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Harriet The Hag's Feast Saved

Once more Harriet the Hag needed our help. The King of Decay had returned with his army of insect pest. This time, he was corrupting the...
By Tamais, Dec 8, 2016 | |
  1. I was busy baking pumpkin pies when the message came. Harriet the Hag once more needed our help.

    Arriving at the hall, I found it hard to find a spot to sit, the Royal Spies had arrived in mass. We didn't have to wait long before she arrived. "Hello everyone," she greeted us.

    The room was filled with the sounds of hi, hail, hey and greetings.

    Giving us a sad smile. Harriet the Hag continued. "Some of you know me. For those that don't my name is Harriet. I live just Northwest of Papua Mint. I have requested your King to call you here today."


    "We are ever at your service." I assured her.​

    "As many of you know it is near the hole that opened in the earth." she explained with a heavy sigh. "The one that spews forth the awful slimes."

    "Arg." Sphinkter nodded.

    "Nasty Slimes." Arwen added.

    Harriet The Hag waited for quiet. "Last time you came you drove back the creatures who live there. I much appreciated all your help...but now."

    I frowned remembering that battle. Though we had defeated the King of Decay's army. He had indeed escaped.

    "That is just how we roll!" Arwen shouted.

    "Well I am preparing for my Fall Family Feast." Harriet explained. "There is a fruit. "


    "Yum." Val said.

    "Is it grown on a shrubbery?" Sphinkter asked.

    "The fruit that is." Crypto added.

    Harriet the Hag nodded. "But I am afraid the creature from below has been taking them all. She shuddered "And tainting them...such horrible slimy death. The smell is awful."

    "Hmmm, I bet." Arwen frowned.

    "Can you please perhaps come push his servants back into the hole?" "Harriet looked at us hopefully. Maybe deal with him once and for all?"

    I looked around and nodded. "We will help how ever we can."

    "Yes. We can do it!" Crypto shouted.

    "Aye." Sphinkter shouted in agreement.

    Harriet shook her head. "I can no longer take it. It's just getting so bad. The monsters come out."

    Lead the way, my lady." I stood up ready to go.​

    "We will kill it." Arwen said standing also.

    "I can gate us to Papua." Harriet the Hag started for the door. "Those willing to help please stay close and follow me."

    Outside she opened a gate. "Lets get down with this sickness!" Crypto shouted and lead us through.

    Arriving in Papua, Harriet lead us up the road. It didn't take long to find the monsters she spoke of. Insect pests of several kinds greeted us.





    The insects were soon joined by hungry ants.​




    Not even the healers were safe.

    "Oh dear this is so much worse than I thought." Harriet the Hag exclaimed.​

    "You're telling me." Val agreed as she fought off a huge bug.

    "That's okay, we will clean them out." I assured her as I began curing those who had been poisoned.



    Slowly we cleared the path towards the hole we had found last time. Around each corner a new creature waited for us.

    At last I found him, The King of Decay, sitting on top of a cliff. He was summoning creatures from the slimy hole as fast as we could destroy them. Our only hope was to kill him. I called for others to join me.

    In a last desperate attempt to defeat us. The king began summoning Fetid essences, corporeal brume and mantra effervescence. Familiar foes from Prism, they were soon defeated.


    At last the battle was over. The King of Decay dead in front of us.​

    Harriet the Hag joined us as we cleared up the last of the monsters. "Thank you all!!! You are my heroes!!!" She smiled and clapped. "Please feel free to join my feast!"

    Ever willing to party, we all agreed to join her. She told us that she would send word of when and where to meet her. Then she handed us one of the special fruits as a trophy.

    We returned to the hall and placed it in front for all to see.


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