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Huntigowk Day

By Drakelord, Apr 1, 2017 | |
    The number of Death Robes I dropped​

    Seems we had a really great April Fools, I was laughing at ever Death Robe I dropped at the Yew Bank. I could not stay for the end, so I am not sure if they, the citizens of Siege, were able to drop the TWO bosses. [-LB-] gave it that old college try when I left them outside the Orc Dungeon. Maybe one or all can post how they did later. I understand that [GIL] was there as well, from what I was able to gather they went for one while the LB went after another, was that wise? I cannot say as I was not there.
    It started at the EM hall, LB was attacking any with VvV tags except for one lone lass sitting all by herself. But when a poor lass named April came running in with a SOB story that would make Grinch cry. Of course, we all had to go help rescue her Father!
    April: Help! Please! Someone help me! My father - they took him! My father *pant, puff* You might know him. He is the Royal Jester. The King's Fool, some people call him. But he's really not. Not *puff* a fool. He's really very clever. You should see him juggle! But *pant* we were riding home from Trinsic and *cough* and these horrible orcs jumped out of the bushes! They scared our horses, and they broke free from our cart! The orcs grabbed Daddy and dragged him off into the bushes! I chased them, and hit one with a shovel! Then well - my magic didn't work too well. I only know a little bit of magic *shuffles feet* if someone will help me rescue Daddy, I can send you there!
    gate.jpg multi gates.jpg
    The poor lass tried to open a gate but was so upset with worry over her father she was a bundle of shaking nerves.

    When she did get it we had to rush to get in as it really looked as if it would fall by itself.

    April: Oh. Maybe this one? :spell fizzles Oh come ON! *stamps foot* Ooh! That's sort-of right. Quick! Before it vanishes! Save my Daddy!!!!
    my first death robe multi orcs.jpg the island.jpg Island Healer to helpful.jpg the shipwreck.jpg Death robes stacks on stacks.jpg
    Now here the part that will have you laughing, we ran into so many Orcs that we really did not need LB help with dying this day, of course, LB did help with a few death robes, thanks guys, but the Orcs were the true dealers of death this day. Then there was the Bosses, I only saw the one that LB was out to get, ran out of time and had to leave, thanks for that gate to Moonglow LB.
    The orc boss.jpg

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