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How To Converse (private Conversation)

  1. Starting a Conversation

    When starting a new conversation, you have three

    Option 1: Click the user's username beneath their avatar. When their member card appears, click "Start a Conversation."


    Option 2: Hover over "Inbox" link, then click "Start a Conversation."


    Option 3: Click "Inbox" link, then click "Start a Conversation" button.


    Additional Options

    Apart from starting conversations, all users have access to three additional options.

    1. The conversation starter may invite additional users to the conversation. Additionally, they may choose to allow other users to invite conversation participants by checking "Allow anyone in the conversation to invite others."

    2. Users may lock their own conversations to prevent additional replies.

    3. Users may "Sticky" a conversation, which will cause the conversation to always appear at the top of the user's inbox.

    4. After starting a conversation, users are given 2 minutes to edit their conversations. After these 2 minutes expire, users will no longer be able to edit conversations.

    5. Users may report conversations. Private conversations (PCs) are subject to Stratics' Rules of Conduct.


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