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Hide And Seek Harriet Style

It had been a fun day full of surprises. Harriet had led us on a deadly chase to find her. Clues from her friends and obstacles had added to it....
By Tamais, Jul 27, 2018 | |
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  1. I knew something was up by Harriet mischievous look.

    "Greetings friends." Harriet waved.

    "Hail," Sphinkter, Gabriel, Toto, and Demoss said together.

    "Welcome," said Mylene.

    While Meili, and I added our hi.

    Cathy Earnshaw waved her greeting.


    Harriet winked at us. "I am going to hide and you are going to seek me. There will be...umm...obstacles."

    "Oh," Cathy Earnshaw exclaimed. "Death."

    |I smiled. "Oh, I bet she has something special planned to kill us."

    "So."Skeptamystic laughed." So different kind of drop or rather we are the drops."

    "So beware of the obstacles," Harriet giggled. "There will be Oracles to tell you where to go next. But they will not work if there are obstacles alive."

    "Ah," Demoss nodded.

    "So it is best to work together when there are obstacles nearby." Harriet encouraged.

    Cathy Earnshaw smiled.. "See death."

    "So kill stuff so they can talk," Skeptamystic noted. "Got it."

    "Indeed help each other out," Harriet laughed wickedly. "The death squad...erm...I mean me...I will be waiting for you at the end."

    Harriet: The death squad erm... I mean me... I will be waiting for you at the end

    'Mhmm knew it." Skeptamystic laughed.

    Mylene joined in, "She is the brute squad."

    Harriet held up her hand, "Listen carefully. The first place you need to look for me is near a moongate. The opposite of luna is..."

    "Umbra!" Ronan shouted.

    Off we went, eager to find Harriet. At the Umbra moongate, Harriet's friend Bailey was waiting.

    "Hello, Bailey." I greeted him.

    "Yes, How can I help you?" Seeing us, he asked. "Oh, you must be Harriet's friends"

    "Harriet sent us," Song told him.

    "Blood Dungeon?" Song repeated.

    I was a little late arriving at Blood Dungeon. Already people were battling Crimson Dragons. "Careful Tamias, Obstacles inside." Ronan hollered at me.

    5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg

    I had noticed a Lost Soul watching the battle. Thinking that this might be the oracle, I questioned him. "Lost Soul are you Harriet's friend?"
    8.jpg 9.jpg

    "If not here where?" asked Song.

    He looked at her sadly. "My home is Vesper graveyard. Check there for your next clue."

    Our battle began at the gate of Vesper's graveyard. Slowly we battled to a small building. There we found strange obstacles waiting for us.​


    12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg

    Inside the building, we found Lace hiding.


    "Lace, are you okay?" I asked her.

    "Yes. Hi, I am glad you made it!" she looked around nervously. "Can you help me? I need a garlic to keep the undead away."

    "Anyone have garlic?" Ronan asked.

    "But of course." I opened my backpack. "Oops, I lost mine."

    "Must be one on the ground." Ronan began looking.

    "Someone picked up one by the healer," Mylene told us.

    Lace quickly took the garlic handed to her. "Please go check on my sister Satin in Moonglow."​


    "Next stop Moonglow," I announced.

    Lace nodded. "Yes, please hurry!"

    We found Satin at the Moonglow tailor shop...guarded by Crimson dragons.

    18.jpg 19.jpg 20.jpg

    The obstacle defeated. We approached Satin. "You are safe Satin."

    "Hello, did my sister send you here?" She asked.
    I nodded. " She thought you might need us. Was Harriet here?"

    "Yes Harriet was here, but she left a while ago!" Satin replied. "Said she was going shopping."


    "Shopping?" Demoss asked in surprise.

    "Yes." Satin nodded. "We heard that Zento got some new fabrics. Check there."

    "Oooo new fabrics in Zento?" I couldn't wait to go check them out.

    Always needing new clothes. I hurried to Zento to speak to Max the fabric trader. "Hello, Max."


    "Was Harriet here today? I asked.

    "Today hasn't been very busy, but Harriet came and bought out my stock!" he replied. "You know Harriet?"

    I sighed. "Harriet bought all the new fabric?"


    "The city of mages?" I asked puzzled."

    Max nodded. "Yep, you will find here there."

    Gating to the entrance of Wind, we found Harriet on the roof waiting. "I have been found!! But we need help!!"

    True to the comment of her death squad, Harriet summoned a variety of obstacles.

    Needing to be resurrected, I found Cathy Earnshaw at the healer.​
    "Love the EMTs" she smiled.

    "Nice of them to volunteer. I hope they get extra pay." I commented and ran back to the battle

    26.jpg 27.jpg 28.jpg


    30.jpg 31.jpg 32.jpg

    33.jpg 34.jpg
    35.jpg 36.jpg 37.jpg

    Fighting our way down the maze, we arrived in a clearing. There we found Harriet's Final Obstacle.

    39.jpg 40.jpg 41.jpg

    Harriet was waiting for us at the hall. "Thank you all for coming."

    "Fun fight, thanks,"Sphinkter laughed


    "You are very welcome. Thank you for coming, Sphinkter." Harriet told him.


    Claps and cheers filled the room.

    "Yay!" I heard Elear shout.

    "Long live Lady Harriet!" I added my voice to the others.

    "Come hungry I hear there's a lot of food planned," Harriet told us.

    "Ooo." I clapped. I'll raid Yew's abbey wine cellar. What is your favorite."

    " I enjoy a good Merlot," Harriet replied. "I'm gold the royal chefs will have everything. So please just bring yourself and a loved one if you'd like."

    "It's supposed to be a big affair!" Harriet blushed. "The royal bards will be playing music. It does sound so exciting!

    "I am a little nervous too." Harriet laughed. "I will not be meeting you. I will be getting dressed and getting my hair done."

    "Good." Elear smiled. "You need some pampering.

    "I hear that even Sherry the Mouse may make an appearance!" Harriet said in wonder. "I was assured that you will be met by many guides to help you."

    I hope lots of guards I thought.

    "So I will see you all next week!" Harriet waved. "Love to everyone!"

    I had to hurry to the abbey to ensure we would have the wine. Then off to my tailor...a formal party and I didn't have a thing to wear.​

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