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Haunted Mines, More Weld Trouble - Pt 1.

Having scouted Minoc with Dahlia, I returned and gave my report to the King. We had found piles of Darkmoore stone, but no sign of the miners....
By Tamais, Apr 22, 2016 | |
  1. After the battle outside of Umbra, I reported to the King. Concerned by the weapons made of a strange metal, their purpose and who was behind it, he sent me with Dahlia to investigate Minoc.

    Arriving at Minoc, I went to the inn while Dahlia went to the mines.

    Several miners were whispering about the mines. "Good sirs, did I hear you say there is trouble at the mines?"

    They readily told me of the sounds of picks and finding piles of stone left in the mines. Stone they had not dug up. Already the miners guarding the mine refused to stay.

    "The place is haunted." One of the miners told me.

    "No, the mines are possessed by an evil force." another miner told me.

    This matched the information from the spies Dahlia had sent. Learning nothing new, I went to the east mine.

    Dahlia was waiting. "The reports are correct. Someone has been mining here. Following her inside I found piles of Darkmoore stone, but no sign of who dug it up.

    My skin tingled from the presence of a powerful spell. Perhaps that was why no one had seen the strange miners.



    Returning to Britain, Dahlia and I went to the hall to brief the Royal Spies.

    "Thank you for coming so quickly," Dahlia greeted them. "I have some good news. Evidias has dispelled the spell that surrounded Minoc and the mine."

    The spies looked at each other puzzled. "Spell?" Lady Thalia asked. "I had not heard of a spell."

    "Until our investigations, no one knew of it." Dahlia explained.


    "Our search turned up nothing. Neither did Tamais's questioning of the town's folk." Dahlia said. "Other than hearing the noises, they couldn't provide more information."


    "Could she tell what it was?" I asked?"

    Dahia shook her head no. " She couldn't tell the type or trace its source. but in her words "the magic was everywhere, spilling out onto every thing." she explained, "It was the Fiery Lady who suggested that Evidias check out the spell."

    Hearing a sigh, I glanced over at Lady Thalia to see her winch. Putting Evidias and the Fiery Lady together always concerned her.

    The room quickly fill with suggestions. "Could it have been an invisibility spell?" "A spell opening a way to another dimensions?"

    Waiting for the room to quiet, Dahlia kept shaking her head no. "It was more a powerful illusion...enough to cover the city and mines."

    This was new information. "That sounds like Weld Magic." I commented. "Maybe from one left behind."

    Dahalia nodded at me.

    "Evidias was convinced the other Elder Weld perished." Dahlia replied. "Now she isn't as certain."

    "Well at least the spell was removed," Bree Bloodband sighed in relief. "I believe we can breathe a little easier now."

    "A little," Dahlia agreed. "Once dispelled, we found cart tracks leading in and out of the city. It's definitely tied to Umbra and the raid on Luna."

    "Now to find where the stone is being taken and why." I muttered.

    "Yes, Tamais," Dahlia started for the door. "We need to return to Minoc."

    "Could miners help with the investigation?" Mylene asked. "I know a miner with exceptional combat skills"

    "Miners would be a great help, Mylene." Dahlia paused at the door. "If you aren't busy, could all of you help investigate?"

    "Sure." Hydra Shock stood up to join her.

    Ed stood also, "We got nothin to do."

    "Safer with numbers." Demoss laughed.


    Minoc was silent with few citizens outside. We hurried to the mine in hope of catching the strange miners. In the mines, we found more stone, but no sign of the workers.




    We regrouped at the tents and followed Dahlia to one of the tents.


    "What's the...it looks like metal but feels like...paper."

    Several tried to pick it up. To our surprise it was to heavy for even the strongest of us..

    Looking around, I found some work orders. I handed them to Dahlia who read one aloud. "You can find me in the city if you need me. But I won't come out to those mines while those things are there."

    "Wonder who that is and where in the city?" Demoss mused.

    "Indeed." Dahlia closed the work order. "I need you to search the city. I want to keep watch here...to make sure we don't miss something."

    We divided up...different groups searching parts of the city. Pufdamag Ildramag soon sent word to come to Gears and Gadgets, the tinker's shop.

    When I entered Pufdamag was conversting with Harkem the Tinker. "Yes, I can make you sextants. Do you have a particular metal in mind?" the tinker was asking.


    Pufdamag Ikdragn just smiled. While he had the tinkerer's attention, I moved quietly toward the door behind him.

    "Do you need a single one or several." the tinker asked him.

    "A few, three would be enough." Pufdamag Ikdragn trying to hid me.

    I reached the door when Harken noticed me "Hey, You can't go back there!"

    "Why not?" I stayed by the door. "Hiding something?"

    This is a privately run establishment...that is my private office." Harken tried to move in front of the door only to be stopped by Pufdamag.

    As the others questioned him, I entered the office and found what we had been looking for.

    I poked my head out. "You are the one making the tools. Don't bother lying, I found the work orders and metal in there."

    Pushing his way into the room he began shouting. "Guards, help they are raiding my shop!" He stopped puzzled when people began laughing.

    "It is okay," I reassured him. "We have been sent to check the progress. I touched a piece of metal. "Interesting work, where did you get it?"

    "Off a very odd...foreigner." Harken push my hand away.



    "Indeed they do." Pufdamag Ikdragn. " So many work orders, you must be paid well."

    "Yes very very busy," Harken motioned to the door. "All the more reason you should go...Please move back to the front room." He paused nervously. "If you aren't here for the work orders."

    "Sure we are here for the orders." Demoss said.

    "You are here for the work orders?" Harken hesitated. "But you don't look like...never mind forget I said anything."


    "What should we look like? The master wanted to make sure no one would stop us." I said following Demoss's and Pufdamag Ikdragn lead.

    "We were sent to make sure the shipment makes it safely to its destination." Bree added.

    "The shipment will be late. It's not my fault really. " Harken began to tremble, "He got scared off and quit... and I won't go there!"

    Interesting, I thought. "Our master will not accept that excuse."

    Harken sighed, But, but...perhaps one of you can stay behind and insure the shipment goes...I have the instructions here."

    "I will," I nodded at Harken. "Take me to it."

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