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How To Use The Stratics Classifieds System

A Guide On How To Use The Stratics Classifieds System
  1. The Stratics Classifieds System is a helpful tool designed to assist users of the website with advertising and selling their items in Ultima Online.

    To create a classified, first click the button located at the top of the screen that says "Classifieds". Then press the button that says "Add Classified" which is circled in red in the picture below.


    Once you press the "Add Classified" button a menu will appear that allows you to type in information about your classified. You may also include a picture of the item by pressing the "Upload Classified Icon" button. The picture below shows an example of what to write in the boxes provided.


    There is a dropdown menu which allows you to pick the category that best describes your classified.


    The next step is to pick the shard the item is located on, type in your contact details which will allow the buyer to find you later to pickup the item, and to enter a description of the item for sale.


    Then you will be able to pick the type of advertisement, and listing package you would like to use. There are three types of advertisement options, "For Sale" is to be used for an item you are looking to sell. "Wanted" is to be used for an item you are looking to buy. "Exchange" is to be used if you are looking to trade your item for another item.


    There are five types of listing package available.

    "Instant Listing" lasts for 24 hours and cannot be renewed.

    "Short Listing" lasts for three days and cannot be renewed.

    "Standard Listing" lasts for seven days and can be renewed one time for another seven days.

    "Extended Duration Listing" lasts for 30 days and can be renewed an unlimited number of times.

    "Eternal Listing" Lasts for 365 days and can also be renewed an unlimited number of times.


    Premium members of Stratics can also feature their item for increased exposure. To become a Premium member of Stratics click this link: http://stratics.com/account/upgrades

    The final step is to add any additional pictures of the item to the gallery by pressing the "Upload Images" button. When your classified is finished, press the "Create Classified" button.


    Congratulations on creating your first Stratics Classified!

    When you click on your new classified it will bring up the menu pictured below. At the top right section of the picture there are two buttons. One of the buttons says "Bump This Classified" it will return your classified to the top of the list in the classifieds menu if other posts have pushed it down the list. Classifieds can be bumped once every 24 hours.

    The second button says "Mark As Sold" it will close your classified, it will also lock the thread about your classified that was automatically generated when the classified was created, to show that it is no longer available. Once you press the "Mark As Sold" button your classified cannot be re-opened or renewed.


    The pictures below show what your classified will look like on the classifieds menu and in thread form in the appropriate forum.



    Renewing Your Classifieds

    Once the original time limit on your classified ends, it will become an expired classified. To renew it press the button that says "Renew Classified" shown in the picture below.


    Creating An Auction

    Creating an auction with the Stratics Classifieds System is a little different than creating a normal classified.

    To begin, press the "Add Classified" button.

    If you are auctioning a single item, or a group of items that are meant to be sold together in one lot, type in the starting bid and buyout price then select the appropriate category from the dropdown box.



    To mark your classified as an auction, set the price to zero like in the picture below.


    Setting the price to zero gives your classified an "Auction" tag which is pictured below.


    List the items in the auction, along with any additional information in the description box. This is also where you should specify how long the auction lasts. You can add pictures in this section by pressing the "Upload A File" button.


    Once your auction has been created, prospective buyers can post bids using the comment box shown in the picture below.


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