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Hear Hear

By Drakelord, May 4, 2016 | |

    Put a crate down on the grounds and steps up on top of it

    Hear, Hear, Petition for the King
    Hear, Hear, Let it be known that on this day Governor Vixen has petition the King to annex the township of Barter Town into the the City of Minoc and to change the name of Minoc to Barter Town.
    Hear, Hear, Citizens of Minoc and Barter Town are encouraged to sign this petition, a ballot box is sitting on the City Stone.
    Hear, Hear, A brief history of Barter Town. Britannian Date September 21, 381. Founder, “Chad Sexington” had a dream, (July 2008). A town of thieves, the perfect location, just outside and passed the Minoc Stables.
    Hear, Hear, The Tower, (north east of the stables), he placed, is still standing, and locked down on the steps is a brief history of Barter Town written by Chad Sexington. Kimi Mori was in violation of the proper head wear and will be sure to respect the rule of wearing the Jester Hat for any future visits to the area of Barter Town.
    Hear, Hear, Governor Vixen is also (Strongly) encouraging all citizens to wear the Jester’s Hat to show support for the township Barter Town. Failure to do so could result in “You WILL be killed and looted. Your body will then be placed in embarrassing positions.” The Governor did state that during VvV battles the rule for the Jester’s Hat will be temporary suspended for those that are participating in said battles. Those warriors participating in these battles just be sure to have a Jester’s hat with you if you are asked to prove your support of Barter Town.
    Steps off the crate, takes an axe and destroy the crate

    If you have anything to say regarding this petition, please bring your own crate to stand on and also best be wearing a Jester’s hat.

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