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Have Gear, Will Travel ~special Delivery~ May 26th 2017

By Larisa, May 28, 2017 | |
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  1. Once again, we were called upon by Mercenary Gunner to aid in a special mission.

    The King had tasked us with delivering a package to a rather secluded Hermit who did not want to be found.

    Gunner lead the way into the deep forest to search the ruins for the elusive Hermit.

    Searching ruin after ruin, the group came across a wanderer among one of them...he had news of the Hermit, though it wasn't good.

    ~He was seen heading due east over the water~

    To another Island? Gunner asked.

    ~Yes..another..known as Bald Island~


    Heading east, Gunner lead us to Bald Island to continue the search for the elusive Hermit.

    Landing on the beach on Bald Island, we were assaulted by a number of foul beasts...but quickly dispatched them and headed south into the forest where we came upon the Hermit, at last..in his secluded hut.


    Needless to say, he wasn't happy to see us and told us to go away.

    Regardless, Gunner handed him the package from the King so we could complete our mission and report back.

    The Hermit didn't seem to care. ~Be gone.~ He said, ~I will reply to the King when I feel like it, now go away!~

    With nothing more to do but head back and report to the King, we bid the Hermit farewell and left him to his seclusion. ​

    Until we hear from Gunner again, the Origin Guard is on alert.

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    About Author

    Serving Stratics for over 10 years, Reporter for the Origin Shard and keeper of secrets.

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  1. Lord Nabin
    That's a hermit for you. Social skills are not their strength.