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Governors Of Sonoma

By Drakelord, Jun 15, 2016 | |
  1. Britain

    Renamed when Lord Robert was defeated on the Crimson Plains -- Britain is the capital city of Britannia

    Congratulations Governor Queen Mum


    Jhelom is located on the northern tip of the largest of the Valorian Isles.

    Congratulations Governor Galahad

    New Magincia

    New Magincia is one of the Cities & Towns of Britannia and the successor of the city of Magincia that was destroyed by demons during the Warriors of Destiny. It is on an island, and is accessible via Moongate or boat travel.
    Congratulations Governor Magrathea


    Minoc is found in the northeastern region of the realm, nestled within the mountains. Although initially a community of artisans and gadgeteers, recently-discovered precious ores have turned it into a mining town.
    Pending King’s Choice.


    Moonglow is found on the southern tip of Verity Isle
    Congratulations Governor Dezerai

    Skara Brae

    Skara Brae is the city founded on the virtue of Spirituality. Its associated hero is Shamino the Ranger.
    Pending King’s Choice.


    Trinsic represents the Virtue of Honor. Its associated profession is Paladin
    Congratulations Governor April Shower


    Vesper is a city of canals, located on the coast far in the northeast region of the main continent. It is close to the moongate that serves Minoc and also boasts the Vesper Museum Collection.
    Congratulations Governor Lavendar


    Yew is located in the northwest region of Britannia, on the edge of the Deep Forest. The pastoral city is named for the dense population of Yew trees that surround it. The center of Yew proper is also the location of the portal to the Elf City of Heartwood.
    Pending King’s Choice.

    Please note:

    Cities that will be pending King’s choice above are without Governors. Any Citizen of those cities may petition HRM for that vacant seat. You must be a citizen of that city and have a City Loyalty of at least adored to accept the office of Governor. At the time of this posting those cities awaitng King's choice may have changed, be sure to check your city stone.

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