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Governors Council Meeting 1-12-16

By Drakelord, Jan 13, 2016 | |
  1. Governors Council to Meet 1-12-16

    (Cat Musique)
    Governors Council to Meet, were the words she heard. "Oh my! I must be sure to tell Cat Cora of this meeting today!" Seeing it was early yet in the day she waited till the evening event with PAS to remind Cat Cora of this very important first meeting of the Council this very new year.
    (Cat Cora)
    The meeting was already in progress when she arrived. Taking a seat at the rear of the Council she listened to HRM remarks to the Governors and the replies from them as they answered his questions concerning the cities under their charge.
    Roll Call:
    HRM King Blackthorn
    Governor of Britain, Queen Mum
    Governor of Skara Brae, Lord Clym of Clough
    Governor of Trinsic, Lady April Shower
    Governor of Vesper, Lady Lavendar
    Governor of Yew, Lady Miri

    Absent from meeting
    Governor of Moonglow
    Governor of New Magincia
    Governor of Jhelom
    Governorship of Minoc, empty at present time.

    Once completed HRM turn his attention to the vacant seat of the Governor of Minoc and announced that he had a volunteer to take over as Governor of Minoc. HRM then asked if Kalab NightHawk was present. HRM then asked for Kalab NightHawk to step in front of the Governor's Council and tell them a bit about himself.

    Kalab NightHawk: I moved to Minoc in 1998 along with a few friends of mine and have called it home since.

    King Blackthorn: Seems to me you would know the city well.

    Kalab NightHawk: I have turned in a petition to be temporary Governor of Minoc until election times come upon us again, which I intend to run for and if by your hand today maintain that position of honor.

    King Blackthorn: I make a motion that after this meeting we accept Duke NightHawks offer as Governor of Minoc. Any objection?

    Lady Lavendar: I second the motion.

    King Blackthorn: Motion seconded. Very well we will hold a short ceremony after this meeting to seat Duke Kalab NightHawk, please have a seat sir.

    Kalab NightHawk: Thank you your Majesty.

    King Blackthorn: There is a pressing matter which I wish to discuss with the governors and citizens present. I have brought in a healer.. An alchemist From a very far off land. Our Commander Cameron still has not recovered. For anyone unware, Cameron stepped into the nether-world several moons ago. It was a brave fight to save our world from undead forces. We were able to pull him out but his spirit as well as his body was weak. We have been nursing him back to health but he seems to have taken a turn for the worse. The Healer should arrive soon, and he may be our only hope.

    I will need the guard to escort him to the Commander's location. This location has been kept secret for his protection. There have been quite a few attempts on his life from the other side. The Commander will need your help, the Royal Guards help, Governors I ask you to rally your citizens. I do not yet know what the healer will require. But whatever it may be we must be willing to try. Everyone Commander Cameron has been to good to all of us. We will not give up on him.

    I expect the healer, who's name is Bloodstone in one week and one days time. Mark your Calendar and be ready. We will save Cameron just as he has saved us.
    Now because of his illness the count on the Royal Guard promotions has been delayed. This will be further explained later, but the promotions are coming. It is just taken longer to count all the roll call names on all the scrolls.

    With this said are there any questions at this time?

    Lord Clym of Clough: I have one, or perhaps a statement

    King Blackthorn: please

    Lord Clym of Clough: I hope the Royal Decorator who designed the placement of chairs in this room has been hanged for not placing the chairs in front of our table instead of behind us. A little levity but I'm serious. Ridiculous to have our constituents sit BEHIND us. (On this note I so agree with Clym).

    King Blackthorn: I expect they had a reason althrough I wouldnt know it. Shall we head to Minoc?

    HRM then open a gate which the Council members step into, all in the chamber followed stepping out in front of the Minoc bank near the City stone.


    King Blackthorn: The land of Minoc is rich with tradition and history. As King I trust that this will be respected and honored by you Kalab NightHawk. The people of Minoc are in your hands. I named thee governor.

    Urian: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Kalab NightHawk hath accepted the Office of Governer! King Blackthorn congratulates Governor Kalab NightHawk!.
    (Congratulations to Governor Kalab NightHawk)

    (One last mission for our Governors and its citizens of the land)

    King Blackthorn: Now there has been a problem near my apple trees. If we head back through the gate it wouldnt be prudent. But the land just outside the castle moat is being trampled by a very annoying Crimson Dragon. Would you all mind please destorying that Dragon for me? I would have my guards do it, but I have you here now. This should take you back to Britain. *HRM Opened a gate, we all follow him back to Britain*

    (Now my question here is how this Dragon got past the Royal Guards?)

    Being a chef and not a warrior, Cat Cora quickly sent for her sister, Cat Musique. A quick trip around the moat and we all found the Dragon, with archers, mages and two greater dragons it soon bit the dust.

    Thus ends this report
    Sergeant Drakelord

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