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Happy Birthday Em Topaz

Usually, others set up a birthday party, but tonight Em Topaz had planned a special birthday scavenger hunt.
By Tamais, Apr 18, 2019 | |
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  1. EM Topaz: Hello friends

    Tamais : tonight we are celebrating topaz's birthday
    Demoss: hail
    Panama: hail
    Tamais : *waves*
    Epona: oh I see
    Salain: waves at topaz
    Old Man Lenshire: Hello
    Tamais : happy birthday
    Raven: hello
    Salain: hello
    Epona: Happy B day

    EM Topaz: Thank you!!

    Old Man Lenshire: Happy Birthday
    Raven: Happy Birthday
    Bug: good evening
    Demoss: don't ask how old lol
    Salain: Happy Birthday

    EM Topaz: It's a few days late but I wanted to have our event on Saturday since that works for everyone

    Tamais: just look at as a long birthday celebration :)

    EM Topaz: First I wanna get you started with a little scavenger hunt that I made up for you guys. You can work together or not. That's up to you.

    Raven: hehe


    Tamais : hum crimson dragons waiting for us?
    Demoss: `ya
    Salain: *looks nervous

    EM Topaz: but please keep chat kinda quiet so you don't spoil it for others. I have not spawned anything BUT there are things naturally at a few locales so it's not 100% safe

    Tamais : laughs

    EM Topaz: You will need a book to write your answers in. I have three books here with the clues
    you guys ready?

    Salain: yes

    Demoss: ok

    Raven: yup

    EM Topaz: Let's get this party started! First one back gets a plaque in the reward hall.

    Demoss: I'll help someone

    EM Topaz: Check the books and...Go! You don't have to do them in order but you need all 10 to win the plaque. Meet you at the end.

    Tamais : I'll grab some books and be right back

    Stinky Pinky IX: awww, just games? no killing?

    Tamais : lol no such luck. Topaz always figures a way to kill us

    Stinky Pinky IX: lol

    2.jpg 3.jpg


    Vixen Sonoma: dang I have to buy a deco tool

    EM Topaz: you guys don't have to have a tool you can just say like blue red yellow green whatever.

    1. The Queen lives here.

    "Hum gargoyle queen." I suggested. ( the wrong answer.)

    Salain had the correct answer. "Could it be the hive queen?"

    5.jpg Hue: 2727
    Salain showed me the armor, "What color is that?"

    Finding the hue, it was back to the hall.

    The next clue should have been easy. But my mind wasn't working.
    When Topaz offered more clues I didn't feel as bad.

    2. A creature that has good eyesight in the dark.

    We began to brainstorm. "A lich? " Salain suggested.

    "Cats have good eye sight." I suggested. We quickly decided that one was not it...too many types of cats.

    Topaz gave us a hint, "Well the location is the only place this creature spawns."

    "Would say elf," MIchey suggested.

    Listening, Em Topaz gave us another clue. "Is not an elf, its a critter that spawns in a specific location and she sees in the dark really well."

    That was enough for Michey, "Oh Navery."

    Laughing as I opened a gate to the underworld. Once there I showed him Narvery Nighteyes.

    Salain: Omg I hate spiders.

    6.jpg Hue 1280​

    Sharing the hue, I teased Topaz, "Topaz that is just mean ;) ."

    EM Topaz: what!

    Michey: smiles

    EM Topaz: What'd I do!

    Tamais : lol the answer to number two, so obvious it was hard

    EM Topaz: she is "night eyes" haha

    Tamais : lol, I know that is why I can't believe I didn't get it

    Michey: suprised someone did not set it up :(

    We ran into a problem with clue number three. EM Topaz forgot we couldn't recall there.

    3. A good spot to park a boat...temporarily

    Tamais : k do we need a ship?

    EM Topaz: you don't need a ship if you have a rune....

    Tamais : that answers my question, since the spot I was thinking you can't recall to.

    Lilly: but then you won't have a party boat....

    EM Topaz: haha i should make a party barge

    EM Topaz: well i know you can gate there

    We started talking about different spots where you couldn't stay parked for long. They all required a ship. Once again Topaz came to our rescue.

    EM Topaz: i might be wrong, Maybe Ican give that one a pass

    Tamais : if it is that special dock you can't unless there is a ship there already.

    EM Topaz: I think you have to gate out of there to get a gate to there lol. Okay you all may skip #3 just to save time.

    Tamais: so it was the sea dock then?

    EM Topaz: aye

    Lilly: yea you can't recall there. Well we can't recall there. What are we playing?

    Tamais : a scavenger hunt

    EM Topaz: there is a gate to #3 at the reward hall! Free one!

    Tamais : you are sooo sweet :)

    Using the gate , I grab the color id, (1266) but forgot to grab a picture before we returned to the hall for clue number 4.

    4. I bet you can't figure out this one out!

    "How in the world are we suppose to figure out 4." I commented on chat. No one else had either so we went on to the next clue.

    5. Mage, warriors, captains, and one Ethernal meerly lurk here.

    This one was an easy one.

    "Salain, you know number 5. " I told him. "You passed it while training with Thalia."

    Salain: today?

    Tamais : yes

    Running into Lakeshire, I found the tunic in the park

    8.jpg Hue 2498
    Salain soon joined me and then we were off for the next clue.

    EM Topaz: anyone able to finish yet?

    EM Topaz: >.<

    Tamais : boy I hope not

    EM Topaz: lol

    Rejoining Michey at the hall. We compared notes. She was missing the dock so we waited while she went to get that one.

    6. A good place to res in the underworld.

    9.jpg Hue 1272​

    Tamais : am I right that number 6 is on the way to narvey? Since that is the only rez place I know of.

    Michey: no, at the rez area, I can take you. Come.

    Michey opened a gate to the volcano and lead us to the stairs that take you up to abyss or down to the underworld.

    When I tried to go up I realized I hadn't done the Sacred Quest.

    "Oh shoot i can't go there. I've not done the quest yet." I told Michey.

    Salain: "Hmm i cant get there either." Salain added.

    Michey offered to help both of us get the quest. Since I was suppose to be taking pictures I decided to go ahead and do the others, while she helped Salain. I'd go back and get a picture of that one.
    Both 7 and 8 were easy to find.

    7. Our Once and Future King's Chair.

    10.jpg Hue 2721​

    8. Our Present King's Chair

    11.jpg Hue 1893​

    Rejoining Salain and Michey, I shared the hues and locations. Then we were off to number 9.

    9. Is she a witch or just a crazy old woman?

    "Have a rune to the Griz ruins? I cannot find a location book, "Michey asked.

    Arriving at Grizelda's location I quickly got the hue .

    12.jpg Hue 1278​

    Then it was back to the hall to try to figure out number four.

    EM Topaz: its awefully quiet you guys...

    Old Man Lenshire: hehe very quiet

    Tamais : hey you said not to help

    Topaz: lol I did not! I said no spoilers!

    EM Topaz: did you figure out #4?

    Tamais : nope

    EM Topaz: i will be impressed with whoever figures that one out first
    Thalia: whats the clue?

    Salain: i think i may know but i dont want to say lol
    "Well number four is " I bet you can't figure this one out." I told Thalia.

    "Thats the whole clue Tamais?" Thalia asked? "If so, I am disappointed in you. that should leap out at you."

    EM Topaz: yup thats the whole clue

    Hum, Thalia knew the answer and had found the tunic. She thought I should know also. I read and reread the clue.

    NeoFyte: ok whats with the gold plate tunic?

    Tamais : hush, that is part of the scavenger hunt ;)

    Thalia: don't say it Neo, Tamais should already know where it is.

    NeoFyte: ok not telling where I see it.

    Thalia gave me another hint. Remember our scavenger hunt. I bet you remember the location. it is one of ours from that hunt."

    I still couldn't think of the answer.

    Thalia: *hops up and down* you should totally know where Tamais. Want a better clue?

    Tamais : yes please

    Thalia: your favorite beach, got it?

    I started laughing. "Now that one i know ;) Off I went to the casino.

    "You better." Thalia replied. "I am pretty much smacking you over the head with clues."

    7.jpg Hue 1260​

    Thalia: thats a pretty good clue though Topaz, very subtle.

    Tamais : you are going to have to tell me how you figure it out

    Thalia: read the clue again carefully.

    I did, knowing the spot the clue made sense, the key word was bet. Back for number 10.

    10. Where Topaz gets her Mail.

    13.jpg Hue 1505​

    Em Topaz: bets on who will be the winner? Tamais are you done?

    I nodded, "All except number 6 as I haven't completed the quest."

    WILLARD: heeh, I got ur back

    Sir Patrick: dang

    EM Topaz: gasp! shame on you

    "Have something for you , Happy birthday :)" I place her gift next to her. "From all of us."

    EM Topaz: Oh my!! Thank you


    Tamais : you are very welcome

    EM Topaz: Tamais here's the final hint of the day. The heart bubbles are the colors of the tunics

    Tamais : ah

    WILLARD: my heart bubbles

    EM Topaz: No one has turned in a full book

    Salain and Michey joined us I sharded the answer for 4 with them and they told me the color for number 6. Writing it down I put my book in her mail box.

    Tamais : I'd like you to check mine, i can't be a winner since i didn't go to the one spot. But i think the others are correct.

    Michey: I would never have gotten 4 without help

    Salain: I'd like mine checked too and there is you food. He put down platters of roast pig.

    Tamais : lol he wasn't lazy like I was

    Salain: I wont lie I had a little help

    Tamais : we all did and that is the idea :)

    EM Topaz: Tamais has turned in a full book everyone

    EM Topaz: Salain did 5

    WILLARD: im gonna go shut my head in the mail box

    Tamais : lol

    EM Topaz: Looks like our Winner is Michey!!

    Michey: 4 I was lost

    Lilly: it is ok we have liquor

    Tamais : three cheers for Lady Michey

    EM Topaz: Hip Hip Hooray!

    Michey: cheers? why is that?

    Thalia: =)

    WILLARD: hooray!

    Tamais : because you won :) even after waiting on slow me

    EM Topaz: I am having technical difficulties but lady Michey will have a plaque in the reward hall "Winner of the Birthday Scavenger Hunt"

    We stayed a little longer celebrating until EM Topaz had to leave.


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