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Governor’s Meeting 5-29-16

  1. Governor’s Meeting 5-29-16
    This has to be the shortest meeting on record.

    Roll Call of Governors, Morgan Ironfist, Sarah, Victim, Vixen
    Upon arriving at the Serpent’s Hold Governor’s Council Keep, Vixen parks her transportation downstairs, first ordering it to stay and then asking the guards to keep an eye on it.

    Moving upstairs, she walks into the council meeting chamber, a first time there, butterflies are in her stomack, as she looks over the people that are there she in turn is looked at by them as well. So many well know names are here.

    As she moved further into the chamber she see the seats behind the large table are marked with the seals of the cities of the land. Seeing Minoc’s she move to it, her hand rest a moment on the back as she looks out over the table at the people gather here today she hopes she does well and not make a fool of herself. Moving around in front she sit down in the large throne like chair, her small statue seems to sink into the chair.

    Her waiting is short as Morgan Ironfist stands, moving to the center position, he begins to address the people present. He seems so confident as he speaks.

    Morgan Ironfist: Thank you all for coming!
    Morgan Ironfist: Elections will be up soon
    Morgan Ironfist: So I want to use this chance and declare my name for reelection in New Magincia
    Morgan Ironfist: Town funds are steady
    Morgan Ironfist: and in case no white nets are tossed in New Magincia’s harbour
    Morgan Ironfist: the city has been quiet and safe
    Malloc: yesterday the docks were a mess
    Morgan Ironfist: So reelect Ironfist.....the only governor New Magincia has ever known
    Kelmo: *nods*
    Kelmo: was that a drop the mic thing?
    Morgan Ironfist: that was: I am gone if the person who calls for a meeting is not there at the time he/she schedule.

    Sarah: I will go next
    Malloc: Sarah!!! Sarah!!!
    Sarah: I am Sarah of Trinsic
    Sarah: Our Swamp is getting popular
    Sarah: our funds are steady too
    Sarah: I will be running again for governor
    Sarah: I will also have the Halloween haunted house again this year in the swamp.
    Sarah: Please vote Sarah Governor of Trinsic.

    Victim: the bar recognizes Kelmo

    Kelmo: I would request linking your house the the Umbra Hub... Think on it
    Delores Duende: Thats a good idea
    Sarah: I would love to..Thank you

    Victim: In the Absence of the King, I will simply say 42
    Vixen: smiles

    After seeing the others all say something, she stands and moves to the center area of the table she begins to address the people and Governors present.

    Vixen: Greetings my Name is Vixen, Grand master Miner
    Vixen: I to am also running for election of the City of Minoc,
    Vixen: and I hope that all cities have a fair and honest race.
    Vixen: thank you
    Kelmo: My votes will be In Minoc
    Victim: Remember, Vote early, Vote often

    Sarah: Would someone like to stand and say something to all of us announcing their running

    Lyssa: I wish to address this meeting please
    Lyssa: My name is Lyssa, I fight for the right of citizens to think and speak freely
    Victim: nods
    Lyssa: I will be running for Governor of Minoc
    Lyssa: As Vixen so well stated, I hope it is a good fair election
    Lyssa: and any citizens who come to Minoc to vote
    Lyssa: stay and help run the city as it should be
    Lyssa: thank you all and good luck to all the candidates

    Victim: is there any other Citizens that wish to speak?

    CharGar: Im throwing my hat in for the Skara Brae Governor
    Vixen: *claps*
    CharGar: cheat, swindle, I don’t care...just let me win
    CharGar: :)
    Vixen: *smiles*
    Delores Duende: heh
    Sarah: *grins*
    Lyssa: *nods approvingly*
    Victim: chuckles

    Victim: anyone Else
    Sarah: anyone else
    Lyssa: Skara needs a governor
    Vixen: may be the shortest meeting on record
    Victim: did you give a town report Sarah?
    CharGar: Skara needs a Gilfane Governor I believe
    Who Dat: Yes it does I am the Knight with no Governor
    Sarah: We are doing good in Trinsic
    Sarah: how about you
    Vixen: I go
    Victim: ladies first

    Vixen: The treasury is just over 17,000,000 with 1,023 trade runs on the stone.
    Vixen: The Protesters have left the Banking area returning to their homes
    Vixen: The City of Minoc is back to its quite self at this time.
    Victim: *hides his torch and pitchfork*
    Vixen: except for the VVV that ran thru today :)
    Vixen: that all

    Victim: Vesper fares well, the Mongbats have it nice and Shiny
    Kelmo: *sighs*
    Victim: The Bars are well stocked, and the coffers are full
    Victim: have a great day all
    Nonel Topd: *thought he heard an echo*
    Victim: never
    Victim: if there is no other business
    Victim: I shall adjourn
    Sarah: I second
    Vixen: May I suggest if there is no more announcements, I second that
    Sarah: all in favor say aye
    Vixen: aye
    CharGar: aye
    Victim: aye
    Victim: Meeting Adjourned
    Vixen: beside Who dat is now stripping
    Kelmo: I am gonna rate this meeting a 10 on the interest level.
    Victim: :p
    Who Dat: Hey the party just getting started:shots:
    Thus ends the meeting of the Governors.

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