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Governors’ Meeting 1-21-18

By Drakelord, Jan 22, 2018 | |
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  1. Governors’ Meeting 1-21-18
    Fergus the Royal Guard First: By Order of the King no weapons in the Council Office
    gov meeting 1-21-18.jpg
    Roll call:
    King Blackthorn
    Lady Cinderella
    Lord Clym of Clough
    Lady Dezerai
    Lord Galahad
    Lord KHAN
    Lady Lavendar
    Lady Miri
    Lord Unkeyboardinated


    The meeting last night was a short one. As each Governor was called on, each gave a short report of their city. Our meeting with EM Xanthus after the Governors’ meeting was almost longer than this.

    King Blackthorn: Governor Khan, How goes New Magincia?
    KHAN: New Magincia is safe, as usual. But there was some good spirited fighting there last night
    Clym of Clough: Impressive
    KHAN: It was a good training session
    Galahad: heh
    King Blackthorn: Oh?
    KHAN: Aye, some fighters were training to defend themselves from all enemies foreign and from within.
    King Blackthorn: Citizens readying for a fight?
    KHAN: Aye Sire
    King Blackthorn: Always good to keep skills up to par
    KHAN: indeed! nothing else to report at this time Sire.
    King Blackthorn: Governor Cinderella, how goes Minoc?
    Cinderella: Minoc is keeping busy the men are back to work in the mines all is well
    King Blackthorn: That is good.
    Cinderella: thus ends my report
    King Blackthorn: Seems so far its been quiet. Unkeyboardinated, how goes Trinsic?
    Unkeyboardinated: Trinsic is good and more citizens have been pledging their loyalty to the city each day.
    King Blackthorn: that is good to hear
    Unkeyboardinated: Yes sire all is well
    King Blackthorn: I will need to get with Trinsic Jones, now that I think of it. See how he is doing. I have heard he has been a busy bee lately. Looking for artifacts to uncover but I digress. Dezerai, how goes Moonglow?
    Dezerai: Moonglow is doing fairly well, the city treasure is over 20mil. Trades are up, overall it has been very quiet. Our Protector the Void Dragon still sleeps
    King Blackthorn: Oh wonderful
    Dezerai: That is all Sire
    King Blackthorn: Alright, hope we won't need the Void dragons protection any time soon
    Dezerai: aye
    King Blackthorn: Its good to have, never good to need
    King Blackthorn: Governor Clym, what have you to report?
    Clym of Clough: Skara is very quiet except for we also hosted a session of the fighters training last night
    King Blackthorn: Oh? And how did that go?
    Clym of Clough: All was well, no one was seriously injured
    King Blackthorn: minor scrapes and bruises?
    Clym of Clough: other than that, our city has been gloriously quiet after the goings on of the last few months
    King Blackthorn: Ahh good. Hopefully, the peace will remain for a while longer
    Clym of Clough: Yes, we sure hope so
    King Blackthorn: Governor Lavendar, how goes Vesper?
    Lavendar: Hail Your Majesty. Vesper has endured a cold spell
    King Blackthorn: Has it?
    Lavendar: the bridges have been icy, which is difficult for the citizens and at times we have ice in the water below the bridge. We have enjoyed a nice holiday season but are looking forward to warmer temperatures. The city treasury is good and we have funds for this term.
    King Blackthorn: The warm weather will come soon enough will be nice to see the change in the season.
    Lavendar: Aye, we look forward to spring.
    King Blackthorn: Miri, how goes Yew?
    Miri: Fairly quiet except those fighters showed up there as well. One of them..and I am not mentioning any names took a big chuck out of one the giant Yew trees with their sword!
    King Blackthorn: The citizens are getting battle-thirsty it seems
    Clym of Clough: oh my
    Galahad: heh
    Miri: Fortunately the Elven arborist was able to patch it up! *smiles*
    KHAN: I hope you took revenge for your city!
    Dezerai: *raise an eyebrow!!?*
    Miri: Aye those ruffians! Also if I may...
    King Blackthorn: Well its nice to see that it's been slightly calm lately with some minor skirmishes within the towns
    Miri: I have been quite disturbed for some time by the Chaos banner in the governors' office. I wonder if it can be replaced?
    King Blackthorn: I will see what I can do
    Miri: I have another for the spot
    King Blackthorn: Very well. I will look into the matter and get back with you
    Miri: thank you. I have another matter to discuss but it is not specific to Yew
    King Blackthorn: Now last month a deco contest was promised.
    Miri: perhaps later>?
    King Blackthorn: oh? please Do tell
    Miri: ok, Well I have heard that on another shard a place has been set up for a soul stone graveyard and I would like to see if we can do that here?
    Dezerai: I second that
    KHAN: aye!
    King Blackthorn: I will see what I can do
    Clym of Clough: I'd vote aye also!!
    Galahad: I'd be in
    Miri: The garden is on Lake Superior ..perhaps you can go have a look
    King Blackthorn: Discuss this with Xanthus in further detail I will leave it in his hands
    Miri: I will for sure Sire thank you
    King Blackthorn: Ok regarding the deco contest for the Britain Counselor Hall. I wanted to start this early during the month but certain things came up and it will be discussed in detail with Xanthus afterward so stay after our meeting to speak with him
    Miri: *nods*
    Dezerai: let not have the meeting anywhere near that guard out there, please
    King Blackthorn: we can do so in the courtyard or rather he will do so
    Dezerai: thank you
    King Blackthorn: I will open up the meeting for any other things the governors would like to discuss
    Miri: What about the town decorations? Is that off?
    Dezerai: I also have something to speak with Xanthus
    King Blackthorn: That will happen after the deco contest
    Miri: ok my bag of deco is still in your mailbox
    King Blackthorn: Alright I will now open the floor to the audience. Evy, have you anything to say?
    Evy: nah sire
    King Blackthorn: Alrighty then I will cut the meeting short so that Xanthus can meet with you all
    Miri: *smiles*
    King Blackthorn: I will head out and he will see you in the courtyard shortly
    KHAN: Ok, until we meet again
    Miri: Goodnight
    King Blackthorn: Have a good night
    Clym of Clough: G'night
    KHAN: Good night Sire
    Dezerai: good nite sire
    King Blackthorn: and keep up the great work
    Unkeyboardinated: Gnight
    Cinderella: goodnight Your Majesty

    Fergus the Royal Guard First: By Order of the King no weapons in the Council Office

    There was a meeting with EM Xanthus after in the courtyard. Areas discussed were his current health, a change (maybe) on dates of events. A deco contest for the Brit Hall in February. A soul stone graveyard on another shard. Email sent etc..

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