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Harriet Kidnapped!

The search was about to begin. One more time I looked at the clues Harriet had given us: Drones had attacked Dark and hot Mechanical and...
By Tamais, Jul 8, 2017 | |
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  1. Studying the clues that Harriet had been able to give us, I still couldn't believe how her party had turned out. Harriet had been taken!

    Before the party, I could tell she was worried.

    "Hello friends!" Harriet grinned at everyone.

    Cathy Earnshaw and Hydra Shock smiled back.

    Harriet looked at her pocket watch, "I was a minute late."

    "That is okay, you are here now." I waved.

    The mood changed when Harriet sighed. " I have been getting reports of spy drones zooming through the air taking pictures. Has anyone experienced this?"

    "Not I," I said looking around at the room. Everyone shook their head no.

    "Please be on the lookout." Harriet encouraged us.


    "It is presently being investigated by the royal engineers." Harriet explained.​

    Puzzled Cathy Earnshaw asked, "We have flying machines?"

    "Drones spying on us." I explained. "Harriet, I'll keep an eye out in Yew."

    "If anyone should see such a thing, it is advised to take cover
    immediately." Harriet warned. "As of now we don't know why they are being sent or by whom."

    "So for our festivities!" Harriet smiled again. "I have made fresh cakes and bread. And I have some events for us to participate in."

    Her smile didn't make me feel better, it didn't reach her eyes.

    Trying to get into the spirit, I clapped. "Fireworks also?" I was to regret asking for those.

    "Lets go through the teleporter outside and go to our Rewards Hall." Harriet motioned for us to leave. "I will meet you all there!"


    "Friends not so much, I don't think. "Daresay enemies." Harriet frowned. "Why would anyone want to spy on us. We have nothing to hide."

    "Well our wine recipes are top secret." I winked at her trying to cheer her up.

    "Well wines are um... personal." Harriet laughed. "Please enjoy the cakes! Eat up."


    As people ate and talked, I watched Harriet and the sky. I saw her bend down and pick up a parchment.

    Before I could read it over her shoulder, I heard a shout "SPIDERS!" The party was quickly over run with huge trap door spiders."



    Cathy Earnshaw held up her bow. "Why I brought the mechanical arrow shooter."

    "No kidding." I agreed.​

    "Right," Epona joined us. "I know."

    "Instead of ants, we have spiders." I shuddered.

    Epona nodded. "It seems so...at a 4th party."

    "Hmm it is very unusual to have such spiders here." Harriet looked around, "Are there any others?"

    After a quick search, we were able to assure her they were gone.

    Quietly Harriet read the parchment aloud, "Minax is enemy of the realm."

    She had said it so quietly, I doubted many had heard it.

    "I am quite nervous." Harriet looked around.

    "Why?" Asked Ronan.

    Harriet pointed at something lying on the ground. "What was that? Bring it too me."

    Picking it up carefully, it seemed to be a small dragon. Possible stunned during the spider attack. Putting it on the ground in front of her, it revived and attacked.



    Harriet looked around. "There!" she pointed "Another one!"​


    "Bring your worse." FireWalker shouted as more appeared. "Bring all you have to destroy me. BRING THE WRATH OF GOD UPON US!"

    His wish was granted, much to my dismay, as more of them appeared. While small they proved to be deadly.

    While catching my breath, I heard a strange sound south of me. Turning I saw that a spy drone was watching.




    More and more creatures attacked...Dragonkin, Dreamwraiths, Trap door spiders. Firewalker's wish had been granted.


    Losing track of Harriet during the battles. I began looking for her when I heard her cry for help. I was unable to find her but strangely I could hear her.

    "Where you at Harriet?" FireWalker shouted.


    "WOW! Meili exclaimed in shook.

    "Harriet where are you ?" I asked wondering where her voice was coming from.

    "Hmm," Starlynn muttered then returned to battle. More spy drones had appeared joined by larger drones.




    Keeping an eye on the battle, I tried to learn more. "Which way are they taking you Harriet?"

    "I don't know...it is dark. I cannot see." her voice replied. "I am glad my com still works."

    Ah,she was using the new communication device that the King's Mages had invented. "What do you hear?"

    "A whirling noise...we just went through a gate." Harriet paused. "Can you still her me?"

    "Yes," I assured her. "A whirling...mechanical?" I looked around. "A gate?"

    "Which one?" Epona asked pointing at black ones by the monk's maze.

    "We went through a gate." Harriet repeated.

    "Hmmm," Skeptamystic frowned in thought. "Ya."

    "Okay, lets put our heads together. I suggested. "What gate would you go through to a reach a drone area.

    "I don't think I am still here." Harriet said. "Static...Wait I just heard an elemental outside...earth elemental perhaps... mechanical sounds."

    "An Elemental?" I asked. "Do you still hear a whirling sounds?"

    "Uhmmm, Shame?" Skeptamystic suggested.

    I heard Harriet tapping on the communications device. "Not sure, can you hear me friends? Hello?"

    "Yes, but no idea where you are and more drones comin." Skeptamystic laughed grimly.

    Looking behind us, I could see more of the larger spy drones. "But who ever has you, is keeping us busy." I quickly cast an invisibility spell.

    "Could the elemental actually be the sound of a golem?" I asked



    "Hello, hello if you can still hear me, please come find me." Harriet's voice frantic. "It is very dark where I am and very, very hot.

    "We can still hear you." I tried to reassure her. While we could hear her, it seemed she could no longer hear us.

    "Harriet, uhmm lil more details." Skeptamystic encouraged.

    "Where are you at?" Apocalypse joined in.

    "Please search for me friends." Harriet's voice was becoming faint. "Get a search party together and search for me."

    Our discussion was interrupted by loud roars. "Crimson Dragons!" someone shouted.

    Once more death robes beckoned me.



    On and on they came. I had never seen so many different colors.

    Later at the tavern, several of us discussed the clues.

    We knew that who ever took her used drones.
    Harriet had told us she heard a whirling sound.
    They had taken through a gate to where It was dark and hot.
    Outside she had heard elementals and mechanical sounds.

    "Could it be the Exodus Dungeon?" I suggested.

    "Only spot I thought of too." agreed Skeptamystic.

    "God, I can't think of the name of that place." Tired, FireWalker rubbed his forehead. "The old gargoyle city just up from there."

    I nodded, that could be a spot. At last we decided sleep was the best thing, our minds were too tired to think.

    My dreams that night were full of spiders and strange whirling sounds. The answer there, just out of reach.

    After the event EM Topaz gave us lots of crimson dragons to play with...all different colors. Some of my favorites.​



    32.jpg 33.jpg


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