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How To Navigate The Article Management System

  1. Navigating the AMS

    The Article Management System might seem daunting, and as it grows, might seem difficult to find articles relating to the topic you wish to read about.
    Fortunately, the System has many features in place that makes navigation easy.

    The quick navigation drop-down menu makes it easy to loosely filter certain articles.


    Once you are on the actual articles page, these options will appear along the top.

    You will also notice the navigation menu's on the sidebar to the left of the articles. These menu's include the quick-links from along the top, as well as a more detailed filters list by category to make finding an article even easier. This list will display how many articles are written in each category so you don't have to scroll through pages of uncategorized articles to find the one you want to read.

    The Tag Cloud will help even further by allowing you to chose articles with specific keywords or phrases in them.


    If you still can't find an article pertaining to the subject you want, don't fret! There's one more way to easily find the articles you want.
    On the top right-hand side of the articles, there's a filters tab. If you click on that, you will get yet another filters menu;

    This will let you filter the articles even further to make finding them easier then ever. As you can see, you can filter through Featured, Rated, not-rated, reviewed and not reviewed as well as the first letter of the title, ratings, prefixes and more.

    Looking for a procedure article? Click on the procedure filter to just view articles relating to that topic.

    The more articles submitted by our users, the more filter options there will be, let the system work for you.

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