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Guards Promotions 2-17-16

By Drakelord, Feb 18, 2016 | |
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  1. 2-17-16DL.jpg

    Arriving early I took up a position just below the throne. It was not long before others began to arrive. Kara was next to arrive, she took a position along the runway as well. More and more begin arriving, soon there was a small crowd gather along the runway below the throne.


    Our wait after this was short for the Lady Willow appeared, with words she explained as to what was to happen this evening. One at a time we were to be called forth before the King, he in turn would present us with a magical lantern that would bear our name and rank for this promotion. This lantern was blessed so would be able to carry at all Royal Guard events.
    Now the Lady Willow had more words regarding the reports she expected to receive and was concern that some may try to cut short the written part of the report with something like “I went to Doom, didn’t get anything” or “I sat in Luna and saw a suspicious person”. That isn’t a guard report. She would accept one EXTRA non-EM event based report a month.

    2-17-16DL3.jpg 2-17-16DL4.jpg

    All reports were to be drop in the mailbox at the Reward Hall. Anyone not having a rune to the Hall, you can fine one locked down at the Luna Bank. Finished with her notes we were informed that his Highness would be arriving shortly and then promotions would start.


    King Blackthorn, “Welcome to the biannual Royal Kings Guard Promotions. Please be patient, I will be consulting my records for each of you. People will be pulled up at random. This item should be a part of your uniform, (NOTE: I will state that it is not spell channel and being a bless item will not cost on insurance.) Each item given will be uniform pieces. Please be prepared should you be asked to dress.

    Now I am not about to try and post everyone pictures within this article, I will do my best to put the pictures up on Facebook and link them here under this article so all can see them asap. I tried to catch all of you but some were far quicker then I and I may have missed a few, for that I am sorry.

    Now I wonder if it is alright to still put Sergeant Drakelord at the end of my reports as I sure do not feel like an officer of the Royal Guard.
    Thus end my Report.

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