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How To Create A Guild Or Social Group

This article will describe how to go about and use the basic functions of the Guild Group feature of Stratics.

  1. straticsClassicCog.png

    The Guilds feature of Stratics is one which all community members can enjoy. Through the use of them members of Stratics can create their own social circles to benefit their specific playstyle or in game community of friends. The Above Video goes over the basic creation and some of the basic functions of the Guild Group feature.

    Creating a Group is straight forward, use of the “Create Guild” button will present you with a list of entries which will allow you to name your group, set basic rules, a simple description and allow you to link your group to an external website.


    Once in your group you should take note of the cog icon on the far right of the toolbar. This icon activates a drop down menu with all the various settings for your group. Please explore them, and make the adjustments you find convenient and necessary.

    Basic Settings:

    Change Logo – Group Owners can set a logo for their Guild Group. This allows you to personalize your group and make it stand out from all the others. Be creative, be unique!


    Change Cover Photo – This is the internally displayed image that represents your group, it will display on all pages within your group so make is great!


    Privacy Settings - Here you can assign who can and cannot see or join your group the meaning of the various settings are explained in the Group Types description later in this document.


    Feature Highlights:

    Event Calendar – Want to post an event for your guild? Worried about it getting lost on the Global Stratics Event Calendar? Use your Guild Calendar and your group members will never have to sort through listings again.


    Guild Ribbon - You can Place a Ribbon on your guild logo to show everyone your motto or slogan!


    Responsibilities of Group Owners:

    Group owners must ensure their group falls under the rules and guidelines set forth by the Stratics Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service. The owner of a Guild group can assign members of the group to act as moderators and it is their responsibility to oversee them.

    Stratics Moderation Staff will not be overseeing your Guild Group, but it is up to the discretion of Site Admins to preform spot checks to ensure the responsibility of ensuring RoC and ToS violations are not occurring are being fulfilled.

    Groups who continually fail at maintaining themselves to the above standards may be removed and the ability to create additional groups revoked from the Group Owner at the discretion of Stratics.

    Guild Group Types:

    Public - Public Groups can be seen and are open to the entire Stratics Community.

    Private – Private Groups can be seen by everyone but community members must request permission or be invited to join.

    Hidden – Hidden Groups are not visible on the Guild Listings to people who are not members. As such members must be invited to join by either the Group Owner, or if he assigns the permission, other members of the group.

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