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Governor’s Meeting 6-24-18

By Drakelord, Jun 25, 2018 | |
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  1. Governor’s Meeting 6-24-18

    Howdy Sonoma, err Well Met Sonoma. Our first meeting of the Governors for this period of June-Dec 2018 was for a few a new beginning but for many others another turn at pushing that wheel of Justice for the kingdom.
    Gov Meeting1 6-24-18.jpg
    King Blackthorn: Good evening Governors! I see we have an audience tonight! We have a few things to discuss tonight.

    Let's take a seat.

    First, as usual, let us see how the towns are doing How is Minoc fairing?

    Cinderella: Good Evening Your Majesty. All is well with our city.

    King Blackthorn: Very good to hear. Nice to see our Britain governor seat being warmed up!
    Greetings Queen mum! What have you to report?

    Queen Mum: Hail Sire *smiles* This is a good date to have a meeting for me. 4th Sundays are quiet :..: Well, as you know Sire our City has a new addition with the Commons area we are very pleased with the setup plus the turn in officer is now moved over to that area which makes it easier to find. So we are doing very well in Britain.

    King Blackthorn: I am always glad to hear good news! Dezerai, how fairs Moonglow?

    Dezerai: Sire Moonglow trade is down, far to few are running missions other then that all is well as our Guardian the Void Dragon watches over us to this day, that is all.

    King Blackthorn: Have you thought of ways to get your citizens interested in doing more trade?
    Perhaps hold an event of a sort?

    Dezerai: Sire we are trying

    King Blackthorn: *nod*

    Dezerai: But most see it as a hardship and will not donate as it cost so much.

    King Blackthorn: Perhaps we can discuss ideas further another time on what can be done about this?

    Dezerai: yes sir

    King Blackthorn: I might have some good suggestions.

    ((Please note that I did email a request to decor up the Moonglow Hall with pictures to show what and where to place the decor, but I have yet to receive a reply from Mesanna with that request, when I was on Siege she did come and do it there but I am assuming because its Siege and harder to get the necessary items there, there was a CC to EM Xan as well. I am now putting together the decor myself out of my own pocket for most items, archery butte, dart board, table couches, banners, fountains of life from turn in points, tokens, gold or crafting them myself, when ready I will be dropping that box off in the mail box at the HOC, plus I am seeking items from across others shards to have some sort of prizes for some sort of carnival to earn enough gold to put on the city stones, and I will seek input from other Governors after I get the Hall finished as to how they can help with this and split the gold among those city stones.))

    Dezerai: I will have a box for Xan to redo the hall behind the bank in Moonglow soon.

    King Blackthorn: Alright why has our governor been replaced by a wolf?
    Mephistopheles: faster and it won’t let me change
    Dezerai: *rubs behind the ears on the wolf*
    King Blackthorn: alright....
    Dezerai: strong magic blocks it
    King Blackthorn: Governor Wolf Mephistopheles, how fairs your city?
    Mephistopheles: Skara is excellent....no malaria or other outbreaks

    King Blackthorn: have you had your shots? no need for our citizens to get rabies.

    Dezerai: *smiles*
    Thailog: lol
    Queen Mum: *that is good news*
    King Blackthorn: very well. Glad to hear that Skara is doing well. I am rather fond of Skara. But to be honest I’m fond of most cities =)

    King Blackthorn: Lavendar, how fairs Vesper these days?
    Lavendar: Hail Your Highness. Vesper is recovering from some very stormy weather.
    We are thankful that summer has come and we have some sunshine

    King Blackthorn: Very good.
    Lavendar: to encourage our citizens to get out and enjoy the countryside. Nothing else of note to report. Thank you.

    King Blackthorn: Very good. Now I have some things to note before we continue. I have been getting reports of bandits pillaging thru our farms stealing from our farmers

    Dezerai: ahhh Mainland area farms?
    King Blackthorn: aye

    Dezerai: I see
    King Blackthorn: stealing their harvest and their cattle.
    Dezerai: hummm Moonglow stands ready to help
    King Blackthorn: I have asked the captain of the guards to investigate this report more info will be reported soon. But I wanted to make you all aware of this and keep your guard up report anything you may find.

    Queen Mum: Sire I do have one item to share if I may
    King Blackthorn: By all means, please do.

    Queen Mum: Thank you. Anyone who is looking for lost soul stones Xanthus has graciously
    started an area behind the Award hall. Miri had this done for several years and I wish to publicly thank her. I have placed a rune to the location on the Step next to the mailbox at Sonoma Community Library in Luna and thank you Dezerai for dropping off the rune for it.

    Thank you, Sire, that is all.

    King Blackthorn: OK now the next thing in the agenda tonight is the vacant seats. We have some cities without governors currently
    Dezerai: *nods*
    King Blackthorn: And I have been in contact with a couple of individuals who were interested in taking up the role but before I continue I'd like to open up the floor to our visitors if they have anything to add

    Queen Mum: *smiles* at citizens
    Thailog: [​IMG]
    Sonya Kristoff: hello sire
    King Blackthorn: Greetings Sonya Do you have something you would like to say?
    Sonya Kristoff: I know that we are a smaller land and I wish to bring up the cost of trade routes I know that the current cost is applied once per week and the cost is 2 million per week
    Mephistopheles: dilly dilly!
    Sonya Kristoff: but we are having trouble keeping these up
    King Blackthorn: aye the cost is rather high
    Sonya Kristoff: we would like to see if this could change to keep the trade routes while we have a generous and prosperous land we also have to keep the trade alive as well
    King Blackthorn: I will consider your request and see if something can be done.
    Sonya Kristoff: thank you sire
    King Blackthorn: I thank you for bringing this to our attention
    Unkeyboardinated: Sire, I would love to help lead Trinsic again if the public agrees
    Mephistopheles: to the pit of misery!
    Galahad: lol
    Thailog: dilly dilly
    King Blackthorn: Greetings Unkeyboardinated.

    King Blackthorn: OK Governors as no one else opposes. Do you all agree?
    Lavendar: Yes
    Cinderella: aye
    Queen Mum: *aye*
    Mephistopheles: abstain or send him to the pit of misery
    King Blackthorn: The Ayes have it
    Unkeyboardinated: Thank you Sire
    King Blackthorn: We will go to the stone afterward
    Thailog: [​IMG]
    King Blackthorn: and get you in
    Sonya Kristoff: sire I would also be greatly honored to run for the governorship of New Magincia
    King Blackthorn: Wonderful Governors, do you agree?

    Mephistopheles: Aye
    Lavendar: aye
    Dezerai: *claps claps claps* aye
    Queen Mum: *aye*
    King Blackthorn: The Ayes have it
    Mephistopheles: still like Unkey in the pit of misery!
    Thailog: [​IMG]
    Dezerai: hehe
    Galahad: LOL
    Sonya Kristoff: thank you sire

    King Blackthorn: are there any others wanting to take on the responsibilities of governing these cities? Alright, then anything else from the crowd tonight? I hereby conclude the meeting and ask that we move to Trinsic to induct Unkeyboardinated into office afterward we will do Magincia.
    Gov Meeting2 6-24-18.jpg Gov Meeting3 6-24-18.jpg
    Thus two more Governors were put into office this evening. Congrats to both, we still seek two more, for Yew and Jhelom.​

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