future. I have my scouts in search of more details. Lord Galahad, what have you to report tonight regarding Jhelom?

    Banner_of_jhelom.png Galahad: All is quiet in Jhelom at the time and the citizens are quite happily going about their lives
    King Blackthorn: good to hear. I guess you haven’t been affected by these rumors either?
    Galahad: Nay sire
    King Blackthorn: Jhelom I should say. Alright It has been troubling to think of what is happening with Trinsic Jones and with these disappearances, I've heard about... I wonder if the two are related.

    King Blackthorn: Unkeyboardinated, what have you to report?
    Banner_of_trinsic.png Unkeyboardinated: All seems OK in Trinsic for the moment. But with the Trinsic Jones incident no one feels safe.
    King Blackthorn: Have you put those who died, to rest?
    Unkeyboardinated: The citizens have sire
    King Blackthorn: We lost some very loyal subjects with the recent events
    Unkeyboardinated: Aye I sense this is not the end of the troubles
    King Blackthorn: I am holding back but I may issue a Royal Decree for Trinsic Jones’ capture.... Dead or Alive if he is not found.

    Shouts from the audience
    lil greek: I will capture Trinsic Jones! *bows*

    KHAN: Lil greek there will be a time the king will ask for anything from the audience
    King Blackthorn: Lil greek, if you do, you will be praised however, I recommend that you do so with the Royal Guard aiding you, doing so by yourself, may risk your life. Speak with the Captain of the guard the next time he requests a meeting.

    King Blackthorn: Dezerai, how is Moonglow doing?
    Banner_of_moonglow.png Dezerai: Good Evening everyone
    obenar: `Good evening Dez!
    Dezerai: The only report of someone vanishing was the one we got of Trinsic Jones, so far there been no reports of any Moonglow citizen disappearing. Sire Moonglow is doing well, trade is low and we hope to get more now that the traveling musical show from UO Radio is off the shard.
    ((We had far more attending the game show then trade runs this weekend))

    King Blackthorn: Very well. oh, wonderful. How was the show?
    Dezerai: That is all I have Sire. It was grand
    King Blackthorn: I am glad to hear it.
    Dezerai: I enjoyed it

    King Blackthorn: perhaps these rumors are not true. Clym how is Skara these days?
    Dezerai: My kin is sitting at the bank now and says all is well there.

    Banner_of_skara.png Clym of Clough: Skara is quite busy and has seen no strange happenings only the town and farmer folks scurrying to tend their crops.
    King Blackthorn: Skara has always seemed a peaceful place to me
    Clym of Clough: It is a lovely place to live, I love it
    King Blackthorn: Rather enjoy visiting and enjoying the quiet nature of Skara. Many fond memories there
    King Blackthorn: Miri, how is Yew doing?
    Banner_of_yew.png Miri: The people are doing as well as can be expected under their heavy tax burden which I will once again register my protest
    Dezerai: *nods*
    King Blackthorn: Understood Miri
    Miri: and also just to let you know I will not be running in the next elections
    Dezerai: *sigh :(*
    King Blackthorn: What made you decide this Miri?

    KHAN: I'm "on the fence"
    5-20-18 Sonoma Governor meeting2.jpg
    Miri: Hmm hard to say. I just feel like nothing ever changes what are we really doing this for. Just tired I guess.

    King Blackthorn: Well, a break can revitalize oneself.
    Miri: Indeed
    Dezerai: 1st of June is the start is it Not?
    King Blackthorn: I believe so. Miri think it through. Do not make any harsh decisions yet.

    KHAN: Ah, then I will have to decide *ponders*
    King Blackthorn: Perhaps we can speak about it later.
    Dezerai: perhaps we shall see a lot more new faces then? or I hope several of the old one too
    Miri: *nods*

    King Blackthorn: Well, it seems that no one has yet received reports of missing people in their towns so I will have my scouts looking further
    Dezerai: Ney the city guards have said nothing to me
    King Blackthorn: as well as meet with the Captain of the guards who has been hard at searching for the whereabouts of Trinsic Jones. I believe he will be calling upon the citizens to aid him in the coming days. So keep an eye out for his call
    Dezerai: yes Sire
    King Blackthorn: Now that I have heard your reports, I would like to open the floor to our visitors tonight. Does anyone have anything to report to me tonight?
    Dezerai: a lot more faces out there *waves to all*
    Evy: no sire
    King Blackthorn: now is your time to speak

    Dezerai: yes please if you have a wish a request anything now is the time to speak
    King Blackthorn: Do you have something to say lil Greek?
    things one and two.jpg lil greek: yes sire
    lil greek: Yes Sire
    Dezerai: hehe Twins
    King Blackthorn: OK, you have the floor lil Greek
    lil greek: I wish to Bring Back Order and Chaos!
    Dezerai: *nods*
    lil greek: The world of yore is what we are missing!
    lil greek: Let this bring back our world which we once knew!
    King Blackthorn: I see. Lots has changed since then
    lil greek: Lord Blackthorn.
    King Blackthorn: Yes Lil Greek twin?
    lil greek: I am order
    lil greek: And I am Chaos!
    Dezerai: *smiles*
    King Blackthorn: ahh I see
    Dezerai: hehe
    King Blackthorn: A very energetic bunch
    lil greek: your right we must have both
    Dezerai: indeed
    lil greek: To strike the balance.
    King Blackthorn: There can be no order without chaos A good balance
    Clym of Clough: and how can we have order with Chaos? May I ask
    lil greek: because it is I that answers to chaos
    King Blackthorn: Indeed I will take your request under advisement lil greeks. There is a lot happening these days, however. *cough* So we will see....
    lil greek: *bow*
    lil greek: *bow*

    King Blackthorn: Does anyone else have anything for us tonight?
    Lu Bu: Lord Blackthorn I believe pets should train faster in Fel, if you can cast a spell to make it happen (Sorry your question was not answered, try again at the next one?)
    Ulkmire: so i noticed an empty vesper governor spot... Is there news of when we will have representation

    King Blackthorn: The elections are happening soon.
    Dezerai: May I answer this one Sire as well?
    King Blackthorn: sure. Be my guest
    Dezerai: Vesper Governor is currently having some (Real Life) problems where she lives and we hope that she will be back with us real soon BUT that will not stop anyone running for that office
    Miri: I hope she is OK ((She is, she has a lot of people helping her and others that were hit with the flood))
    Dezerai: I suggest you go for it if you wish
    obenar: I would like to nominate Ulkmire as a candidate, does anyone else second that nomination?
    Ulkmire: thanks your grace... I’ll be running next election
    Dezerai: Good Luck
    lil greek: I second that nomination
    King Blackthorn: I wish you the best of luck
    Clym of Clough: Nominations have to be done through the proper channels
    Dezerai: at the city Stones 1st of June
    lil greek: *grumbles about order and chaos
    KHAN: New Magincia may be open!
    Dezerai: whispers Vice vs Virtue

    King Blackthorn: Alright Lets get back on track!
    obenar: Aye
    Dezerai: Yes Sire
    King Blackthorn: Does anyone else have anything for us?

    Unkeyboardinated: No but for Xanthus

    obenar: I really liked the Fish Net event and would like more of those.
    King Blackthorn: Very well, he should be arriving at the statue out front shortly after the meeting ends
    obenar: Great turnout with much fun.
    You see: Iscariot
    King Blackthorn: He will be there for a short while
    Unkeyboardinated: Thank you Sire

    King Blackthorn: Xanthus has one planned for this Friday
    Dezerai: *nods*
    obenar: yes i see the one for the 25th, cant wait!

    King Blackthorn: Alright, since no one else has anything for us, I will call tonight’s meeting to an end.
    Dezerai: I sometimes wish Moonglow had dock over deep water
    Miri: *nods*
    King Blackthorn: You may see xanthus out front by the statue if you need to speak with him.
    KHAN: Until next time Sire!
    King Blackthorn: Thank you all for coming.

    Dezerai: good night Sire
    King Blackthorn: Was a fun time tonight Good night

    City missing reps this evening were;
    Banner_of_britain.png Banner_of_minoc.png Banner_of_vesper.png

    Out in the court yard, people had the chance to speak to the EM.
    EM Xanthus: Hello all

    Unkeyboardinated: Question/request was to have someone check the Polling of the City Stones as they had ended at the wrong times across several times zones.
    EM Xanthus stated he would mention it to Mesanna.

    Dezerai had something as well, a request to do some work on the Hall behind the Moonglow Bank, she had not heard anything regarding it and wonder if she SUPPLIED everything such as Archery Butts, Dart Boards, Banners, tables, chairs, Lamps, game boards could EM Xanthus set it up.
    EM Xanthus, said he had not seen that request himself but would double check his mail. He would still have to pass along a request to Mesanna.

    EM Xanthus: are you planning on an event or something?
    Dezerai: well if I win in June, yes
    EM Xanthus: ok

    Dezerai: if not I will have to ask the new governor, hehe
    EM Xanthus: I will see what I can do

    For those that ask a question and received no reply, I strongly suggest you contact EM Xanthus thru his email address. [email protected]

    Last for this is this reminder there will be a Meet-and-Greet-Chesapeake 7 pm ET May 21st, 2018 this evening. Do try to come and voice your needs, wish, request for your shard and the game. All Meets and Greets are in Blackthorn Castle, do come early to get a good place in line or a good spot to watch. And MAKE sure to ask Ms. Mesanna for her BIG M!

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