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Haunted Mines, More Weld Trouble Pt 2.

We followed Harken the Tailor back to the mines. I wondered what type of trouble I had gotten myself into this time. Not for the first time I...
By Tamais, Apr 22, 2016 | |
  1. When he heard that I would stay, Harken gathered up the work orders and lead us to the Minoc mines.



    Opening the scroll he read aloud. "Six thousand Blackmoore stone, for the city of Tokuno. Packed in seven large crates and moved by ship." Then he said something very strange.

    The ground began to rumble. "I...who is leading them?" he looked at me.

    "I am." I replied wondering what I was leading."

    "Hakash Aarg Tamais.'' he chanted. "They will obey your words now."

    Out of the ground, strange earth elementals, Ground Walkers, rose. I stood in shock...ooops...I'm suppose to control those. "Come to me." I called. Instead they attacked.

    "What...what are they doing!" Harken shouted. "Stop this, ground walkers get your tools!"


    "You didn't come from him did you! Fool what have you done...they are going mad." he grabbed me. "No, He's going to kill me...I need to get out of here."

    Not bothering to chase him. I ran to help at the battle...casting EVs and healing spells as fast as I could.





    I moved between the tents looking for more ground walkers. Instead I was confronted by a large Weld.



    Bree Bloodbane bravely stepped forward. "We decided to take care of your deliveries."

    Cracking Ground looked down at her. "So you meddling creatures...how did you find it? he snarled, Ah, don't I know the answer...the Traitor."


    Cracking Ground motioned to one of the dead ground walkers. "Where do you think they came from?"

    Suddenly a voice said, "You can have Umbra, just leave Luna alone."

    Looking around in surprise, I saw that it was Catalyst. Catching my eye he shrugged.

    "Oh...how gracious, you give us Umbra?" Cracking Ground smiled. "Your cities...I care little for you cities...we need workers."

    I glared at Catalyst, "No! you can't have Umbra or any of our cities."

    "I think not" Lady Thalia said calling on Artemis to guard us.

    Cracking Ground studied Artemis. "Ah...you would be a great worker."


    "A pet to haul our stone." Cracking Ground told us.

    "Artemis is not a pet." Lady Thalia said firmly, "He is my friend."

    "Plus he will claw your eyes out." Catalyst laughed.

    Cracking Ground drew back. "As I can...shall we test this?" his roar summoning Ground walkers. The battle had begun.






    While healing, I felt eyes on me. Looking around I saw another great weld. It seemed to be watching the battle with disinterest. "Greetings Great One," I said bowing.



    "My name is Tamias." I answered uneasily. "An instrument like Cracked Earth?"

    "He won't be missed." Broken Earth replied disappearing.

    "What was that thing?" a voice said from the crowd. As she stepped forward, I saw it was one of Dahlia's spies.

    Arriving at the hall, we found a message on the door. It said she was entertaining a guest and directed us to a small building in east Britain.

    We found Ambassador Talia talking with a Lady dressed all in white. Looking closely I was pretty sure that Ambassador Talia was Dahlia...especially after she winked.


    Our arrival didn't seem to bother the Lady in White. "So...you were saying..." Ambassador encouraged her to continue.

    "I am told you are being plagued with a strange sort of ...darkness." The Lady in White told us.

    We looked at each other then nodded. "Indeed." replied Lady Thalia.


    "As we feared. " I sighed.

    "Do go on..." Ambassador Talia ignored my interruption.


    "I am glad to pass on any information." Ambassador Talia assured the Lady. "Are you sure the darkness is from your side?"

    "Perhaps you have been told we once had Elders...the most powerful of our people." The Lady stated, her tone hinted that she suspected we already knew.

    "Oh my, only whispers in meetings... Talia was caught by surprise. "I don't have audiences often."

    "The act doesn't suit you...little spy." The Lady in White smiled politely, "She was mine first, before settling in your quaint world."

    "Mine?" Demoss ask puzzled. I was as confused as he was. Who was she? An elder from their world?

    The Lady in White ignored Demoss's question. "Her fire is still at my command." she smiled at Talia., "but if we must continue this charade."

    Ah, the Fiery Lady, I interrupted. "Excuse me but the Fiery Lady belongs to only herself."

    The Lady in White glanced in my direction. "That is to be seen." Turning her attention back to Tahia she continued. "We thought he was gone you see."




    The room was silent. The witch, could only mean Minax. But who was this he...the cause of a war. The Lady in White might have information, but I could tell it would be hard to get a straight answer from her. I wasn't sure if she would tell the King everything.


    "If he but only will see me." the Lady in White frowned. "I do detest being treated like a commoner. Ignored...having to meet with a lowly Ambassador."

    I quickly stepped up and bowed. "My Lady that was not his intent. He was not informed of your arrival."

    "Oh," The Lady in White looked at me. "He didn't, that bad little spark...forgetting her manners...It can be corrected" No matter arrange the meeting with the King."


    "I will my Lady. But the Fiery Lady? I asked worried about her safety.

    "Don't worry, I won't harm my little fire." the Lady in White frowned. "However, politely remind the blue one, she is mine.

    "How very ...polite." Ambassador Talia sighed.

    "Indeed" Bree Bloodband agreed."

    I frowned. "Yes, in an eerie way. Don't know if she can be trusted"

    "I didn't sense any ill intent..." Talia stopped. "She definitely doesn't like being treated like an equal.

    "Upity indeed." Sphinkter commented.

    "She comes across as royal." Lady Thalia added.

    "The King isn't going to be happy. He has his hands full with the Emporium and the other Weld Ambassador." Dahlia had dropped her disguise. "So many new questions. If the Lady in White isn't with the other Weld then...?

    "Perhaps the Weld Ambassador might know?" I suggested.

    "But at what price? What does the Fiery Lady have to do with this? Dahlia shrugged. "Is that why she wanted to speak with Evidias?"


    "Mean while we must prepare Umbra. You heard what Broken Earth said." Dahlia said firmly.

    After Dahlia left, I hurried to Umbra to organize the city guard. Their numbers smaller from the recent battles. I hope that Dahlia would send more or the battle for Umbra would be lost...then where...Luna?

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