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How To Upload And Disable Signatures


    Step 1: Navigate to the Signatures and Avatar Help forum on XenForo

    Step 2: Create a new thread

    Step 3: Upload your signature image as a file


    Step 4: Insert full image into post


    Step 5: Post thread, then right click your image and copy image location.


    Step 6: Edit Signature on XenForo

    Hover over your username and click "Signature" from the resulting dropdown menu.


    Step 7: Paste URL Between Image Tags

    Paste the url from step 1 into the signature editor. Surround the url with image tags (shown below).


    Step 8: Preview/Save Signature

    Preview and/or save your signature. Your signature image should now display on XenForo!



    Step 1: Navigate to Preferences

    Step 2: Uncheck "Show people's signatures with their messages"


    E-mail or PC me with questions: [email protected].

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