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Grand Master Miner Vixen Accepts Governorship Of Minoc.

  1. Grand Master Miner Vixen Accepts Governorship of Minoc.
    Image3.jpg Image4.jpg
    Seeing how there was no leadership for the city, she submitted her application to the Crown, thinking it would not hurt and it would be good for the Citizens of Minoc if approved. They would have a voice at the Governor’s council on Serpent’s Hold. The city had been lacking leadership for sometime, and the trade deal was non-existent for the city. The last Governor had vanished one evening, most thinking he had been abducted by hostile forces of the land. Yet no one asked for a ransom, some thought he had ran off with the local Bar Maid, leaving the Wife, Mother in Law and eight children. Who knew.
    Image6.jpg Image8.jpg

    She had almost forgotten about it when out of the blue a little bird spoke her name. She turned to face Minoc and with a little help got a Moon gate to the Minoc Stone. Here she would meet His Royal Majesty, King Blackthorn. She was a sight, stone dust was all over her face and in her hair and her pack bug was covered with this fine dust as well. No time to change the King wished to meet her at the Minoc Stone. Remove a clean cloth from her pocket she wipe the dust from her face and awaited the arrive of HRM King Blackthorn.
    Image10.jpg Image12.jpg

    It was not long wait as HRM was quick to meet with her. Others presented, Joline Maza [GIL], Freja [TDO*] [VvV], Kimi Mori [GIL], Daymar the Rogue, witnessed her taking the oath of Office by accepting the stone. She was now the Governor Of Minoc and her first actions as such was to make a trade deal. Her second actions of Governor of Minoc, dust out the Office.

    As for future plans of Minoc, she said something about flowers, lots and lots of flowers. Please note that the Voting of Cities will start May 29.

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