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Hide And Seek 12-11-17

By Drakelord, Dec 12, 2017 | |
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  1. Hide and Seek ​

    You would think that with a title of hide and seek that this was easy. Sorry, but it was not. With a summons to the EM Hall, we arrived to listen to our EM give his speech on tonight little game. A game that would give everyone a prize that they would have to use for the next event with the Grinch!
    Hide & Seek.jpg
    EM Xanthus: Tonight event will finish off with a special item you can obtain, everyone can get one, this special item will be used in our next event that I believe I have scheduled for Friday
    I will post the event on the schedule tomorrow, there are a few places to travel you should be fine, every character can get the special gift I believe but the special gift is on a timer unfortunately also, the first person to find me and trade me a book listing all the locations of the helpers
    will get a reward.
    Hide & Seek1.jpg
    With his little helpers already in place, we were turned loose to begin this game.
    Hide & Seek2.jpg
    EM Helper: One of Sosaria's older dungeons and is located in a small valley north of the Compassion.
    This ex-prison is one of the 7 Anti-Virtue Dungeons.
    Its values are the opposite of the Justice virtue.
    Hide & Seek3 wrong.jpg
    The oldest dungeons in sosaria.
    Dungeon found just west of the Blighted Grove.
    The oldest dungeons in Sosaria.
    It has a total of 5 levels.
    Hide & Seek4 shame.jpg
    One of the 7 Anti-Virtue Dungeons and located on Fire Island.
    Values are the opposite of the Spirituality and Humility virtues.
    There are four levels.
    Hide & Seek5 hyt.jpg
    Anti-Valor dungeon
    the first clue wasn’t enough? As if you needed more clues! Pfft!
    A dungeon of Dragons
    Hide & Seek6 clue for destard.jpg
    Dungeon that is the opposite of the Virtue of Honesty.
    You only get 2 clues!!!!
    ((Sorry I did not get this picture and the Helpers were all removed last night))
    This dungeons Values are opposite of the sacrifice virtue.
    The dungeon was carved a long time ago into the Mountains of Avarice.
    First level is designed as a strange ecosystem while the void pool is at the second passage.
    Hide & Seek7cove.jpg
    a floating wharf and fishermen village on the seas of Sosaria
    fishing quests, pirate bounty quests, Galleons and Boat Paint.can be found here.
    Find this place and you find EM Xanthus!
    Hide & Seek8 clicking.jpg
    Thus was the end of the game. Cinderella of PAS was the first, I am not sure of the reward she received for this, but all and any can click the snowman, now located at the Hall for a snowball for next event, be ready for the GRINCH!

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