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Hide And Seek Lucky Style!

By Drakelord, Mar 17, 2016 | |
  1. Hide and Seek Lucky Style!
    As you know the King has been plague with Imps at the Castle all this week. A summons to Serpent’s Hold went on to show all of Sonoma how bad these Imps were when one showed up at the War room and demanded we fine him.

    Image3.1.jpg Image4.jpg
    FiddleDeeDee: Fiddle dee dee don't try to flee
    FiddleDeeDee: I bet I bet
    FiddleDeeDee: You can't find me!
    FiddleDeeDee: I will hide where you can't see
    FiddleDeeDee: Seek me out and play with me!
    FiddleDeeDee: and you will see
    FiddleDeeDee: if you can or cannot
    Dreadnaught: fun
    FiddleDeeDee: find me!
    FiddleDeeDee: I will hide
    FiddleDeeDee: And Hints will give
    FiddleDeeDee: and if you go
    FiddleDeeDee: you may not live!
    FiddleDeeDee: But seek you may

    To most of the Guard, this was a game, seek the Imp, but we really had no idea what to expect till we went in search of the Imp.

    FiddleDeeDee: And look you might!
    FiddleDeeDee: But don't think it will be a quiet night!
    FiddleDeeDee: *tee hee*
    FiddleDeeDee: Ready
    FiddleDeeDee: Set
    FiddleDeeDee: Go!!!

    FiddleDeeDee: what I see
    FiddleDeeDee: from where I am
    FiddleDeeDee: is a snowy place
    FiddleDeeDee: A cave of sorts
    FiddleDeeDee: I am near
    FiddleDeeDee: Danger lurks
    FiddleDeeDee: very near here
    FiddleDeeDee: someone found the spot
    FiddleDeeDee: but ran the wrong way!


    FiddleDeeDee: Deciet is the name! Now try try try
    FiddleDeeDee: Can't Catch me!
    FiddleDeeDee: Inside I am If you can see, but I doubt you'll make it to me!! *tee hee*
    FiddleDeeDee: running ahead will get you dead!
    FiddleDeeDee: Some are strong, some are weak, come on in and take a peek!
    FiddleDeeDee: you can get by! you just have to try!
    FiddleDeeDee: you can get by! you just have to try!
    FiddleDeeDee: bounce back you might, shouldn't give you a fright, sometimes just stay to your right!
    FiddleDeeDee: Run ahead you might! But don't loose sight! Stay with your friends or it'll be your ends!
    Anguis Domitor: any healers anywhere? FiddleDeeDee: healers healers here and there! healers healers everywhere! Kupoking: You need a Rez ? Anguis Domitor: yes
    FiddleDeeDee: healers healers here and there! healers healers everywhere!
    FiddleDeeDee: Seek and Hide Hide and Seek who knew you were all so WEAK!!! *tee hee*
    FiddleDeeDee: Fiddledeedee you can't find me!
    StinkyPinky: down those stairs do not dare!!
    FiddleDeeDee: Not in the castle not in the town can you find me out and around?
    FiddleDeeDee: I am here! I am there! I am everywhere! TEEHEE
    Finally Someone says something that I was in complete agreement with.
    Moxxi: killing something with endless hit points and eating arrows isn’t exactly fun.
    FiddleDeeDee: Can't make it past the bridge I see, perhaps I am too smart for thee!
    FiddleDeeDee: Moxxi Moxxi careful there! It only gets harder farther in here!
    Moxxi: and what fun is it going to be when everyones bored and leaves
    StinkyPinky: fiddleee dee your wife will be dead to thee
    FiddleDeeDee: Complain you might! But you shall see! It is very fun for thee!
    FiddleDeeDee: My wife! My Wife what have you done?! Now you are having fun!
    Theresa: now you can marry ms Willow
    FiddleDeeDee: ((stay with the group stuff will die faster))
    FiddleDeeDee: stuck on the stairs?! I can see! Perhaps if you were thinner to fit through there!
    FiddleDeeDee: get through if you can! Green is the key! Open the door! I am waiting for thee
    Annoying Flyer: Leave it to events to show us all just how bad we really are at this game

    Theresa: boo
    FiddleDeeDee: Tis almost done! We are near the end! I've decided... can I be your friend?
    Theresa: found the imp silver serpents room
    FiddleDeeDee: Tee Hee!!!
    FiddleDeeDee: Tis almost done! We are near the end! I've decided... can I be your friend?
    FiddleDeeDee: Tee Hee!!!
    Clym of Clough: if its almost done there sure are a lot of things trying to kill me still
    Theresa: hehehe
    Theresa: wait till you meet Happy St Patrick
    FiddleDeeDee: down the hall and through the door watch out for the horses on this floor!
    Theresa: it a monster now and will attack any who enter.
    Dreadnaught: stop playing in the lich room, need help further down
    FiddleDeeDee: hide and hide I shall be hidden just outside for thee
    FiddleDeeDee: tee hee
    FiddleDeeDee: Silver serpents await as you can see they are here to protect me!! Heee Heeeeeee
    FiddleDeeDee: harder than the others, tougher than the rest! You will see I am the best!
    FiddleDeeDee: Wait as I may, Wait as I might, I wont die but I will fight!

    But in the end he did die, one less Imp to plague the King, I hope that one of the Governors let HRM know about that piece of good news.

    EM Willow: here's a hint
    EM Willow: Theres another fellow we are looking for
    EM Willow: Later in the month Stinky
    EM Willow: ;)
    StinkyPinky: ooo ok
    EM Willow: Feel free to run around and kill off any of the stuff you missed
    EM Willow: Thanks everyone I will leave the healers up for a while
    EM Willow: See you next week!!!
    EM Willow: xoxoxox

    Thus ends this report

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