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How To Contribute An Article

Stratics is proud to introduce the Article Management System (AMS)! The AMS gives our community another way to communicate with each other and...
  1. Stratics is proud to introduce the Article Management System (AMS)! The AMS gives our community another way to communicate with each other and contribute to the success of the Site. Using the AMS will help build our Site and the community by providing valuable, up-to-date information for all of our members to enjoy. The AMS is a simple, easy to use system.

    Submission Standards

    Editors will review each article submission to ensure that the certain standards are met. Articles that do not meet these standards will be rejected. The following guidelines apply to every article submissions:

    • Articles must be at least 300 words
    • Include at least one image
    • Articles will be original to the writer
    • Appropriately categorize the article
    • Articles will follow the Site Rules of Conduct and Terms of Agreement
    • The article must be readable and reasonably error free (please proof read)


    1. Click on the Articles tab at the top of the screen.

    2. Click “Create Article” on the right-hand side of the site.

    3. Choose an appropriate category.


    4. Follow the instructions for filling in the each section:
    • Chose a title prefix for your article and add tags that pertain to your article.
    • Tag your article so that people can easily find it.
    • You can either chose to write your own preview snippet for your article or let the system create one for you.
    • Write your article. You can use all the normal formatting features that you can use when writing a thread.
    • Ignore the XFMG Media IDs for now, that feature will be supported later. You can always insert a Youtube or Vimeo link for video (dramatically improves traffic to your article).
    • Upload at least one image, this will be used as the feature image for your article. Also choose whether you want to display “About Author” at the top of your article. You will have to configure your “About Author” information separately on your profile.
    • Choose a time you want the article to publish. If not selected, the article will publish as soon as the Editor approves it.
    5. Once you have successfully submitted an article, a notice will be sent to an Editor so they can review and approve, disapprove, or provide feedback on your article.

    6. A thread will automatically be created for discussion about your article.

    7. We recommend that you share your article after it is approved using the social network buttons on the Article view page.

    8. Sit back and soak in the praise! Or otherwise...

    Share This Article

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