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How To Take A Screenshot And Post It On Stratics

This is a guide that explains how to take a screenshot, crop the screenshot, and post the screenshot on the Stratics forums.
  1. How to take a screenshot and post it on Stratics


    After you have taken the screenshot, open the computer program called Microsoft Paint. Hold down the control (CTRL) key and then press the V key to paste your screenshot into Microsoft Paint.

    Then select the cropping tool circled in black in the picture below. Use the cropping tool to select which section of the screenshot you want, by drawing a box around it. Then right click the box and select the option that says "crop". It will cut away the background leaving only the section you selected.

    Before being cropped:


    After being cropped:


    When you have the image you want, press the save button located in the upper left corner of Microsoft Paint and save the screenshot to your desktop.

    How to post your screenshot on Stratics

    Select the "Upload a File" button on your posting menu. It is circled in red in the picture below.


    Once the screenshot has been uploaded, select either the "Full Image" or "Thumbnail" options to put the screenshot into your post. When your are done writing your post, press the "Post Reply" button.


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    About Author

    Captn Norrington
    Captn Norrington is a 21 year veteran of the Atlantic shard in Ultima Online who enjoys helping the community and running auctions. He is also a Stratics Forum Moderator.