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Governor Meeting 8-14-16

By Drakelord, Aug 15, 2016 | |
  1. Governor's Meeting 8-14-16
    Roll Call:
    HRM Blackthorn
    April Showers
    Queen Mum

    ((OOC, due to the weather with power surges this event was cut short very early))

    Arriving at the Council meeting room inside Castle Blackthorn Dezerai quickly moved to her seat while all presented exchanged hails and hello across the table.

    Dezerai: Hi
    Queen Mum: :)
    Queen Mum: Hello to all :)
    Magrathea: Hello
    Dezerai: *waves to all*
    King Blackthorn: Greetings governors
    April Showers: Hi
    Dezerai: Greeting sire
    Queen Mum: Hail King

    King Blackthorn: I am pleased to see you here this eve
    King Blackthorn: Any news of the realm?
    Queen Mum: chatter about Kotl is all I am hearing
    Dezerai: I spoke with Vesper's governor she should be here I hope
    King Blackthorn: Kotl you say? What have you heard?
    Dezerai: A very bad dark hole in the ground
    King Blackthorn: *listens*
    Queen Mum: citizens are enjoying their time fighting there
    King Blackthorn: Yes yes very interesting
    Dezerai: when you first enter there are fire ele's and lava liz
    King Blackthorn: Very hot you say?
    Dezerai: and these blue blobs of pain and death
    Queen Mum: melt you right to the ground
    Dezerai: inside one room is a bank of levers
    King Blackthorn: Sounds serious!
    Dezerai: when you hit the right number of levers it allows you to enter
    Dezerai: a room where there is a globe
    King Blackthorn: Do you think we are safe on this side?
    Queen Mum: the innocents are safe as long as they don't fall down the hole accidently
    King Blackthorn: Interesting. Perhaps we should send an official investigative party of guard down there
    Dezerai: I agree
    King Blackthorn: *takes notes*
    King Blackthorn: sounds dangerous only our strongest need attend this
    Queen Mum: phew :)
    Dezerai: *nods*
    Dezerai: My Kin will attend that for me
    King Blackthorn: Very good
    Queen Mum: afraid my rolling pin would do no good in there
    Dezerai: true
    Queen Mum: or even my mongbat swatter
    Dezerai: still it is a mean rolling pin
    King Blackthorn: *chuckles*
    Queen Mum: I understand you cannot recall out of there

    ((OOC, yes no recalling is allowed once inside you have to return to the telepad to exit the dungeon))

    Queen Mum: is that correct?
    King Blackthorn: Governor Queen Mum you would do us best in the healing phase of our adventure I think
    Queen Mum: aye that I can do and feed troops and hand out supplies
    King Blackthorn: *shuffles some papers*
    Dezerai: Aye
    King Blackthorn: Is there anything that needs to be addressed in your cities governors?
    Queen Mum: not for Britain Sire
    April Showers: same, nothing

    King Blackthorn: (OOC I don't mean to rush this meeting but it is storming terribly out here tonight)

    Dezerai: My lord, Moonglow is doing very well, trades are running, no sighting of Bots over all, all is well
    Dezerai: ((OOC we understand))

    Horndog: explain that BIG red thing in moonglow that wanted to eat meh!
    Queen Mum: I hear thunder rolling in from the south

    Dezerai: humm
    Queen Mum: think a storm coming our way

    King Blackthorn: That is good news. Now that we have the tinker in custody and his pick axe I feel safer
    Dezerai: humm
    King Blackthorn: Yes strong winds and storm surge are coming
    Queen Mum: *wonders if I closed the windows*
    Dezerai: bad indeed
    King Blackthorn: The water from the moat is just about to our doorstep
    Dezerai: ooo
    Dezerai: sandbag time
    King Blackthorn: If there is no other important matters I wish to see to the battening down of the hatches
    Dezerai: *nods*
    Queen Mum: aye Sire
    Queen Mum: aye Sire
    Dezerai: we understand
    Dezerai: god speed
    Queen Mum: best to stay safe one and all

    King Blackthorn: A pidgen has flown this way and informed me of a rogue dragon in Moonglow
    Dezerai: I see
    Queen Mum: don't forget to bring in our pets too
    April Showers: :)
    King Blackthorn: You are free too see to it's death if you can
    King Blackthorn: Before the storms that is

    Dezerai: rouge dragon in Moonglow alert the city guards
    King Blackthorn: Until then governors
    Dezerai: Royal Guards to arms
    King Blackthorn: Thank you for your understanding!
    Queen Mum: God speed Sire
    Dezerai: Sire if I may
    King Blackthorn: *rushes off to make sure no one drowns*
    Dezerai: I need to leave for Glow

    EM Willow: sorry yall that's the fourth power surge in 15 minutes
    EM Willow: I am going to shut down. Love to all!

    Dezerai: rouge dragon in glow
    You see: a crimson dragon
    KHAN: where?
    You see: A rogue Crimson Dragon
    April Showers: grr.. forgot can’t summons anything in town

    Several of us were moving to lure it from the banking area.
    Everything around you dissolves into darkness as A rogue Crimson Dragon's burning eyes fill your vision
    That only lasted a short moment then it vanished.

    Dezerai: it bounce back?
    April Showers: i don’t see it by the bank
    Anguis Domitor: is it at bank again?
    April Showers: yup
    Dezerai: it back at the bank
    During the battle one of the City’s loyal guard charged this rouge.
    You see: Trevor the guard
    Trevor: Surely thou canst do better than that blow!
    Trevor: A bare touch... Thou dost not wield thy weapon well!
    Trevor: Guards! They're killing people here!
    Trevor: Ouch! Thou didst scratch me!
    Trevor: Aaah! I do bleed badly...

    Finally this rouge crimson fell at the feet of the defenders of the city.
    Dezerai: thank you all for coming to defend the city!

    Thus end this report

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