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Governor Meeting 3-12-17

By Drakelord, Mar 13, 2017 | |
  1. Governor Meeting 3-12-17​

    First off I must apologize for being late to the Meeting. PAS had scheduled an event that should have been early but was late getting started. So I was a good 10 minutes late and missed King Blackthorn opening remarks. Again I am sorry.
    Governor Meeting 1.jpg
    Roll Call: The Council;
    King Blackthorn
    Queen Mum
    Clym of Clough

    Governor-elect KHAN of New Magincia...
    Governor Meeting 2.jpg
    I will be glad to see a full council at our next meeting. Back to mine notes. HRM Blackthorn stated that he was going to see about making sure that there will be three gates to the areas of the darkness, all gates would be located on Moonglow.

    Seems the darkness is easily accessible there. Commander Chimaera will be calling all guards to arms Tuesday. He asks that all scout the gates location and pass that information on to the Commander, any information we gather will be of great help in the final battles with this darkness.

    I am instructing all Moonglow citizens to be aware and alert tomorrow while during any travel to and from the isle of Moonglow.

    On the next note, once a month a city will be decided on to revitalize. The City of Yew will be first. HRM stated that during this, for example, if you want a fountain, please craft one for me. Or if you want a tree, I need the seeds to plant it. We will go town-by-town until every town has been updated.

    A question was brought up about the City of Britain, could we get a moon gate. Alas, that is beyond the powers of our King, only the Goddess Mesanna could give that gift to Sonoma. And we have asked many times in the past for such a gift. Whether we get it on not depends upon the Goddess.

    Next, we discussed the RBG and the ranking ceremony. The end of April will be the Ceremony. Commander Chimaera is working hard on finalizing attendance and contribution to our lands. It was decided because of those that missed getting the lanterns that lanterns will be given this time once more, but at the next promotion ceremony that the subject of Talisman was brought up, so maybe we can look forward to something we can carry with us and not in the pack like the lantern.

    Our last item of discussion was the empty hall just outside the castle, far to long has it been empty and all talked about how we could make it be a part of the community once more. It was suggested that we make it a tavern. All were in agreement with this choice and plans are in the works to make it so.
    Governor Meeting 3.jpg
    We then all moved to Magincia to witness Governor-elect KHAN take his position as the Governor of Magincia. however, there was a hiccup and Governor-elect KHAN will have to wait one week before accepting the office of Governor of New Magincia...
    Governor Meeting 4.jpg
    I have one more thing to say, my lips are seal Sire, but when can I break that seal?

    Thus ends this report.

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