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Governor Meeting 3-24-17

  1. If I, a private citizen of the lands, could make a suggestion for an improvement of a town as the City Governors can, I would strongly suggest that a more permanent location for more healers be built across from the King’s Serpent’s Hold Palace. Specially if there are to be more invasion of daemons there. Just a small hut with a healer or two stationed there 24/7. Or an emergency two-way gate to the islands main healer’s building. Either or both would be great.
    Today's meeting was one that was long in getting, the Palace had been empty for some time, house keeping had let the dust settle, most likely due to lack of pay. Still, there was a nice turnout of concerned citizens, even if we lack some Governors. Vesper ‘s could not make it so had sent Spyderbite in his place. Victim, I am not sure if that was a wise choice, you may have to explain that to the King at the Next Meeting, or send Spyderbite again, but you may have to post bail for him next time.

    Ok a few notes on the meeting;

    Lord Blackthorn: It has been some time since this room saw use. Know now that I have been preoccupied with an extremely serious matter.

    Malloc: think I died here last meeting

    Lord Blackthorn: I will come to that shortly. But there are matters of state to attend to before we get to that. All of you, all governors have shown great initiative in my absence. You all have my thanks and my trust. There are several matters which need to be addressed this night. I would particularly like us all to recognize the efforts of one of our citizens. His efforts in attempting to keep unity amongst our people are above and beyond duty. For this, I believe he is due our respect and our thanks. Join me now in a royal toast. To Kelmo!

    With that all (that had goblets) raise them in Salute, the citizens clapped and cheered as well.
    Sarah: *cheers*
    Talia: *Cheers*
    But HRM was not finished with Kelmo;
    Lord Blackthorn: Kelmo deserves, and has, our thanks and respect. That makes what I must ask now exceptionally difficult. Lord Blackthorn: *looks somber*

    Lord Blackthorn: I have received reports from several quarters which indicate that Kelmo may have severely overreached himself. So, my governors, tell me now, filled with the virtue of Honesty. Be there any truth to these rumors that he has declared himself king?

    Blind Otto: *shakes head vehemently*
    Natalia Marais: Nay, I never heard that he did that.
    Kelmo: *chuckles*
    Talia: hmmmm
    Natalia Marais: I only heard that we wished our King to return.
    Blind Otto: Kelmo? Why he never would do such a thing!
    Sarah: No Sir...M'Lord
    Talia: I believed he was declared "Kang" which is a wholly different title.

    All were quick to declare that Kelmo had never declared the title of King.

    Lord Blackthorn: I see. Very well.

    Lord Blackthorn: *strokes beard thoughtfully*

    Lord Blackthorn: *bangs fist on table* In Kelmo’s actions I sense great compassion for our people. Not a wish to rule. Indeed. Humility and Compassion shine from him like the sun and so, good Kelmo, I feel I must do something and I am pleased that I do not need to accuse you of treason rather, I wish to give you responsibility, that I believe you have earned You can perceive that as punishment or praise, as you wish. He will be named Royal Liason, for a time. But if Kelmo fails to shoulder that responsibility well. We may need to re-visit this conversation. I will have the Royal secretary arrange a time and place to meet with Kelmo, to discuss his *smiles* community service further. I trust there are none in disagreement?

    There was none.

    Lord Blackthorn: Now, to the next matter. The governor's seat in Jhelom has been vacant for some time. This week, an application was received. Is Synbad present? Hm. How disappointing.

    Alas he was not, plans were made for the next meeting.

    Lord Blackthorn: Moving on with the agenda, then. Now I would hear the reports from the governors. Each of you has, by all accounts, done your towns and cities proud. Even if it was simply in quiet ways, like maintaining the coffers. Some of you are new to your positions. Some have held your roles for some time. I would like to remind you, or tell you for the first time, each of you may petition the crown twice during your term of office. You do not have to bring your petitions to me now. Unless you want to. In which case, make it a part of your report. So, let us begin.

    New Magincia was first called, but the governor had left just before this so the King turns toward the governor of Minoc for his report.

    Lord Blackthorn: so, we will turn to the governor of Minoc.
    Blind Otto: eh? what? I'm awake!
    Lord Blackthorn: *looks exasperated*
    Blind Otto: Sir! Yes your majesty!
    Blind Otto: Minoc is a proud town, full of hard working folks they dig in the mines, and toil in the nearby woods, all for little reward but, what they have, they use wisely and generously the town coffers, I must be honest, are struggling. I fear poverty and starvation will descend on the town before long but, the townsfolk have ever supported one another and, if we cannot pay the various guilds, then we will find other means to endure the mines are still fruitful and the trees yet bear wood Minoc will endure!

    Blind Otto: I shall make a petition of you within the month, sire.
    Lord Blackthorn: I note the governor for Britain has not attended so, shall we hear from Trinsic?

    Sarah: Hail M'Lord...and everyone Trinsic is doing fair we have many running around our streets
    but yet our coffer drop doing all I can seem people run around the streets and kill each other but none pay taxes. I believe I will be Governor of a poor town soon.

    It was suggested that they do a monthly and not weekly taxes on the cities. Also, plans were discussed about a haunted house in Oct. There was also voice about the matter of repairs to the Main bank. Still not completed. HRM had another note, dress code for all governors.

    Moonglow was next.

    Talia: Moonglow is faring reasonably well. The Mongbats are healthy and robust and they have learned to live peacefully with the turkeys which infested several years back. However, our coffers are also dwindling. My citizens and I do our best to run trade quests to other cities
    but since it...

    Since Moonglow is an island and a very northerly one at that I am afraid that most people would rather not be bothered carrying goods so far across the waters. I have spoken with several citizens who are quite fond of running champion spawns and they were surprised to learn that even though they gain loyalty for fighting in our city's name it does little to actually benefit the city.

    Perhaps a way could be found or ways, plural, to fund the city's coffers besides trade quests or direct donations also, as I said earlier, a simple monthly payment to the trade guilds rather than weekly would greatly ease the burdens on us I have pondered on it much.

    In other news, Moonglow was proud to help support several events other the past few months
    one, a fishing contest of which ii was the overall winner with an impressive 225 stone fish and the other a House and Vendor decorating contest which was won on both parts by the very talented Babydoll for her house and vendor in New Magincia.

    I was happy to donate prizes on behalf of the city, as well as act as a judge. We hope to participate in more of the same in the near future.

    Next was the governor of Skara Brae.
    Natalia Marais: I have a similar tale that has already been told by many of the other governors and that is that sadly Skara is going broke. For a time taxes were not being taken from the cities and we still received our trade deals but when once again the taxes were levied the 2 million per week has quickly depleted the treasury I also favor the idea of or begging a reprieve on the taxes for our fair land.

    Other than the high taxes. We are well. We would like to hold an event at our community center some time in the future and wish to look into the possibility of a temporary truce so that all might enjoy the event.

    I also wish to thank the city of Vesper though Victim isn't here for allowing several of us to hold a holiday event in that fair city. Thank you for the offer to consider a request during our term, and I shall give that some careful thought. I believe that is all for us in Skara

    Lord Blackthorn: And now, last but not least, let us hear from the hooded representative of Vesper.

    Spyderbite: SpyderBite, Baron of Vesper and The Hand of the Vesper Crime Syndicate. I sit on behalf of Governor Victim who could not be with us today.

    Vesper thrives, Zomb.. errr.. Majesty. Crime is on the rise and we are pleased with that. Ooops.. that was a personal note. Disregard.

    The bee keeper has been neglect in his duties and the number of bee stings increases with the spring weather. Or I have heard a rumor that aggressive bees have migrated from Jhelom. But I as of yet have no evidence.

    However, we are happy that our citizens do not suffer from lack of health care as of today. So our Healers have been able to aid those stung without cost to themselves or their patients.

    Otherwise, all is well in Vesper. Our connected friends *smiles* keep our coffers heavy. But we would like to see our tourism increase.. for the prosperity of said friends. Perhaps a contest in which those who bring the largest purses to Vesper.

    That is all.. and I'm sure Governor Victim will be at the next meeting and sends his apologies.

    With those words HRM
    Lord Blackthorn: And so, we come to the final section of our agenda. Certainly, the most pressing. You may know that many citizens of this land have vanished. My Royal Detective has presented me with a list of names.

    A HUGE scroll was unfurled;

    Lord Blackthorn: Reports of an ancient evil have been found. This evil has been hunting and preying on our people for years. It is a mystery as to how it has gone unnoticed. This is a beast of great stealth and cunning. An ancient scroll, taken from Mondain's very corpse, has revealed several of its names. The elves know it as Jaless-Lesher. The orcs, sneek-fa. In our tongue, it is the SoulStealer. It is old, and powerful beyond speaking. I have already taken a great risk by speaking its name. We must be prepared. I am declaring a state of emergency. I decree that the Black Watch must prepare themselves.

    Hoffs: Grave news indeed.

    Lord Blackthorn: Unfortunately, our former keeper of records seems to have been taken by the creature, or its minions. His office was in disarray. Therefore, the records I have of the Black Watch may be lacking. Still, they are what they are. It cannot be helped. Those who have the ability to fight must hone their skills. Preparations are being made. Full details will be announced when they are complete. If any should find their posted rank is incorrect, they can correct it by showing the guard commander their sash. Now, to the business of finding our foe.
    This will be difficult, and time-consuming. It seems the creature drifts in the space between worlds. The void. Only revealing itself when it is ready to feed. But we have a scroll which appears to hold some clues. Behold!

    You see: a soulless minion
    You see: a soulless minion

    Lord Blackthorn: An ambush! Right here, in our meeting place! To arms!!!
    All present were able to quickly deal with the Soulless daemons, it was however not over. A raid from outside sources also attacked the Palace. Were they in league with the Soulless ones. No just a party of Bandits, they did manage to cause confusion with all there and murder counts were issued.

    Thus ends this report. Kenzie will attend the other events mainly to attack the bandits. I am looking forward to locking horns with them soon.

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